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Justin Bieber on Tinychat this morning

Justin surprised some fans on Tinychat this morning

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  • hi my name is ceri i am 15 years old and i live in wels

    • Anonymous

      well hello ceri for your nick name i’m gonna call you cece.And i don’t even know what’s wels is but can you send me a picture.

      • Cece

        That’s my nick name do you want to be friends ? If you do text me back

        • chloe brewin

          hi cece wuu2 how are r u ok your shows are really good

        • Anonymous

          hi my name is katelyn.im’ 7” years old.and justinbieber is hot,

        • kara

          i know right

        • Anonymous

          amber likes you justin bieber would you go out with me please



        • my name ismichaela lavto

          and justinbieber phone number is7722456789023456

        • my name ismichaela lavto

          justinbieberis tooldforyousheis18

        • Anonymous

          whats upj

        • apirl


        • Anonymous

          l love justin so

        • kathlin avilan

          hey justin bieber my idol beauiful love so much baby

        • keaarah


      • Anonymous

        hi justin bieber my name is alexis im your biggest fan ever i love all your songs and your sister is so cute and your very cute indeed

      • kathlin avilan

        hey justin andyou number plis baby

      • kaitlin

        ur weird

      • sam


    • I love you so much

      • Anonymous

        hi my name is katelyn. im’ 7 in a half years old. and justin

      • Anonymous


    • rachel

      i live in the uk

    • justin bieber

      you wanna go out with me ceri

      • Anonymous

        hi im kisha, 15 i live in iowa

        • Georgia Howard

          Hi I’m georgia. An Justin I’m kinda inlove with u Iv known u since the day u have become famous.

      • nancy ramirez

        hello justin bieber i am a big fan of your music

      • Kiara


      • isaiah

        how are you


      • Anonymous

        Hey justin bieber! You’re hot!:)

      • Rose

        how are you justin bieber. i do not have no money i wish i could go to your conster. i live in jonstion s.c i live on 135 long cane rd. i wish you can see me justin like you did that little girl in the hospitl. i never go to your conster at all my mom ont let me because you are 21 years old

    • Anonymous

      you a male?

    • gloria

      hey jb i love u

    • medha sarkar

      hey justin i am Medha i am ur Indian fan .I luv u very much can u tinychat with me .Bye and plese reply plese justin . I am ur believer

    • Anonymous

      what is the passwood?????

  • come visit tinychat.com/justinmylove or tinychat.com/lolmaddily 😀

    • hey r u ok>

      • hey i love or shows and i just love you

      • hi justin bieber

        • Anonymous

          i’m like 4’11 too but i’m 12 XP lol i have a friend who’s like 5’11 and she’s my age and i’m like damn you that tall! lol

        • justin bieber

          hi kaylee my name is justin bieber

        • Valerie Jensen

          My tiny chat is tinychat.com/ahhhitsvalerie

      • Hey Justin, Im not going to say i love you, but i will say i love your music (: aaaand you are very cute. i read somewhere you are like 5’2??
        well im 4’11 ! lol, im very short for 16 years old 🙁 but your a great musician, and you should never stop what you loved to do, even if some people don’t agree. you are very talented. (:
        I hope to hear from you soon (:

        • Anonymous

          hey um… carolann do you love justin bieber cause justin is one year older than u.Right now justin is 17 years old and on your letter i think u had some feelings for him!!! cause i know i have feeling for him i’m only 9 years old and your 16 WOW! so i think that justin bieber will break up with selena gomez so i’m glad to talk to u!
          love and always,Mikayla

      • Anonymous

        A nigga I belevie u can help me be someone much love g

      • Anonymous

        n im not

      • Robyn bieber

        r u the real justin bieber ?!

