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Justin Bieber & Asher Roth – Our World 2.7

Justin Bieber & Asher Roth: Best of Both Worlds

Two of music’s brightest talents will be joining forces to create a a 2011 version of Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s classic genre-mashing album Best Of Both Worlds. The project has been under wraps for a few years but apparently they just wrapped up the last song in Los Angeles. Look out for the track list to drop soon.


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  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure this is an april fools joke haha

  • retno rendia

    half cool..

  • tierra scyrus

    justin is SEXY any time and all the time 🙂

  • arianna

    senti qualcuno mi può aiutare a dirmi dove justin fa il concerto e quanto costano,(vi scongiuro ditemi che lo fa a romaaaaa)

    • arianna

      i biglietti intendo quanto costano =)