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Did Selena Gomez get Justin Bieber to cut his hair?

Did Justin Bieber cut his famous hair because girlfriend Selena Gomez wanted him to?

Selena has made no secret about her dislike for Justin’s shaggy hair, saying it’s annoying how he shakes and flips it while you’re trying to talk to him.

It may very well be that Bieber decided to cut his hair to make Gomez happy, and they do look happy. The couple have been nearly inseparable since Oscar night, where they were spotted holding hands and kissing.

On Tuesday, Justin turned 17-years-old. He and Selena were spied in a tight embrace as they shopped and dined, seemingly celebrating Bieber’s big birthday.

So, is Selena Gomez to blame for Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle? If she is, Justin’s not telling. Bieber revealed that he chopped his locks because he wanted a change and a more mature look. However, if he got the idea from Selena, it’s cute that he was only trying to make her happy. However, fans may see it in a different way, portraying Gomez as the controlling girlfriend.



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  • I hate that girl

    • helen

      me too fuck off selena

      • justin looks good or bad with his new hair cut ??
        what’s tha opinion of u ?
        please reply !!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I don’t care what he does with it he’s cute no matter what geez gyes let him live his own life nd make his own decision

        • Jowan

          It look f*cken hott. although his other hair style was hott too. But in this one he looks much hotter and older

        • Anonymous

          i think it is very nice but he was cuter with his other haircut he is amazing

        • Rachel

          he looks older. but i really like boys with long hair. so i like it better long but I still like it this way

        • love MS.BIEBER


        • he looks ok

        • Anonymous

          i love justin bieber i want him to sang me a song at my brithday praty but he look cute with old hair cut and the new l hair cut

        • Anonymous

          I like the old hair cut better. This one is way too different and i liked the flip and the cuteness of it!! <3 but now it sucks even though he is growing his hair out again :D…

      • rebecca

        i say the same thing fu*k off selina you only want him because other girls want him

      • rebecca

        everyone stop cussing well if u want to cusse have fun burning in hell everybody!!!!!

    • Alexis

      Everybody should leave Justin Bieber alone because he can do what ever he wants to. And how would you feel if you were selena gomez and your boyfriend was cheating on you.

      • i am with you you are so much right

    • Lola

      I agree with you so much. Her head is so fucking large, I’m suprised her scrawny neck can hold it up. Also, she always seems to have cold sores, otherwise known as oral herpes. It’s really disgusting how she must have been shoving her tongue down Justin’s throat, and practically eating his face.

      • Aniestin

        how do you know she does do tht? u dont have fuckin proof so shut the fuck up, no one cares

    • kaley

      i do to i mean he dont have to do anything that that thing wants him to

      • amelia gunstone

        that so wrong that selena said to him to have a hair cut ,it’s his oppion

    • rebecca

      same i thing she sould just leave him alone

    • Wikie

      innit that girl has nothing to say about biebs hair!!but at least jbiebs is happy:)

  • Kyra Amich

    I hate her a lil bit, but just as long as Justin is happy with her thats the only thing im worried about. Justin Bieber is absolutely amazing, but hey all I gotta say is she is way better than Miley Cyrus!!!(: So Way To Go Justin(: Love you!

    • helen

      well if he want to date a girl who broke up miley and nick on perpose and then broke up with nick thur the perorazzi with nick believing they were still together even a text would have been better than that miley is not that bad and i dont judge people on the way the dress but by the way they act and action toward other miley not perfect and their are other girls doing worse out there so give her some points for tying to stay positive and justin i love ur hair the way it was and dont ever change for no one “just the way u r” 4 selena try to find some one ur own age bitch and i hope some one does punches u in the face and dont say i just jealous cuz i not i hated her even before well not hated but dislike her so FUCk off selena you Whore if i was in your face right now i would tell u to dont make or tell some one you dont like an as-pect of them becuz that how they rep their-self like some one just the way they r

      • Alissa

        I think sElena and Justin are perfect together u should take my advice .I love all your songs Selena and Justin . This sentence is for Selena sing to Justin a year without rain and this sentence is for Justin sing to Selena is never let u go #1 fan for both of u xoxoxo

      • Anonymous

        i agree wit u girl.