      • Anonymous

        cam plz

      • cosme jose da sliva

        hi Justin Bieber 2012 video chat sim

      • jk

        hay justin how are you you seem very cool to hang out with. alot of peope think your talented and i do to your amazing and very blessed. have a great day

      • Anonymous

        he justin bieber i love u so so so so much omg i think im gonna fant omg hey justin bieber whats ur tinycha username mines creppyconnie14 add me love u (L) so much

      • meagan

        hi justin bieber

      • Anonymous

        Hi. Justin. Drew. Bieber. Http. Tinychat.com

    • timeisha

      Do you have Justin bieber number

  • Hey guys you might think that im just playing to be justin bieber but in the flesh i am i hope you guys/girls like my new haircut do you have any suggestions on my next haircut if you do hit me up on justinbiebervevo.com lol love you guys/GIRLS bye

    • hahaha i like how you did GIRLS! aahahahaha

    • Hey Justin I am a 13 year old girl from st Lucia and I c u as nothin else but an older brother and I know older bros tell lil SIS the truth so waz it selena who forced u 2 cut ur hair cuz dats wat I herd FYI I liked the original bieber cut if u need advice on anthing email me by bro appreciate wat u doin

      • Anonymous

        wats up

    • hey iloveuh justin ilove yurh hair evrything so ya xoxo

      • donna m fairclough

        hallo lol love u do you have Justin bieber rmuber
        hey iloveuh Justin ilove yourh hair everything so ya xoxo
        house in room play game wii 2 people by from donna
        pop ster by Justin bieber kiss feel happy

    • kyla

      hi how are you i love your movie a lot it is cute love kyla

    • kyla

      justin bieber write me back kyla

    • ok justin i just wanted to say yr hair cut wasent so u no OK so i think u should just let it go

      PS u r amazing but im not upsest with u just sayin if u want me to like u u have to sing a awsome song that says like omg or somthin idk SO YEA BYE I DIDINT NO U HAVE A SIS

    • timeisha

      Whats your number I’m a super fan

      • timeisha

        Justin bieber what’s your number

    • hi you are cool dont cut your hair you hair is alsome i like it how the do the flick thats cool

    • I love my boyfriend Justin Bieber because hes sweet and cute.Hes the best singer ever.One day I have to show Justin Bieber my room because I have Justin Bieber posters.Love Ariella Justin Bieber’s huggest fan in the world.

    • No one like you you bitch stop singing like a girl pleas ;(

      • donna m fairclough

        I am a girl my name donna m fairclough like you you
        yes one have house in room kiss cheek
        boy friend fever us danceg me make love do me all
        him lol your of donnabieber jb

    • hey Justin Bieber are you on tinychat add me plz aidan1jb x

    • hey Justin Bieber are you on tinychat add me plz aidan1jb x

    • hi

    • Anonymous

      justin i love you

    • courtney. adams.17


    • courtney. adams.17

      hi jb makayla and i r in love with u we cant stop thinking of you we
      love justin

    • gabrielle

      hi justin bieber i really luv u so much i cant belive im writin u im so happy bye

    • Anonymous

      i think the hair cut u have now is pretty asome

    • daniella

      the hair cut you have now is awsome

    • Paulina

      Hi 🙂 Love You <3333333

    • samantha

      hi Justin bieber my name is Samantha and i am 17 years old and i am a huge fan and i think you got the cutest haircut in the world can u please come down here because i really want to meet you in person please for me pleas call me 910-386-6790.

  • Emily


    justin i so want to meet u and i know im not going to be lucky enough to meet you but at lease im trying i love you with all my heart no joke <3

    • justin i love you with my whole heart

  • justinnnnnn

    • justen

      wats up

  • hey

  • kyla

    hi how are you i love your movie cute love kyla

  • kyla

    hi justin bieber write me back love kyla

  • beccci

    heeey, your amazing(:

    i really wanna let you know that sydney australia loves you the most(:<3

  • omg omg omg omg whats ur name for fac book your real name ur a babe justin bieber i love u and i mean loooooovvvveeee uuuu xxxxx <3 if i went on cam with u i would cry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx please whats ur name for face book the real namee xx some one tellllll meeeee xxxxxxx

  • hi.justin i love you and your music. justin write me back

  • justin iam 15 can you be my boy friend

  • justin did you just say yes

    • lizbett

      Hey justin I love you and the song beauty and a beat:]write back from lizbett

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey guys its justin bieber again. in the flesh lol. I just wanted to say that I love you all but you have to support me and selena. because were all in this together, right?

