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New Justin Bieber Dolls Debut At Toy Fair 2011

New Justin Bieber Dolls for 2011

Days later, Justin Bieber’s now-infamous haircut is still grabbing headlines and dividing fans. (You know you’ve arrived when your new ‘do overshadows Jennifer Aniston’s…) But if you’re still pining for the Biebs’ signature sweep of yore, you’re in luck. A new Justin Bieber doll debuted at Toy Fair 2011, and it features a head of luscious, lovely locks.

“Brand new for 2011 is the Justin Bieber doll with hair,” explained George Vorkas of Bridge Direct. “It’s exciting for us because, last year, we had the plastic hair doll. This year we have Justin with hair. Every girl at home can play with it and style it how they want.” Meaning, if you really, REALLY like Justin’s new haircut, you can take a pair of scissors to the life-like tresses (though we don’t recommend it).

Besides a rockin’ mop top, the new Justin doll boasts a few choice accessories, including an MP3-enabled tour bus and new outfits!

“We’ll be shipping two accessory sets,” George continued. “Justin comes with accessories from his stage set—the drums, the keyboard, the guitar. It comes also with the heart-shaped cage he flew around in during some of his concerts. It’s Justin at his best.”

Click play on the video above to see all of Justin’s awesome outfits.


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  • i love his doll with hair it so looks like him

    • justinbieberlover

      ikr am getting that in mii b-day in November yayxD

      • Anonymous

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  • Anastasia

    My friend got the doll for her birthday as a joke and it was haning up on her wall and it sings so it fell and started singing in the middle of the night and we all sarted screaming because it was scary and it didn’t sound like him it sounded like a dude Rebecca black

  • justin biebers is the best!!!! and the sexiesttt iily

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  • autumn

    jb is so…………. cool he is soooooooosoooooooohot i love jb

    • autumn

      hot good

  • autumn

    the doll is so cool it is so hot it look lick him

  • autumn

    I love JB now song boyfriend