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Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber on way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia right now

Justin Bieber is scheduled to touch down at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 2.30pm today, just a few hours before his Stadium Merdeka concert.

He was to have arrived from Singapore yesterday but had to delay because he was feeling under the weather.

“Justin isn’t feeling well. So he’s resting for another day at his hotel,” revealed an insider at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore yesterday.

He is also apparently not alone on the Asia-Pacific leg of his world tour.

His girlfriend, Disney star Selena Gomez, is travelling with him.

“Yes, she’s with him,” confirms a source close to Tune Talk, the official sponsor for Bieber’s concert in Kuala Lumpur, adding “but they don’t want to be photographed.”

The pop sensation performed to a sold-out Singapore audience on Tuesday night on the first stop of his “My World Tour”, and will travel to Indonesia and Australia after his KL date.


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  • Chelsea


    • Caitlin

      OMG! your right.. but no look in the background theres a sign saying my world and another saying ‘justin bieber’ 🙂 soo this is at his concert.

      • xKathi123

        he wasn’t there this photo is photoshop .. this was nick jonas! ..

        • ALSE

          yes it is photoshoped but in that photo she was with jad smith and will smith

    • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i just with selena marie gomez , can just love me as well just as a good friend just because with i can reaily rellate to selena gomez a,lot more then her fan,s ,, love david b conway

      • page 2 / i just ment to say that i just wish that selena gomez can love me as a good friend , i can reaily relate to selena gomez a,lot more then her fan,s , i know what it feels like to be bothered just by a bully and the jurks and the punks out there in the the world it happened to me just when i was in high school as well , im still crying about it some time , love david b conway

        • and this my last comment to here just for a while , that,s why i did not fininsh high school at all i was bothered by thoses punks and jurks and bullys just in high school , im so sorry i did not say nothing to selena gomez , love david b conway

  • Anonymous

    wait this picture cant be legit. she wore that same outfit to the kids choice awards and her stylist would NEVER let her wear the same exact outfit to another event. Also, he was not at the kids choice awards so this picture has to be photoshopped.

  • Anonymous

    wait this picture cant be legit. she wore that to the kids choice awards and no stylist would EVER let their client where the same thing twice. also, justin wasnt at the kids choice awards so it has to be photoshopped.

    • Anonymous

      OMG ARE YOU GUYS SERIOSLY STUPID she wore that out fit in the KCA right but maybe some other day she put that same outfit and she was with Justin

  • Elena

    Yaa this picture isss so photoshoped but I think that along justin is happy its good
    But their “relationship” is soooo FAKE

    • Sarah

      you wish it was fake. Don’t you see the way they look at eachother? well i’m happy for them

      • Anonymous

        i completely agree with you Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • i actually think its real too but then i read the ‘justin bieber and selena gomez’s relationship is fakee’ thing on this site, (look on the right of the page close-ish to the top) and now im so confused !

      • selena

        i hant selena gomez

        • Fuck you haters i love selena and jelena

        • justin and selena fan

          fuck you i love selena gomez

    • payton

      their relationship is real but i hate it i want it to end soo bad shes older than him anyways!

  • It’s photoshopped guys :L
    ergh, stupid bitch.



  • NO

    I hate Jelena…
    i love Justin and i love Selena but not as a couple.
    i don’t think that they look happy/cute together…

    • payton

      hey i agree and i wont listen to selena anymore or watch wizrds because of jelena i wish they would go back to being single!!

  • BeliebInTheBiebs

    Thats photoshopped. Justin was on tour at the KCAS. and selena really is with justin. the video and the pictures literally got out !

  • Chelsea


    • Anonymous

      You’re so right. i think they look happy, and even though im enourmously jealous :P, they’re sweet!
      when jb smiles, we should smile 🙂 <3

      • Und auch wenn sel lächelt ich freue mich für sie und ihn JELENAAAAAAAAAAA

        • im not jealous of them at all , im only up set just why they play this stunt at us just at us , love david b conway

    • bite me asshole

    • Chelsie Bieber


  • Me :)

    Just opinion…
    selena should just be with nick. i mean they are the same age and they actualy look good together.
    She is only with justin because HE IS HEAD OVER HEALS for her. buying her gifts, kissing her in public, holding hands, buying food for their dates, etc etc
    he goes on about ow wonderful she is with a smile… and she called him a BROTHER for the longest time.
    I respect their decision if it’s true love from both sides. and since i’m not in their shoes, i cant judge… but from the looks of it, selena is using justin for the fame. js, nobody talked about selena this much before they sarting dating. 🙂 PEACE

    • payton

      i agree when they break up they will hate each other they need to just be friends and this whole jelena thing is stupid i hate selena now

  • bieberfoever

    when is he leaving KL? i want to see him at klia when he leaves.

  • anita

    i love justin and selena gomez!!