    • Chelsie Bieber


    • i loveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu oh and hiiii

    • georgia sexton

      i love you if this is the real u
      i was ment to come to ur concert on the 16th of march but my
      mum was going to have my little sister angel are you and selena back together xxxxxx

    • Anonymous

      Justin, you and Selena are like the cutest couple ever. Good luck!:D

    • I love you so much are you okay yourself

    • Anonymous

      hay justin how are you i do like you hair cut and i believe you. you seeem a vey fun guy to hang out with

    • lizbett

      Yeah hi I love you a.nd yo
      ur music tlike beauty and beat:)

    • nancy ramirez

      hi justin bieber

    • Anonymous

      Hi. Justin. Bieber. 757 269 8792 texts. Me.

  • Jaymie


    • Jeremiah Donaldson


  • RaNdOmEsT pAnKaKe EvEr

    Hi i’m probly just posting on some random fourm here because my computers dodged up. I think justin posted here??

    Anyways ive probly left it a bit late here. Dont worry im not gonna ask you to marry me cause that just stupid o.o
    I’d like to ask somthing….

    Do you ever get annoyed and freacked out by all your fans saying you two shouldnt go out? oh and whats it like to have cameras following you all the time?

    – Sorry if you cant understand what im saying, i live in britan so…. bye XD

  • I hate it when people judge who my future husband is

    • Hi half of my computer don’t work cause I’ve been crying for ju

  • 🙁 😉 ;p <3

  • Jeremiah Donaldson


  • Jeremiah Donaldson

    100 moves
    100 games
    100 videos


  • omg justin my dream would come to your concert and hope to see you come to Puerto Rico I love you

  • hi justin i miss u so much

  • i love u baby hahaha luv u

  • iluvjustinbiber

  • kamilla


  • hey justin bieber i am from greece ….you are the real justin bieber ???? plz write and tell me … love u!!!!!

  • sorry ,, i wanted to say,, are you are the real justin bieber??..

  • hi justin bieber how are you???? my naem is penny and i am from greece!
    i am sister with rennia!……..WE ARE TWINS!! i want to tell you that you sing very well!!! bye for now +_+ *_* #_# :):):)

  • name*

  • hello justin bieber i love you

    • taytay552238

      i love jb to

      • Anonymous

        we all love jb

  • magda

    hej justin kocham cie zabierzesz mnie do siebie bendziesz się mną opiekował jak cureczką ze swoją dziewczyną jeszcze nigdy nie wyjechałam na rzadne wakacje prosze przecierz powiedziałeś rze zrobiłeś karierę dla dzieci a ja mam 9 lat mugłbyś mnie zabrać na 3 lata jak odpiszerz to ci wyśle muj adres i jutro wejde na kompa o godzinie 8 30 i masz odpisać dobra no to pa

  • Hey Justin ur usics r so hectic lad love u and ur songs

  • hey is anyone on

  • Anonymous

    what the name of his tinychat

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!! thats so cool whats the name of this tinychat?

  • hey justin im a huge fan im all the way in texas and just wondering are you coming to texas pretty soon i want to go to my first concert sooooo bad

  • hi justin bieber

  • hi justin i love u sooooo much and i am your BIGGEST BIGGEST fan and i was
    wondering if your coming back to australia soon to do another big tour in aus
    and i want to be in front row so i can see your beautiful eyes.

  • kasa

    hi justin biber i love u i am one off you fans

  • Sabreena

    OMG OMG OMG JUSTIN! hi lol im bored and justin can i be a social friend or a facebook friend? plzzzz say yes i wont tell anyone and do you have msn? omg i miss tinychat it doesnt work anymore =C

  • ashaunti

    i love you you are the best singer and your hoooooooooooot like a hot baby

    • Ur my futre dream ahhhhhb

  • justin bieber my name is jaquisha moton and im a really amazing singing beter then you but your great if alot of people with camers were in my pursonal life i would take pictures of there life nice talking to you bye i live and tennesse you and selena are a great couple have a great life with you and your girlfriend selena gomaz.

    • jaquisha moton here justin bieber your cute and you can sing my favorite song is drummer boy i wish i had concert tickets i never been to your consert or never talk to you tell selena gomaz hay good bye lol.

  • if you give me your phone nummber justin bieber i will show what a beatyful voice i have.

  • hay justin bieber jaquisha moton here have a good morning.
    ***********************************you need real love.

