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Watch Justin Bieber dancing at the Dolce Gabbana party in Milan, Italy

justinbieber dolcegabanaparty milan italy

Justin was getting down doing the Dougie at the party Dolce & Gabana threw for him Saturday night in Milan, Italy. Who can resist when you got such a hot remix playing in the background.


More pics in our Facebook Gallery.

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  • lumi

    justin i love you so much <3

  • lucy caton

    hey, Justin i just wonted to say ………………. I LOVE U SOSOSOSOSO MUCH !! i went to your consert it was so cute and cool u are realy good at singing

  • i love justin bieber forever i will be justin bieber fan forever

  • heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy

  • he’s sooo cute! i mean, i kindof want him that way but hes just soo cute!

  • charquiitas

    Oa… eres lindO me gusta tus musik fashiOn la vdd TAMO ntee naa qe ver hehehe sOlO eres un buen cantante ii liindO peO nO tamo

  • Inzamam Pathan

    Be my friend on face book jb

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