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Justin Bieber “Baby” surpasses 500 million views on Youtube

Justin’s “Baby” video on Youtube has now surpassed the 500 million mark leapfrogging the former #1 video, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” which now has 362 million views.

“Baby” also holds the record for most dislikes at 1.15 million. But have no fear because the incredibly annoying “Friday” from Rebecca Black has already reached 1.14 million dislikes and the video has just been out a month ago. Now that’s a title I’m sure Justin wouldn’t mind losing.

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  • Jbiebs

    just letting you know it’s “bad romance” not true
    and it doesn’t matter how many dislikes, people still had the choice to type in Justin Bieber Baby in the youtube engine, if they didn’t want to listen to it, don’t search it on the internet

  • Sarah

    true romance? lol:P

  • Mary Elizabeth

    I LOVE BABY and i dont know why it would have that many dislikes but i totally understand why the Friday song does it is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!