    • justin bieber wins almost ever award because of his amazing fans and he is one of the most biggest stars his fans got him to this the next level his dream came true he has a wonderful girlfriend he has a betyful house i think he earnd to live a wonderful life with a happy family.How can you play the drums sing and play all those others that is amazing. you are a wonderful singer.

  • He’s so amazing ireally saw him

  • hey was that the real jb on tinychat 🙂

  • thats not fair i love him moree

  • Justin Bieber I Love You ok And I Love You so mat <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    😀 :*

  • I Love Justin Bieber Because Ok Justin Bieber

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet shy deaf yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂

    • Justin bieber

      HI to all of my fans i love my fans so much thank-you

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet shy deaf like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss together walk all happy eyecontact deaf shy meet marry walk out sweetheart hug kiss together love kiss meet call (509)340-6261 now talk deaf shy yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet together walk eyecontact all happy hug kiss meet tell deaf shy like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet shy deaf am like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet deaf like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart all am sit Tude sweetheart hug kiss meet deaf talk all happy nice deaf yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂

  • jasmin clavel

    hey justin

  • justnbieber you my friend

  • genesis

    i love you justinbieber.

  • genesis


  • elizabeth

    hey justin bieber love you

  • anya

    i love you justin bieber

  • cassidy

    Hi Justin Beiber i am 10 and i love you so much…………………………………………………………………………….

  • jamie spence

    hey jb when is u gonna get on tiny chat my name on tiny chat is sweetcherry21 im a big fan of u please write me back and get on tiny chat tonight im a big fan i luv ur songs there are great just like u and selena gomez i luv all of yall songs u are greatful and cool to be a popstar

  • NezzyaBieber

    HeLlO jUsTiN bIeBeR i LoVe U sO mUcH <3 SRRY FOR doing my tx like dis but i love u JB <3

  • cheyenne

    omg i love justin bieber so much he is my everything my hole whole i would do anything to meet he no joke for real if i ever got meet him i would cry si bnad i would never ever stop crying

  • Kelsea

    What is the password for his TinyChat? I can’t chat if I don’t know the password!

  • Mrs.Bieber

    i wish i had a tinychat i would love to meet justin

  • hannah

    sup justin i saw u on tinychat lol.

  • mary anne

    justin bieber how long did take to make boy friend albm

  • mary anne

    justin bieber how long did take to make boy frined albm

  • mary anne

    hey cam got fixed call me

  • isabella


  • brianna smiyh


  • maddison

    omg i love you justin bieber love maddison.

  • flor

    hola como andas ?

  • dridi.sirine

    hello justin bieber i love you<3 Please Please, Come to Tunisia and this number 23965686

  • dridi.sirine

    hello justin bieber i love you <3 Please, Come to Tunisia and this number 23965686

  • Lexi

    Hi was wondering if any of u guys now the password to chat with justin Bieber on Tinychat?

  • aum

    hi justin i live in thailand i love you

  • flor

    hola como andas ?

  • ons

    hey justin i’m Ons and i’m 10. I love you so much, please come to tunisia to realize a dream of a proud belieber, a lot of your fans are here. I’m dreaming of your face all night i have all my wall covered by your beautiful pictures and i know all your music. I love you bye <3

  • Daria

    Hey Justin Bieber;) whats up? I love you so much

    • Daria

      Justin Bieber Polish Beliebers love you so much…..!!!

  • Daria

    when you come to Polish?:)

  • beatrice

    hi justin im a big fan of you i love all of your music

  • beatrice

    i thank justin he guy in the world he teach us that if we have a dream we can do any thing we want to do

  • beatrice

    i thank justin is a good guy he all say if we have a dream it would take you places

  • love girl

    Hey peeps wats up

  • misty mize

    i love u justin sexy

  • Chrissy Day

    hey justin i am in love with you! #1 FAN!!!! i really want you to come talk to me and only me on tinychat if you dont mind.Pls Pls………………………..

  • Roxy

    Hey Justin just want to say my daughter is a big fan and I think you and Selena make a good couple if know one likes it well to bad that’s your choice well love your music and your a cutie too we love u.

