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Justin Bieber fan in Sheffield UK thrown out of concert

This is kinda messed up. I feel so bad for these girls. Why did they have to throw them out? :/

13-year old Justin Bieber fan was thrown out of his My World show in Sheffield after she threw a teddy bear gift on stage, reports The Mirror. Bridie Moulds was ejected from the concert after five minutes after the throw, with security claiming the ‘missile’ hit Justin on the leg two songs into his performance.

The school girl, who saved up for months for her £35 ticket to see Justin live, was then bundled out of the arena by security. Bridie cried: ‘I couldn’t wait for him to come to Sheffield. I bought a teddy bear & me and my friend made a T-shirt for it saying ‘Bridie and Sasha love you’.

We put a letter inside the bear saying what big fans we were and some pictures of us wearing Justin Bieber T-shirts. It hit Justin’s leg and it seemed to put him off his stride. Then he kicked the bear out of the way.. I was upset but it hasn’t put me off. I’m still a big fan and won’t be taking down my posters.’


This is why Justin has the best fans in the world.

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