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Miley Cyrus impersonates Justin Bieber on SNL March 5, 2011


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  • Anonymous


  • FuckMiley

    I hate Miley so freaking much!

    • cheskaanderson

      who are you to say that?

    • Anonymous

      hahaha not true

    • cheese


      • cheese

        i hate that cunt.

    • cheese

      and justin douche Pants needs to die.. hes ugly and sounds like a chick.





    • shut the fuck up miley is hot and u are a bitch i hate u so much and u are slut

      good day.

  • erickah

    her actions is like justin bieber 🙂 *wink wink* XD

  • Caitlin

    hahaha that was sooooo funny wink nod

  • i lOove her sHe’S sO much fun and awesome i love u miley and hate justin bieber because he looks like the……………………………..and he is the silly and stuped little boy i ever meet
    sorry (^_^)
    goood work miley

  • miley ur fucking a bitch i hate u soooooooooooo much slut asshole trying to copy beyonce u cant copy her she is way better than u asshole slut!

    • cheskaanderson

      stfu bitter loser

  • mara

    miley is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate her so muchhhhh

    • anna16

      why u hate her..cuz she’s talented?? cuz she’s hotter than u??…what did miley ever do to your life??

      • harolyn

        you hate Miley because she better than u……

        and dnt call anyone a slut if you dnt know that person…..
        you dnt have the right….

  • sena


  • Rosalie

    U FUCKIN BITCH MILEY. dont get me wrong i hate justin too the only reason im on this fuckin website is cuz im looking for emberrassing stuff about him.

    • vijay

      no you fuckin bitch

  • barbara j

    i love justin bieber he is so hot FUK MILEY I HOPE SHE GETS RAPED

    • Taylor

      ha How Mature You Jealous Bitch, i hope You Get Raped How’s That?

    • Anonymous

      SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!

  • sara

    i love miley

    • Anonymous

      ikr? me too 🙂

  • sara

    I Think Miley is very Famus and lovely

    • cheskaanderson

      truuuuuueeeee!! <33

    • yea that’s true
      ….. and i love selena too and justin bieber 🙂
      <3 selena & miley soooooooooo ;p
      and i think selena is more funny than miley !
      and she's more lovely … also i love them :$

      • Anonymous

        no, miley is way more funnier than selena! heck yeah!! so shut up and drive!!

  • sara

    I Think Miley is very Famous and lovely

  • isra

    lol veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery funy

  • Anonymous

    loove you<3 soOo funny!!!

  • ae assim o justin vai áte fazer sexo

  • Anonymous

    miley ok.

  • genesis

    a mi me parese muy divertido la verdad lo interpreta muy bien

  • his favorite girl

    I don’t dislike her or anything. Just the dumb shit that she does. I think with everything she feels like she has to bring attention to herself. & is only in the music industry for the fame. They should disown her & let real stars like Selena & Demi promotions (:

    • Anonymous

      selena is the coooooooooooooolest EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!1:D



  • Taylor

    Why Hate On Miley? And Up There The People Saying She is A Slut And Needs To Get Raped Get A Fucking Life And Stop Being Such Jealous Bitches. Seriously, Why Would You Even say Something Like That. GTFO.

    And Yes i Found This Video Amusing Even Though I Do Like Justin Bieber.

  • yamom

    go me!

  • Lovemiley

    Miley just listen to the positive people and not the negatives and no matter how much you change I will always be your fan your number 1

  • sara

    i hate you miley..i wish if you just gone ..
    FUK MILEY why dont she just DIE..