      • rebecca

        i agree with you helen she shouldn’t have done that what a bitch

        • Anonymous

          HEY u shouldn’t b mean to both SELENA & JUSTIN bcuz ALL of u who r yelling at selena or justin u should just stop, ALL of u watch selena getting her feelings hurt on youtube bcuz people r saying things like this about her and she might be reading ALL the thing ur putting on here and on another websites, and just emagine how it would feel being selena and people were saying thing like hey ur dumb or i hate u, just emigine if u were her right now getting ur feelings hurt by other people so just LEAVE THEM BOTH ALONE PLZ

    • i hate selena gomezz,!!!!!i always did and always will

      • Rose Turner

        well pearsonoly justin will ALWAYS BE SUPER HOT and if he didnt want to cut his hair he probly woldnt have cut his hair and i think if he loves selena he should stay with her because he would probly be heart broken if he wasnt with her & pluss i think there a perfect couple & peaple should stop trying to take embaresing pics of them there just teens *-*

        • ashlea turner

          i agree with rose & stop saying selenas a bich cuzz u probly hate her cuzz shes going out with justin but he realy loves selena so u betterfucking wach out she could be at your house right now waiting to ask u to stop or she will dump justin & break his heart

      • Anonymous

        fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • kayla hazlewood

    i mean that is really stupid if selena made justin shave his head because she should like him for him not for his hair or anything like that but i really dont care justin looks good both ways. the other thing is they are obviously in love so just leave them alone its not like you can do anything to stop there relationship and they are so cute together i LOVE you both <33333 love, kayla have a great dayy

    • ashlea turner

      i think if she made him cut his hair its wrong but maiby he wanted to cut his hair or he might not have even done it

  • hey,justin bieber looks cute with his new hair cut if selena told him to cut it or not. but ill tell u whts not cute, justin and selena. Im srry but thats my opinion. they just dont look like a good couple. if justin bieber can ever read this, i would want him to take my advice.

    • shannon luksich

      i agree with u mrs. bieber he could do better

  • Megan

    i love justin to death and i want him to be happy and have a “normal” life which includes having a girlfriend. BUT I DO NOT LIKE SELENA. she tries to change him and that is what makes me not like her. JUSTIN DESERVES BETTER!

  • shes pretty but she is controlling his life he may be hiding the exact reason y he cut his hair but lots of his fans thinks that shes to blame like me. every fan must have loved his beautiful locks and now there gone it made me cry to hear he cut his hair now he just looks HOT not SEXY like he did with his long hair we all love the flip wat happened to are sexy role model?

  • I like selena gomez as justin bieber girlfriend but she’s changeing him and she liles a lot about there not dating c’mon no justin bieber’s fans arent that dumb selena gomez must think were stupid STOP LIEING ABOUT UR RELATIONSHIP!

  • Anonymous

    why did he cut his hair it was lush u hate her

    • Anonymous


  • ms mad

    celina or whatever you name y did u make justin cut his hair ure mad because theres more pretier girls than u who like him for his cute hair i wish he would of cut ure hair i hate u. h

  • samantha

    ok i dont hate her but i hate how she says justin is a kid when shes dating him it pisses me off ok 😀

    • Mrs.bieber

      how do you make those smiley faces there awsome. and that is totally true she is just i think a year older. if she didn’t want a wonger man she would have not dated him. you know?!

  • marris

    r they really dating or wat??

    • Mrs.bieber

      yeah they r there like really close. slept together!! to bad i liked him.


