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Justin Bieber on Selena Gomez: “Anybody Would Be Lucky to Date Her” post image

Justin Bieber on Selena Gomez: “Anybody Would Be Lucky to Date Her”

Bieber fever has taken over NYC! Last night at the Never Say Never 3D premiere in New York, Justin Bieber joined the crowd of screaming fans to enjoy the film with his friends.

Although he tried to get his followers to stay on the topic of his new movie, one brave girl did ask about rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez.

He told the audience, “I think anybody would be lucky to date her. She’s an amazing person.”

Another lucky fan asked about performing with Miley Cyrus. Justin said he loved performing with her and Boys II Men, who are also featured in the film.

I dont know about you, but Im sick of hearing about Justin and Selena, and Then he has to bring Miley Into this…

What are your thoughts?

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  • Anonymous

    where did he bring miley in? he just said he loved performing with her

    • Anonymous

      im,,. happy,,. riht noww,,.

    • Anonymous

      get over it, hes happy why cant yu be happy! if yu guys were fans leave em alone!! gaaah bitches

    • Anonymous

      love them

  • jabiera

    Mixiito Rickoo!!!

  • jabiera

    Qiero ver su pelii!

  • tete

    I’m not sure about the miley part but i mean i am personally getting tired of all the selena and justin stuff but i mean there like the most hottest teen celeb couple so you dont really have a choice but everyone has there own opinion so…

    • Anonymous

      im tired of selena and jb datin too but they lyk each other i guess so his fans lyk me ave to deal widd it

  • tete

    anyway everyone basically knows tht they r dating so why dont they face the truth?

    • Anonymous

      so right never thought of that, Like wht the heck is going on with people
      these days

  • oma

    awwww thats so nice of them i love ya and always supportting them

  • someone

    omg i just heart him like if i were him i wud date myself coz i’d be him

    • Anonymous

      thats soooooo retarded!

  • lucy


    • Anonymous

      ur just jelous.
      u dont have to lyk him but just keep it to ur self

  • ok again your facts are not true well these pic arn’t. these pics are from when he was at muchmuisc in toronto canada not new york!!

  • Anonymous

    luv jb. hopee hes happpy.

  • hello Miley and Justin were a beautiful couple

  • sara

    jesten love milly

  • Peace

    Love them sooooooooooooo much they’re such a cute couple even though they broke up:(