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Justin Bieber is a Tila Tequila fan?

Picture This: Justin Bieber Used to Hit Up Tila Tequila

Four years ago, back when Justin Bieber was just a 13-year-old kid on YouTube trying to get heard, he commented on a video by one of the most talentless random people ever — Tila Tequila.

As seen in the screen shot, “kidraul” (Justin’s YouTube name) asked Tila to watch his videos! You know, because he wanted the opinion of a “big star.” He wrote,

“um.. this should be rated R lol .. I’m only 13 but I sing in my videos. Check them out and let me know what you think 😛 Justin”


I call this bogus. Anyone can photoshop that picture on top. I doubt someone just happened to go back 4 years in comments and spotted JB’s comment. I call fake.

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