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Justin Bieber will be going to rehab by 30: Poll

About 30 percent of Americans believe Justin Bieber will be in celebrity rehab when he reaches 30, according to a new poll released on Monday.

A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair survey showed that only 20 percent thought the 17-year-old idol would still be playing packed arenas in 2024, while 18 percent said he’d be married and living quietly somewhere.

Equally famed for his soulful voice and the casual flick of his lustrous head of hair, the 17-year-old Canadian singer was the fourth best-selling albums artist in the United States last year, mobbed everywhere by screaming young girls.

But the squeaky-clean pop star, the latest in a long line of teen sensations, reportedly studies the case histories of similar icons so that he can avoid their career hiccups.

The telephone survey involved nearly 11,000 people.


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  • who ever said that are stupid and i dont like them even though i dont know them! haha but be nice even if you dont like them[justin bieber] because if your mean that would meen your a bully and justin told me he doesnt like haters or bullies so if i where you and i was a belieber and u are a bully or a hater than i would stop because chances are justin wont like u