        DID THEY REALLY SLEEP TOGETHER?! justin said he was waiting til marriage…..she must have turned him against all of his beliefs…that bitch


        DID THEY REALLY SLEEP TOGETHER?! justin said he was waiting til marriage…..she must have turned him against all of his beliefs…

  • Mrs.bieber

    i can’t believe she didn’t like him the way he was. but i have to adimit i like the new haircut he looks HAWT. but if she was in love she wouldn’t have cared. do you know what i mean?????!!!!!!!!?? she just wants him for puplicity. so she can sell more cd. i find that stuiped because his deeply in love. he liked her eaither but she wants him to help her make more cds so that she can get more money. but he dosn’t know that. eathier does he know that shes propably faking her love she is an actress. i can’t believe she would do that to someone s HAWT and in love with her. you no????? i feel bad because he really does like her but shes just useing her to get more mula. i’m so mad she would do that. ): but i will allways love him.<3

  • Joe cool

    How do you guys know how they are together? You little girls are absolutely INSANE. Get a life, you should be interested in boys your own age, and in your own schools. Just be FANS, and not crazy stalkers.

    again “Hawt” is not a word in the english dictionary. Justin is into INTELLIGENT girls, step your game up brah!

    • Mrs.bieber

      hey how do you no somuch about him. r u a stalker and HAWT is a word i want to use just like you use BRAH. k that sound like a bra.
      and i love justin

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE justin bieber but selena is controlling him to do stuff when you are in love you dont do that kind of stuff

  • justin has a secret i just dont wanna say it

  • i dont like selena…. put she sings great and justin is dating selena put selena does int like him cuz there not really dating its just there manager the managers make this up

  • yo peeps! there not dating i was wathching tv then they said that selena and justin arent really dating cuz ………….well justin loves selena put she does int shes changing him and she so not the type for justin selena i hope u see this ur relonship is not a secret any more i use to like selena now i dont im not a fan any more!!!!!

  • leanne blakexxxxxxxx

    Hotttttt Hotttt Hotttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ...............

    i don’t like selena why she said to jb to cut his hair for him and why jb do that !!!!!!!!!!
    anyway jb all the time nice but that’ss no problem to cut his hair but i don’t like that

  • sophie

    I fucking hate selena always have alway will will and how the FUCK could she change his
    Sexyy hair arghhh jus a lot pissed off rite now I hope her grows it bckk

  • sophie

    I fucking hate selena always have alway will will and how the FUCK could she change his
    hair it was nice the way it was arghhh jus a lot pissed off rite now I hope her grows it bckk

  • Vanay'a

    Justin Is Still Hot.. But Selena?? Jack Wagon! (:

  • Lyndsay

    Ya Know, I Really Couldnt Care Less. It Is Sorta Romantic. And Did Yall Hear What He Did To Her House??
    He Covered Her HOLE House In Roses.. Romantic!!!!!
    And I Understand Her Getting Annoyed It Would Be A Little Annoying. But HE Did It. It Was His Choice. He Is 17, He Is Old Enough To Make His Own Choices.

    -(: <3 Lyndsay Dawn <3 (:

  • i loved justin bieber he,s hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt he looks nice.

  • MizzBieber552

    omg i hate selena gomez!!!!!!!! i always had and now that she made JB cut his hair????!!!! his signature look!!!! stupid selena gomez.

  • MizzBieber552

    but i still love him and his new haircut!!!!

  • katy-lyn

    selena is the biggest b*tch like seriously! stop trying to change him. he said he would NEVER change! oh and that ‘kiss’ at the oscars? FAKEST SH*T I”VE EVER SEEN! i find more LOVE in a sandwich!

    • Aniestin

      if you dont like their relationship, then ur not a true belieber, ur not supporting him, you cant tell him what to do

  • Hey justin my older brother Jacob is upset since you been going out eith selena gomez and jacob likes selena gomez alot and said Justin Bieber should stop dating selena gomez so he can date selena gomez and he is only 12 yrs old and he is mad at you and i think you and selena gomez make a good couple!

  • diana

    omfgg selena u have made justin bieber change soo mutch i dnt hate
    uu but damm gurlll . ur looky to be goin out with
    him his a veryy nice guy . but ur fukn re tarded
    in ur showz u look lik such a nice gurl nd thn u stick
    ur middle finger to the camara WTF . ur pretty nd shxt
    but honey u made justin bieber change . nd i dnt give 2 flyn fukz if
    ur with him cuz thtz not my lyf itz u guyz prob . but u need to calm down nd stop
    makn him changeee . dammm
    justin bieber ur fukknnn hott but . u be lookn gay nd itz emberresn sayn ur name . it makz
    me feel lik a lil girll. cuz lik ur voice u nw . ohh willl . w.e
    hahhahah duecez “im out .

