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Justin Bieber’s Beliebers named Greatest Superfan Community By Rolling Stone Magazine

Justin Bieber fans, better known as “Beliebers” have been named the greatest superfan community of the past 20 years by Rolling Stone Magazine.

According to the magazine the Justin Bieber fans are the easiest to spot. Usually the come in the form of teenage girls, however, there are male and more mature “Beliebers” out there as well. In fact, Kim Kardashian, Chelsea Handler, and Johnny Depp have all proclaimed that they have “Bieber Fever.”

A “Belieber” is noticeable by these traits, reveals Rolling Stone: “Their primary activities include creating giant poster collages with photos cut from magazines, Tweeting with handles like “MrsBieber,” writing Bieber’s name over and over on the back of their notebooks, shrieking at the sound of his name and writing fan fiction where he dumps Selena Gomez, marries them and never gets rid of that hairstyle.”

Justin’s fans are so loyal they have even beaten out Clay Aiken’s “Claymates,” Katy Perry’s “Katycats,” Nicki Minaj’s “Barbies,” Adam Lambert’s “Glamberts,” Mariah Carey’s “Lambs,” Rihanna’s “Navy,” New Kids on The Block’s “Blockheads,” Hanson’s “Fansons,” “Glee’s” “Gleek’s” and Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters.” Noticeably absent from the list was “Twilight’s” “Twihards.”

So keep on Beliebin’ Belieber’s, you obviously have a powerful voice and aren’t afraid to use it. Justin Bieber would be very proud.


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  • Anonymous

    JUStin ur mom needs to have a talk to you your acting like a diva and HOLDING UR MIDDLE FINGER OH THATS JUST SOO WHRONG

    • Bri

      Oh come on, he’s a 17 year old teenager! Road rage is bound to happen sooner or later! He was pissed and didn’t want to SAY anything. He’s being a normal teenager, not a “DIVA”.

    • amy

      your being kinda stupid! if you were him in that moment i bet you would’ve done the same thing! so stop acting like my mom and if you dont like jb stop looking him up!

  • hiiiiiiii,
    justin i,m gunjan from bhopal . im listen your song daily and i love your song and i also loving you. i miss you so much and my friends also your fans .i want to be met you only one time .im 13 years old girl.i love you

  • bieber loveeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu cat

  • im gaurav from bhopal ilike baby

  • Tya

    Justin Bieber cute!!!!!!!!

  • amy

    omfg! i love justin bieber WITH ALL MY HEART AW hes so nice, hes so hot! he had a dream and he made it reality, i have a dream now im gonna make it reality 🙂 somehow…

  • justin beber

    ok gunjan i’ll coming india so i also coming on ur house i love you and i love your comments i also want to meet you i love you bye

  • ali

    ossmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dude

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Justin im Johnny and im 13 years old and im a boy belieber. I love your songs and i think that you are osm, i dont really care of what people say i have a cousing who was also a boy belieber but unfortunally he died 3 months ago because he use to get bullied, but im not like him i dont give a shit of what they say byee 🙂 .

  • aisha

    hi justin i am your biggest fan please just one time meet me please i am a belieber i love you justin please meet me

  • aisha

    justin please come to pakistan i am your biggest fan i love your songs

  • Sandra Soizeau

    i love u justin so much