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Justin, Usher, Jaden: Backstage Grammy rehearsals


This is actually 4 videos combined. The first 3 taken from @ushertv which didn’t have nearly enough views considering they were posted back in February. And I threw in a rehearsal interview from CBS also. There’s a lot of cool stuff here so just watch. Acoustic performances, behind the scenes fun, the interview…

Nice video Jeff!

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  • sabrina

    I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but whenever you post a video, i cannot see it! I must not have the right server or plug-in, but if possible, can you change the set-up/format of your video posts so that i (and possibly others) can see them?

  • jazmyn

    OMG i love u justin bieber u r the best and i love USHER he is like my world lol (: USHER u r like my idol

  • Abbyz

    What is the youtube title for this?