    • Aniestin

      she didnt, she was just fixing her hair, justin sticked his middle finger up at the paparazzi before, its not his first time

  • Shana

    If u don’t respect his desicions you don’t respect him!! BTW They Are so cute together and they totally deserve Each other !! Love you BOTH <3

  • super_sweet


  • Giani


  • if i could i would change time and make that girl (selena gomes) me i love every rhing about this guy (justin bieber) a wounder if it will ever be true might not, it’s what i wont to be my future, right now 😀 praying it will be true

  • Anonymous

    She steal every guy off everyone. she stole Nick from miley, she stole Justin from Jasmine, this girl needs to get a grip and find herself a new boyfriend that aint been wit one of her friends. she needs to get a life, and stop ruining justin. he’ll loose all his fans because of her. he’s not the justin bieber the world fell in love with :/

  • emily

    Don’t get me wrong i was a fan. but She steal every guy off everyone. she stole Nick from miley, she stole Justin from Jasmine, this girl needs to get a grip and find herself a new boyfriend that aint been wit one of her friends. she needs to get a life, and stop ruining justin. he’ll loose all his fans because of her. he’s not the justin bieber the world fell in love with :/

    • Aniestin

      no one can stay the same forever

  • Briana

    back the f*** off of him selena knowone like u and knowone will ever like u.By now u should see that everyone in the world hates u now.All u have to do for us is to just back the fuck off of justin.He does not like u and he never will like u.Justin,im giving u good advise dump that ugly ass ho and start dating miley cyrus.U will look so much muture dating a women and not a ugly as kid.

    • Aniestin


      • Aniestin

        haha sorry i meant his, cause i was gonna say, hes not her type, bt i just deleted hes, instead of her i forgot, not calling bieber a girl

  • rebecca

    no i think he should come to rockhampton in qld because we see no famous people and heshould go to tcc

  • Leanna

    I have always hated her,and i always will,& dont yell at me on here. Dont like me? TAKE A SEAT WITH ALL THE OTHER BITCHES JUST WAITING 4 ME 2 GIVE A FUCK! Luv lele.

  • Aniestin


  • jussybug

    Heyy im a BIG fan of Justin and i look up to Selena and if she made him do that then im po-ed but as long as Justin’s happy [witch in the video of the cut he wasn’t] then all beleiber’s should be happy so o guess we’ll just have to live with this relashionship till the end or maybe forever {maybe}

  • OMG….!!! <3 im luving hix hairstyle….hex freaking HAWT <3

  • Alondra Maslow Bieber

    Selena I don’t mean to be the bad guy but eather u guys should eather work this out or break up bcuz Selena Justin bieber has changed to much and well..I think it’s ur fault and well I as a person and as a fan I will not stop I will keep fighting for every minute of my life I will fight for Justin if I have to I will never say never!..but mark my words Selena u may have won this battle between us but without my help u will never and I mean NEVER find the way to control his whole heart. Ever since u come IN to his life he’s change completely.all thank to u. But like I said without MY help as a believer I will NEVER stop fighting for whats Justin bieber. 😐

    • HELLO



    Selena has changed Justin so much. I’ve seen him try to flip his hair and then look sad and then fake smile so many times before like he misses his hair. I know its kind of weird but I have seen it in videos from this year. He still looks cute but he’s changed since Selena became his girlfriend. First its the hair. Then the being rude to fans and then the tattoo and the earrings. Like wtf. I’m happy for him and Selena but he has changed alot because of Selena in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    JUSTIN BIEBER looks sexy with his haircut!! Yes, he did look cute with the fringe and everything and I do miss the way he whips his hair 🙂 but he looks so much more mature and yummy with that hair!! And if selena did tell him to get his hair cut, then you-go-girl! He looks hotter than ever!! I ♥ u JB!!

