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Is Justin Bieber worth over $100 million?

Justin Bieber Worth Over $100 Million

Justin Bieber is one of the most talented teenagers going round…but now he’s also one of the wealthiest. It’s been estimated that the pop star has made at least $100 million over the last couple of years!

Apparently The Biebs earns approx. $300,000 per concert, whilst also raking in coin for album sales, merchandise, celebrity endorsements and personal appearances.

Looks like his wealth is set to soar too…he’s just signed a 2 year deal with an acne treatment cream ‘ProACtiv’, which will earn him a whopping $3 million.

But while he’s still under the age of 18, he has to abide by his Mum’s rules. Currently Justin only gets $50 spending money per day, and if he doesn’t do his homework he gets grounded!

Do you think Justin will spend his money wisely…or blow it all when he turns 18?!


Everything seems to be right in this report except for the fact that Justin is worth over $100 million. The media always inflate celebrities’ net worths. To tell you the truth I’d be surprised if Justin even has over $50 million right now. Last year Beyonce made $87 million. And that’s the highest of all singers. Brittney made about $55 million. And these guys have been doing this for over 10 years. I really don’t think Justin could have made $50 million each of the last 2 years especially given that he hasn’t even been famous for that long.

Oh yah and that $3 million dollar Proactiv deal was signed a long time ago.

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  • Anonymous

    I think you’re on the right path.

    We don’t really know much about Justin’s contracts (With Scooter, the label etc).
    Since he was a nobody before all this his share of the revenue must be much lower than for example Beyonce or Brittney because Justin was a high-risk “project”.

    Still though, when adding every gig together it becomes a huge pile of cash.
    You have to remember that he spends very little compared to all this.

    End of the day. Guessing is almost impossible and any how, he will probably rake in a lot over the coming years.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t think Justin bieber has net worth of 100million.that cant be true just for some few yrs what about 50cent the moneymaker

      • Anonymous

        Justin bieber’s estimated net worth is $122 million.
        And he spends about $50,000 a week.

    • Anonymous

      stop hating on him he is a young man doing his thang and 50 cent is garbage

      • Anonymous

        HE IS WHY I LOVE SINGING :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I love Justin so much!!!!!!! <3
          he's my inspiration!!!

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        really that is redicoulis

        • Anonymous

          oh that you said that you love him sssssoooooooo much that is redicoulis

        • Anonymous

          It’s actually spelt

      • Anonymous

        shut uup

  • Exactly, Justin is too new to command the same amount of money as the others. Of course the best ppl can do is estimate but there really is no way he has pocketed over $100 million in less than 2 years.

    • Anonymous

      my justin is very hot

  • ranee

    i dont want justin bieber to be mad your sad he is a grat guy and he allwas will be ilove you justin bieber 🙂 <3

    • Anonymous

      i like justin bieber and i,m a boy.

      • Anonymous

        my name is zach

      • you are cool mother fucker

        iam woozie meezy find me on face book

      • What a plerasue to find someone who thinks through the issues

      • Anonymous

        thts amazing (:

    • Anonymous

      It’s spelled great!!!!!! get it right

  • ranee

    i love you justin bieber

    • Anonymous

      me too i like u vry2 much n u inspire me in everything

    • Anonymous

      i hate justin biber he is cheating on all of us on selena and he got a girl pragant on the video mistletoe cheater suck dick justin

      • Ali

        SHUT UP! You are so rude and all you are is jealous of him and Selena and how amazing they are together and also that he makes more then you ever will 😀 #BeliebersAreFamily

      • Suck my dick

        Shut up. Your jealous just becuz he is getting all the girls and you r not

  • Anonymous

    Justin bieber is the best he inspires me so much =)

    • Ali

      Agreed to the fullest 😀 #UsBeliebersBelieve

  • jerica

    justin bieber is just like any other teenage boy sure he has a great voice that doesnt mean that a bunch of gurls has to go crazy over him just relaxed calm that down .

    • raven

      i agree

    • ttthhhaaannnkkk uuu so much u got dat right day act so stupid and dat they neva eva seen da dude

      • Ali

        Well, you might be right, we fans overreact but, your forgetting the talent he has memorizes us…And btw, We don’t have to see him to know we love him 😀 #BELIEBERS4LIFE

  • cinia:)

    i love you justin!!

    • hai hapipi justin : kifak wa sahwalak wafas dahmal ! wa harsouk han dakpali yahoo mail li dakrahiha koula houraf . wa marhapa pik li madinade li douhain hamaka kalpika hiha madinade tuins li douhain fi halam kardas 2012 wa 2013 wa ana haspadin oukinha louve ,me baby baby ooooooooh wa never say never wa pas li samahouha hamaki kalpi wa kripe hamiladi li nahmal ana wa anda wahailouk wa fakad wa ana masilde ouhipek wa moud fik wa moukrampik ila dahiohad hapipouk wafa wa ana handi hapipi justin bierber wa pahi.

  • cinia:)

    i love you justin ur amazeing i love ur songs … just everything about you

  • Matt

    OMG i love your music justin. you sing so well.. you sound just like my 9 year old daughter.

    • raven

      dude u just said he sound like a girl ! lol well in some songs he does but i love the rasscal flats won

      • steve

        This is so sad! Can anyone spell or use punctuation? Seems like young people are getting dumber by the day!

