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Happy Birthday to Pattie Mallette!!

Omg her hair caught on fire! Luckily JB was there to save the day. Perfect day to save her too because today is Pattie’s birthday. If I’m not mistaken I believe she is 35 today. Happy birthday Pattie!

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  • Pattie

    Happy Birthday Pattie ; )

    • Anonymous

      happy birthday pattie from jr

  • Pattie

    His mom is really amazing that she keeps him on the ground.

  • Bruneian Belieber

    Happy Birthday Pattie.. you must be greatly proud of your son.. he is soooooo sweet n caring!! Real lovely person when her mom’s hair got burn a bit in this video, luckily nothing bad happend.. Love Bieber alwayz!

    • Anonymous

      I know! I love Justin Bieber but Pattie has taken him through tuff times and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • wendy lemus

    happy birthday pattie your soo lucky to have a son like justin bieber i wish i could meet him

  • Miranda

    Pattie is Amazing

  • Bieberfever345

    I love you so much Pattie, have a lovely day!!!

  • Boy Bmb

    I Like Pattie & Justin