  • Gena

    3 things
    1.HATE you
    2.FUK you
    3.GO to HELL

  • Lol

    That was so f…… Stupid

  • Anonymous

    She should be illegal

  • uouimi


  • Caitlin

    Come on! Are you all serious?! Hating on Miley and saying those God awful thongs about her! How would you like to be famous and see all this stuff being said to you?! She’s constantly saying how much she loves her fans, now you all are bringing her down! Yes, she has made mistakes, but haven’t we all?! Is it that just because she is famous that she can’t make mistakes just like each and every one of us? Yes, I understand, she should be a good role model and set a good example, but you got to give her a break. Everyone makes mistakes and let theirselves down and not set a good example. But, I don’t think she would be this famous today if she was really that bad of a role model. No, I am not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber, but I’m not going to judge him either. Yes, she did make fun of Justin, but it’s SNL!! Everyone makes fun of everyone! Have ya every seen the Jay Leno show?! He makes fun of everyone, just the same as us making fun of everyone, we all are human, we all fight and love and feel emotions. So, therefore, leave Miley and Justin both alone. If Justin took any offense to this video, I’m sure he would confront Miley himself without having a bunch of fans… Or enemies, write all over his fanpage cussing and yelling about Miley!!! Have a nice day!

    • Caitlin

      And no, I’m not the Caitlin chick that commented earlier about how funny and awesome the video was.

      • anna16

        whoa……u go girl…miley isnt that bad…n do u guys ever think about a positive things about miley??NO..all u guys ever think is about a weakness on people…n yea i do admit that i hate jb but i like his songs..n i do realise that i’m not perfect either..soo it time to wake ups!! n realise that everyone have a weakness inside of themselves…n caitlin i support ya….GO MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N I DONT GIVE A DAMN TO SOME ONE WHO HATES HER….U GUYS HATE HER CUZ SHE’S TALENTED, SHE’S BEAUTIFUL…N MANY MORE….so if u guys doesnt like her tell me why?? cuz she’s like a slut?? did u guys think u guys doesnt like one??

  • Caitlin you are true so so true
    why are you fuking miley ????
    why curse miley is not this forbidden? it is human being like us, it is inhuman and not from other creatures and whether you if you made a mistake to account for everyone on your mistakes?? of course not … do not you love that one also to account for the wrong doings and bad .. but is it a famous girl you would like to hold them accountable for everything and the mistakes and deeds?? why is your thinking so!! Is not the man to live his life as it should .. It’s free at the disposal of her life .
    i wish all who read that you wrote about miley tsamehunha that does not meddle in the affairs of her life and that these specificities should not have to interfere in the lives of others.

  • اقووول انقلعي مالت عليج انتي و ياهم مدري شنو السالفه فالحين فيها كل واحد و وحده يكتبون انجليزي مجانييين
    crazy i hate all miley-selena-justin and allllll so crazy
    fuck u all

    • Anonymous

      dude fuck off………ur mad bc there better looking then ur ugly ass slut……

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    اقول احسن خلوهم يولون هذول و مشاكلهم
    هع هع

  • That was very funny but will allwas be crazy and jb will allwas be owmy god u will ow and i love jb

  • I łövë ü jb 4 łïfë ÿöür ….
    Gréät ^ __^

  • amber

    i dont get why you guys are bashing miley its not like she was being mean to him they actually interviewed Justin and he said he thought it was funny and he thinks it was a good impersonation so you guys need to stop being so rude if you dont like her then dont watch stuff that has her in it.
    thats all i have to say.

  • amani

    hhhhhhhhh .that is realy funny :)))))))))))))))) …. that is realy hh :p

  • hjkujisrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lindas

  • line

    hej, jeg elsker dig bare så meget

  • mina

    i like milley’s style and her voice also

  • Ownt amei ç9

  • Anonymous

    eu falo portuguens eu não estou entendendo nada ahahah I love Jb

  • aiii esa tipa que ni alos piez le iega a bieber , es una envidiosa maldita zorra.
    amo ami justin bieber (TE ODIO MILEY)

  • amo a justin bieber y odio a miley te amo bieber yose qe ay personas tan estupidaz que quisieran ser como tu pero ni alos piez te llegan hermoso

  • Elena

    wow is miley cyrus OMG:))))))