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Justin Bieber’s Birthday 2011

Would You Be Able To Handle This? Justin On His 17th Birthday With Selena Gomez.

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  • i support u justin n selena it does’nt matter wht any1 say’s we love n support u justin n selena

    • Anonymous

      i dont support selena gomez ew….

      • jeziel

        i dont want selena for being justin’s girlfriend

        • albineo

          i agree………ALOT 🙂

        • Anonymous

          me too i agree

        • abue

          not agree

      • Nella

        So uhm.. do you think Justin cares about it? NOOOO

        • caroliina

          ?????????? I dident get it wath

      • Anonymous

        well why the hell not i mean leave them alone theres not really anything you girls can do so just deal with it

      • Anonymous

        hello justin biber love

      • brooklyn

        You ono what people. Justin bieber can date whoever he wants its not like you own him so leave justin and selena alone.

        • brooklyn

          Thx a lot u guys made Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez brake up.

    • Anonymous

      I do not support them! Justin is MINE!

      • Storm

        WtF lets get real justin willnot be dating you anytime soon

  • Rachael Bieber

    i support both justin n selena . as long as there both 🙂 im happi 2

    loveeyuu bothh (L) xxx

    • Anonymous

      Me to they r good togather

      • Anonymous

        Who cares what people say its what u feel not what othet people say they r just jelous

  • CasCAS

    i dont actually know…i like justin but i always hated selena,..i dont even know why is just something aganist the Disney characters…sorry… :/

    • KENGIE

      So if justin biber became a disney charicter you will hate him two there perfect together from what we see so just let them be makes no sence

      • Anonymous

        Kengie person spells bieber wrong! U r totally not a JB fan!

  • payton bieber

    this video made me cry
    i feel so bad for u guys i hope you can still have a amazing relationship without being mobed
    and when i saw justin’s face looking like he was about to cry that made me cry and broke my heart i love u both <3 <3

    i am a belbieber

    • belicia

      you did the right thing im proud

  • justin bieber is sexy XD

    this made me cry, and it was his birthday that day. i love them both because they look really really cute together. haters and fake beliebers need to stop hating. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN AND SELENA <3 <3 <3

    • marsela

      SORRY but justin bieber is my man and yes i am a hater of her and they actually dont look cute toghther.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

      • Anonymous

        uhm ? i think you’re not the one for justin .

      • jasmyne

        Ok if you are going to hate on my best friend Selena then I wouldn’t talk at all cause justin and Selena make a cute couple for your info and I was there on his birthday and why woun’t you just leave them alone thats the thing i am getting sick of I hate seeing my friend cry like that and Justin looking like hes’s about to cry if yoou love Justin then why not just leave their relationship alone :/

      • Abby

        Ohh yeh they do luv and why would he be ur man cause i dont think he is looking for a negative person as a gf do u?…. no didnt think so and js but if u really did like him then u wouldnt be ruining his life now would ya or ur just going with the pathetic crowd of nobodys who dont hav a life so they hav to ruin others am i wrong errr dont think so!!!!!

    • rosy

      i started crying..i always loved them sox500 much.but pap and fake beliebers are taking it too far!!!!!they started giving selena death notes and just too much.just because ur jealous doesnt mean u can do anything u want.i always saw on youtube i hate u justin u pick tht girl to be on ur music video or justin should marry me or somtin stupid like tht.but im mad and sad.WE LOVE U GUYS AND WE WILL SUPPORT U GUYS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and thx to the person who made the video i always wanted to know tht someone cares!

    • Anonymous

      please give me phone no of justin bieber and address

  • Belieber1500

    Awwwww. 🙁 That was sad. Especially on his birthday. The paparazzi should at least give him some space so he can like ya know.. DRIVE!

  • happy berthday justin bat selena fuck you

    • Agreed

      • rosy


        • Rizzoli

          justb fuck ur thoughts rosy,justin is way 2 good 4 selena……

    • jeziel

      fuck you selena..but i am #1 fan of j.b. justin and jasmine is the perfect couple….

      • Abby

        I think u lot are being jealous twats who need to leave them alone yep there are people who hate jb and people who hate Selena but what did they do….. nothing!! so every1 should stop being babyish and just put up with it. the girls who want to go out with him probably never would so stop ruining her life cause u didn’t get the chance like she did!

      • #1 JB fan!:)

        jeziel person just leave then alone!
        You don’t Know shit about this!
        Fuck u jesiel ;(

    • Anonymous

      U r so mean u suck uck u jerk i support both of them

  • paola


    • jeziel

      fuck jo..

      • Anonymous

        SHUT UP jeziel

      • #1 JB fan!:)

        SHUt uP u lil fuck!
        ur such a bitch! Leave THeM alone!

  • justin and selena

    leave them aloneee!!!!!!!

    • i iked justin but he broke my heart ad made me cry n the picture

  • I Pity You JB but Selena?? FUCK YOU!!!

    • crystal garcia

      fuck u bitch selena is better then u dont be talking shit about her would u like it if selea talked about u no rite so fuck selena i love u selena has done a lot for us THANKS SELENA !!!!!!!!!!

  • marsela

    selena gomez i hope your reading this because justin bieber is all of our man and not yours we saw he first BITCH!!!!!fuck off the sexinest!!!

