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Justin Bieber Concert: Malaysia “Pray”

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  • hanaviolet

    you’re so cute!!

  • selena gomez and justin bieber forever


  • Milane

    OMG ! Justin, I would like be there at your next show ! :/ But i cant !
    I LOVE U ! You’re the best singer ! YEAH ! 😀

  • mrsbieber

    wow he is so cute when he sings and selna keep away from him he is mine

    • mrsbieber


  • neesabieber

    OMG ., i <3 JUSTIN BIEBER s000 MUCH
    s00 CUTE !!

  • ı love you justin bieber

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  • farnoosh

    hi justin i really love i cant see u i cant be in your concert and it make me so sad

  • farnoosh

    i really really love u.i wish i could see u