        • mcflurry CRAZY SKITTLE GIRL

          thatz painful to hear at tha same time soooo true

        • u got dat right steve

      • ha ha ha u crazy

    • Ali


  • Anonymous

    I love you justin your awesome stay cool always
    -Justin lover

  • hi

  • love

  • hi hannah

  • Justin our parents just live down the street from each other, my daughter Victoria Carbone wants to me you, lets make it happen soon.

    Rob Carbone

  • Justin our parents just live down the street from each other, my daughter Victoria Carbone wants to me you, lets make it happen soon.

    310 980 5121

  • Justin our parents just live down the street from each other, my daughter Victoria Carbone wants to me you, lets make it happen soon.

    310 980 1521

    • Ali

      Stop commenting the same thing over and over again dude really!
      And that would be nice of Justin to meet her 🙂 I wish I could meet him and live right next door ;;)

  • raven

    well i dont LOVE justin but i like his music and hes is worth alot ik he has talent

    • yea his music is alright especially dats song right nxt 2 u im n luv wit dat song

    • wats ur last name raven

  • he is handsome, full of talent, and rich.. selena gomez is very lucky as her girl friend

    • selena doesent even fit 4 her and dats wats making his fam apart

  • Anonymous

    hey justin you are my one heart , my one life and even you are my no.1 boy in the world and your the only one for me and for ever………..

  • Anonymous

    well think about it a concert would have say anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 with tickets at $100 (im pretty sure a ticket would cost more idk) 100 x 40,000 = 4,000,000 i would think his getting adlest $300,000 a show but i would not be surprised if he was getting $500,000 or more

  • Anonymous

    and the day his mom gives him all that money his gonna become a heroin junkie.

    • Ali

      This is not the time nor place to comment and say that! Justin won’t ever do such a thing like that and he would never ever be like that! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN AND THEREFORE I WILL ALWAYS STICK UP FOR YA BUDDY 😀 😀 😡

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber is Trash

    • u got dat right grl

    • chustin!!

      How would you feel if that was you? HE gets so much HATE daily. HE goes on with life. He works to make us happy and its sick how people like you treat him and say hes garbage. HEs worthless? Oh yeah do you have like 35 million girls stalking you? Would people pay $1,00,00.00 or more just for your hair? No thats what i thought! He’s selfish? Do you donate like $5 milllion on charities? no thats what I thought! He has no fans? Oh sorry i couldnt hear you over 35 million screaming girls!!! Before you do this get a life hes just a kid living his dreams! Before you judge why dont you walk a mile in his shoes!

    • Ali

      You know what, if you think that why are you wasting ur damn time commenting on a *FAN* site…Go to the *Haters* site and comment about him badly there! LOVE YA JUSTIN #UsBelieversAreFamily! And I agreeeeee with Chustin

  • dats jus nasty an rediculous and dat wud not b me

  • Yeah i think that he really worth 100$ mil. cuz .. u know his a talented kid and hes shake me when i here his music go & rock it JB ,. LOVE U ( with selena ) 🙂

    • Justin z an ALIEN, n he z flushing every kids
      0f his age. I lv ds guyz stell0 I jus trippd, he z a guy dt m lukin up 2…

  • scott

    justin bieber is worth 85m+

  • Frida Putri Eria Prayogi

    iloveu so much Justin :*

  • Anonymous

    i love jusstin and all yu haters are just so jelous cos of his voice and that so many girls like him and besides if yu hate him so much why r yu on this website???? :/

    • katylin

      Im with u girl! that is sooooooo true i have been loven justin bieber since he was 16 and goin to keep loven him till we die…. lol… TEAM JB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • random

    it’s simple if he makes 350,000 k just from concerts and let’s lowball it and say he does 150 concerts per year that’s 52,500,000 million. Over 2 years that over 100,000,000. Now include income from alblum sales, guest appearences, advertisements, etc and it’s not hard to suggest he’s worth 100 million already.

  • Emily Faith Moore


  • Anonymous

    1. justin bieber is a bastard technicaly(AN ACCIDENT result of a condom leak)
    2.justin bieber resembles a 19 year old lesbian facialy
    3.Justin bieber is gonna end up like most child stars do (dope, drug addict) as soon as puberty comes.

  • Rebecca

    hiyyah justin bieber i wanna be miss bieber because your just amazing the way you are and my room has u all over it and want you to know i love all of your songs i think all of then are great xxxxxxx age 15 🙂 <3

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet deaf say 21 old tall handsome yes like Alejandra Magana 🙂 🙂 am call (509)430-6261 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love Justin soooooooooo much!!!!!!!! <3
    He's my inspiration!!!!! <3

    • mackenzie

      i love you

  • D-rock

    Bieber is and always will be a clown, he’s a gimmeck. The reason he makes so much money is, 90% of where it comes from is children, and everybody grows up some day and the other 10% is weirdo adults that never grew up, that follow he’s typical Backstreet, Spice Girl and New kids on the block fad. So give him another 3 more years tops, and he’ll turn into another Aaron Carter or Little Bow Wow. It takes more then 3 or 4 years or how ever long he’s been In, To know how much some punk is worth to the world;)

  • bronwyn campbell

    justin bieber u are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i love everything about i love your music sooooooooooooooooooo much my fav song is long as u love me