    • rosy


    • Anonymous

      Just leave selena alone!
      LOVE you both selena and justinxoxoxox

  • you guys need to leave them alone i mean yea i do envy selena but they are happy so let them be happy without all you stupid haters critisizing them

    i love you selena and justin i hope you guys can get through all of this

    (btw… me and my friends celebrated your birthday)

    • rosy

      thank u for understanding.u guys tht love justin and hate selena or hate justin and like selena well heres somthing….u guys like selena/jb when she/he are smiling and laughing and all tht right.well…justin likes selena and selena likes justin thats wat makes them happy.so let them be happy.u dont want to break her/his heart do u?PLZ understand think about this….AND U DAM PAPARZZI WELL U MOTHER FUKERS SHOULD BACK OFF!!!!!

  • alex

    i love u bothe selena and justin and i wish u have a better relationship no matter what happend and ur the best coupel i have ever seen

  • elo

    i love you both selena and justin i wish you happiness I want to make in Georgia elo :**

  • eu ti amoooooooo

  • im going to see jb next year in march

  • hi

    • karina

      te amo

  • hali beli

    Hi I would like to ask whether it still go along and selena gomez justin bieber? thanks

  • hali beli

    Hi does anyone know her name as the song plays in it? if so write to thank

  • Anonymous

    I feel so bad they were so good togather the video made me cry and y the sad music i know it goes with the video i support them both

  • leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just leave them alone would you want someone say f**k you because you like someone?… im pretty sure you wouldnt you cannot like selena, but the only reason you people dont like her is because your jealous of her. you wanted to be the one to date justin and personally i think u haters should just see what your doing to jb i mean if nobody cared the pap. wouldnt stop caring if u want jb to be happy because u say u love jb but u dont love him if u dont want him happy! and the people who threaten to kill her go cry me a river you guys are most jealous.*****remember JB and Selena are people and they have feelings*****

  • abby

    oh my gosh i love justin so much he is so talent. selena is so pretty and they are a really cute couple way better than him and miley. i am in love with his new song boyfriend and to all you reading this you should check out mattybraps and his version it is so adorable!!!

  • tiffany

    justin we love you i support you a 100% 🙂

  • Anonymous

    people plz leave them ..
    they’re much perfect than you bitches..

    • jasmyne

      Ikr they just need to leave him alone but I love you Selena

  • Mia

    They belong together Justin and Selena you people r just bein mean coz u want to go out with selena or justin

    • crystal garcia

      so wat if we do

  • karina

    eu sou brasileira e amo muito ele e tenho fe em deus que um dia vou conhecer ele frente a frente.

  • fiorella camasca

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo me sorprenden que esten juntitos son el uno para el otro

  • Mary

    I love you.

  • desteny

    i dont no when i see this i get mad and i dont need to get mad i am happy for him but i like him and it hurts to see him kiss her ps love you justin

  • AdelisaBeiber!

    Have Justin& Selena broke up? 😮

    • AdelisaBeiber!

      Have Justin& Selena broke up? 🙁

      • kaitlyn101


  • kaitlyn101

    i think thay are a happy copply .

  • سارا

    عالی بود

  • Belieberforever

    I do not think that Selena and Justin match .. I love you justin;) we are here for you. You smile, we smile;) always a belieber!<3

  • Emmuska

    justin a selena sa k sebe hodia a prave na jeho narodeniny sa stala takato vec fuj chce sa mi plakt chudaci mam ich obidvoch rada

    selena lutujem ta

  • Emmuska

    jjoj justin skoda toho

  • Amy the #1 fan!

    I love Justin sooooooooooooooo much even if he wasn’t a pop star i like him for who he is even if he did the wrong thing i loooooooooove him!
    Love you Justin!
    From Amy your #1 fan!

  • Amy 1# fan!

    justin is a hottie! i had a dream about him and me! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is so hoooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttt
    Love Amy and i am 16

  • Amy 1# fan!

    Justin roooooooooooooooooooox and he is awsome

  • victorya

    hello justin i will say i am big fan of you an selena i love you she is a good gird
    girlfren an you are a good good boyfren i love you justin and selena can you meet my shcool i have a frend some are bigest fan of you plissss
    my shcool’s name is bjorøy school in september

  • Anonymous

    i love Jelena :] And, If you are a real belieber, you don’t hate selena! Btw ; You hurt selena, you hurt justin.

  • Anonymous

    :(( I must cry

  • ruth ellen


  • Cammie

    i will always support justin and selena they are a cute couple and i love justin alot as a fan imma big fan of his and im a true belieber and will always be one y wudd they do dat to him?? i dnt gt it….:( budd i wish justin and selena the best!!

  • Cammie

    And Justin I Dnt Lik Youu Just Because Youre A Pop Star I Love Youu For Who Youu Are You Are Dha Best Ever And I Will Always Be Your #1 Fan And I Will Always Be A Belieber And I Hope To See In Youu In Concert One Day Too Cus Ive Never Seen You In Concert Before Budd I Hope To See You 1 Day Cus I Wudd Love Too!! 🙂

  • blank

    selena and justin make a great couple!

  • abru

    amo jelenaa !!!! yo no los apoyoo

  • Emelie

    I love you Justin! I die if I did not hit you again! <333 I hope I meet you once in my life <33

  • Mireen

    I love you Justin <3 I really want to and see you <3! I really feel like the JB concert! <3 I love you so much <3 I Love U <3

  • Belieber

    What have you guys! They are happy together sow live them alone!

  • caroliina

    Im agree:(:(:(:(:(:( ♥♥♥♥:'(

  • caroliina

    Sad :(:(:( justin maby cries a bout tah :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:-(

  • caroliina

    ♥♥♥♥+%+♥♡-♥♥+justing-selena=Love broke:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

  • Maira Brazil

    Be happy with who you choose! Whatever you think. Live your life and not the life I want you to have! Kisses from a Brazilian who admires you. 🙂 For Selena