  • Katelyn

    I love you

  • Katelyn

    Can u come over to my house in Floydada but I live east out of town

  • Katelyn

    I am a 1,00000000 of the biggest fan

  • Katelyn

    Everybody stay away from Justin bieber
    Becues he is mind

    • Katelyn


  • Anonymous

    Justin bieber would u be my boyfriend

  • Katelyn

    Justin bieber would u like to be my botfreind

  • nancy ramirez

    hello justin bieber my name is nancy i always wanted to go out with you but you already have a girlfriend

  • nancy ramirez

    hello justin bieber i am a big fan of your music i cant wait in tell i meet you i am going to L.A. to go to college i suport you and selena i think you guys are really good together

  • isabella

    hye justin my name is isabella and i love u ur danceing ur talent ur singing ur face ur hair just makes me wanna get down on my knees and say give me more give me more i do have tinychat but i do not have my own room yet well i think i dont have my own room but anyway tinychat me and misscutie111 i love u im a beliber ill alwhas be there for u and sureport u the way u want me to sureport u and i love u and ill alwhas will and it will be great if we got in contact together cause i would love to sing for u cause when i saw u on youtube like no other guy did and i love u for that so hope u enjoyed this message and i really hope u get in contact with me and we can tinychat together cause it will mean alot okay justin bieber one last time -kisses ur cheack–hugs u– i love u so much and i alwhas will love u–

  • medha sarkar

    well hi justin i am ur greatest fan and wanna tinychat with u

  • mary anne

    hey justin bieber

  • mary anne


  • Sandra

    I love you hit me up on twitter

  • Sandra

    Hey we should like hang up sometimes

  • mary anne

    hey jb



  • nicky

    hy my name is nicky

  • isabella vercher

    what is your password for tinychat

  • mary anne

    hey Justin bieber its good that you broke up with Selena Gomez

  • noura

    did he gonna talk with us guys

  • noura

    please im noura i withing of you to talk with me please my justin myy liffeeee

  • Angel sexy Samantha pardy20

    Hey Justin my name is angel Samantha
    And I am 20 & sexy &single
    I have long brown dark hair & baby blue
    Eyes and I want your cell. Number&i’ll
    Keep it 2 my self ok I promise so don’t
    Change it boyfriend ok I Love you sexy
    Oxoxoxo& Iam from Toronto. Ontario

  • Brian

    Hi justin bieber

  • your lover

    hi justin im elsa and just wanna to say that i love your songs and im a big fan of you . have an awesome day

  • ashly

    hi justin i just want u to know im like those girls at all im actualy very shy by the way im 19.

  • ashly

    hi justin what i ment to say was im not like those girls at all.

  • ashly

    Can u write to me please the reason y is because my grand mother is in the hospital she fell down the stairs and cracked her head and lost her leg and needs a new hip i told every one in my family that u would write to me and that if u did they would give me money for her surgery.Plus she has a dog that she has had since it was born the mother died giving birth to 4 puppies 3 of them have a new home and the father ran away please write to me u dont want my grandmother to die do u or her only friend to be sad the only friend is her dog sincerly ashly.We need 25thousand $ for her surgery.

  • ashly

    just to let u know i dont live in a house i live on the side of the road we are very poor and every day we hold up signs that say we will do any thing for food or money sometimes we eat food out of garbage cans thats how poor we are.

  • nana the cuty

    Hey Justin. Would you please invite me to your consert back stage.please. love you xoxoxoxo

  • allison

    hi Justin I love you sooo much and I will always support you and l will always love you:)

  • kelly ann

    hi justin, i remeber chating with u on tingchat. I was the brown skin gurl ,and i live in trinidad.

  • kelly ann

    i remebered seeing ur manager an he like me ,when u showed him me on cam ,mom,ur lil sister and brother. but we stoped talking for a long time.u wanted to make me famous ,and u wanted me to b in ur music vidoes.u thought i wz a model but u wanted me to b ur bf. I just saying hi to u and enjoy ur life. I hope i get to tlk to u some time . just trying to let u remeber me . my nickname on tinychat wz bubblezz and love2loveu. Say hello to ur mom and dad can forget ur brother and sister :).

  • tamires cunha

    ola justin bieber

  • Precious


  • Precious

    I love just biber