  • Lyssa

    Guys! You know what?! Stop talking crap about Selena! Your all just jealous thats shes with Justin and your not. Just because he has changed a little while they were dating does NOT mean she changed him at all. Just leave Selena alone, I bet you were all fans of her until she started dating Justin, leave them alone, Selena doesn’t deserve the things some of you guys say about her, it’s not right! Give him some space, maybe he doesn’t like people all overr him 24/7, have you thought of that?! He HAS changed but not because of Selena, he’s getting older, and maybe a lot of this stuff is getting to hard for him to handle. Just remember that Justin will always love his fans and you should support him and Selena, he obviously loves her and you should let him be happy [:

    • Kaitlyn

      you are sooo right about that.


    Okay so im prob the only girl on this website that think jb is UGLY… so justin if ur reading this srry Luv ur songs but not you… but guys seriously get a life… Selena I love u ur really pretty, amazing actress and singer i bet all of you have something better to be doing… so….. ya i truly dont think selena made jb cut off his hair … but thats my opinion

  • ...OMG

    okay so none of you i bet watched jb when he wasnt famous…Usher changed jb with his looks n stuff n u all dont hate usher

  • Kaitlyn

    stop making selena look like a controling girlfriend and that you think Justin only cut his hair bcuz of selena when tht is probably not true and if it is they will break up eventually. sorry about all the bad comments, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez.

    • yeahhh

      she is controling him and it is probably true coz a soon as she said she didn’t like it he change it to make her happy coz he liked her and i hope they do

      • niomi

        SHee iiss nnoott ccoonnttrroolllliinngg hhiimm ssoo ggeett aa ffrriikkeenn lliiffee aanndd ddeeaall wwiitthh tthhee ffaacctt tthhaatt yyoouu wwiillll nneeveerr hhaavee hhiikmm..

  • courtney


  • yeahhh

    i hate you ,you sad bitch it was nice how it was so he shouldn’t change his hair just for you do u know what get a life

  • Brianna

    back off selena gomez is nice so beat it u little runts she is my nuber one role model be cuz she is beautiful and ellagent so dont u call her the b word how would u like it if she called u a b word u should be mad at justin he gave her a hikey on her chest in the photobooth and squeased her butt see the picuters on celebbuzz.com ( P.S SHE DID NOT LIKE IT) :(((((((((((((

    • random

      im just mad at both of them because they used to be so nice to their fans and now they are so mean!WHY! i wish they would break up so they could go back to the people i used to know. 🙁 selena used to be so nice and justin used to be sooooooo sweet now hes soooo mean and selena is still sweet but now she stick the middle finger out and tht makes me soooooo sad:(

      • Lilly

        i agree 100% !! they used to be soooo nice & Selena used to be my role model but then when she started dating Justin She changed & so did he. They both look so weird now. ik some ppl are gonna be like “well they’re growing up just let them be” Well growing up means maturing not being meaner & weirder & stuff. I Support Jelena (only a little) But i still prefer the Selena & the Justin When they werent dating.

  • random

    im mad about both of them they have changed so much ever since they started dating. WHY! i wish they would just break up so tthey could go back to being the loving and caring peopl they were to their fans!!!! 🙁

  • i think that justin beiber and selen goomez should still date because they are very cute with each other and you guys SHOULD LEAVE THEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YEah, Um s0 Tottally Agree wid yah:)..

  • Sam

    When selena enter to justin life justin bieber is getting change because of selena before he was normal but now its different

  • celena gomez

    justin cut his hair cause he wanted to not because of selena

  • there cute..& they als0 mai favorites:)

  • mariana

    You guys need to shut the hell up cuz the only reason ur cussing at selena is cuz shes way prettyur an u guys r jealous and go ahead an denie it and btw helen if i were in the same room as you i would punch U in the face u need to get a life instead of hating ur the only whore and ms mad get over it

  • Eden Biieber

    i agree with you i still want to mary you justin but i also think you should mary selena i love both of you s much i like your hair nomatter what you do to it because you are always on my mind and heart if you got married i would consider you both as my older brother and sister.<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • TINA