  • anna

    I think selena is useing justing because nobody talked about selena this much so its very weird and this is just my opinion

  • Jelena is not bad!!

  • bear

    i think its sad how people say that they dont like each other and it just for fame.
    dont you all see the way they look at each other and the way it seems like they are in a whole other world…. i absolutely love selena and i absolutely adore justin every1 i think should be happy that they found love in each other.

    peace out

  • JamieD

    You Never Know.Selena Could Of Wear That Outfit Anywhere.But I Sorta Agree Thtat Was Photoshop But I Still Love Justlena Not Jelena!

  • Isabella

    I am sooo confused!! ok first she wore that same outfit for the KCAs, he’s not that tall next to her specially her high heels, on the back there’s a Justin Bieber sign that they put on concerts…. I think his face is photoshoped… and Im sorry but Selena’s smile looks really fake on that picture…

    • who cares about the outfit idoits

  • maddy

    guys really. it is not your place to say who Justin can and can’t date. All you people who are saying “Yuck i hate Selena, she isn’t good enough for him” and all that other rubbish need to realise that justin is NOT going to date you. so you need to build a bridge and get over it!

  • lize


    • lily

      u guys r stop talking about them…….!:(

  • anonymous

    this is fake the girls would have been freakin out in the background

  • #1 beliber

    Ok it is not photoshopped the kids choice awards were early so she could hav left right after plus she got her award at da beginning so she could of left right after she got her award even and once again Justin Bieber can be with who ever he wants if it makes him happy. Once again about her outfit so………….. She can wear it again I doubt u hav only wore 1 outfit once she can wear what ever I lave them as a couple because he taught me to never say never she told me that I was pretty………. PEACE LOVE HAPPIENESS!!!!!

  • Sasha :)

    Just leave them alone they are happy together if you are a true fan you will be happy for them yeah so what if she is older atleast he is happy with her so just back of all the hate I may not be a Selena fan but I like her and I like it that they are happy together 🙂 PEACE 🙂 <3

  • Hele-Louise

    ok as u can tell, selenas hair is a lill messy, straight after the KCA’s she got on the plane, and this picture was taken just after she arrived with Justin soo that explains everything, she wore that outfit for the plain ride, and thats even why her makup isnt soo neat.

  • yangyalan

    I am a fan of Justin Bieber.I am a chinese girl.

  • c2

    selena looks STUNNING in this photo!

  • christina

    it hurts when your in love with someone and theyre in love with someone else…its hard not to be against that. i just wish i could be with him…im in love with him.

  • hi how are u

  • lalalalalaa

    Co Za Asy!

    • i love to calling it the fake love relationship , love david conway

  • Emma Wiseman

    Just give her a Change Justin Beiber Loves her and he really really wants to making out together ? for a social for them it’s they realtionship to make ? everyone Agrees With me ?

    Biggest Fans: Emma Wiseman, Maddy Byrnes, Ellen Tuffley, Yazz Jansen,

  • selena

    This is maad fake…

  • I love justin bieber and selena gomez being together they are so adorable and i realy am supporting both of tem JELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • keke

      jus lov selena do not lov my boo justin

  • payton

    this whole jelena thing is stupid i love justin and lovED selena until they got together she is to old for him!!! i just want to at least meet him! and he is my fav person ever iloveyouu((: justin and selena i will start liking you again when yall break upppp!

  • ithink its photoshop but i hat selena soooo much and ilove justin more then any thing in the world

    • JBbigfan

      yall need to get over yalls self yall should be happy for him and quit being jelous that its her and not u just be happy for them thats the least u can give them. why say all this stuff when its not going to get yall anywhere in life and its not goin to change anything ballz up and just be happy for a change 🙂

  • JBbigfan

    yall need to quit saying that shes fake im her best friend she not fake you BITCHES who r saying that yall can go FUCK yall selves nobody cares about what yall have to say…. SKAKE ASS HOES

  • leslie

    i lov justin biber and selena gomez

  • HAha

    you can tell justins face was photo shop. So selena was with someone else


  • bella bieber

    ye …….soooo cute

  • nana

    selena and justin sp cute and sweet couple..
    i wish them with tpgether 4ever like Romeo and juliet..
    i wish cant meet them in malaysia..
    and i can frend with u…
    ourole sweet colour right?? 😉

  • nana

    justin bieber and selena can i meet ypu pleassssssssssseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
    can you come malaysia????
    i want take some picture???:(

    • Anonymous

      no mam!

  • Anonymous

    you kiss my ass

  • I don’t understand you guys!!
    i hate you!


    i love justin bieber very2 much!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keke

    selena and justn looks hot i wish he was my boo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • keke

    i do not give a f but i just wish he was my boo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • keke

    i really lov u justin

    • keke

      he is my man

  • harini genelia

    wow i love justin bieber .i am a big fan of his .jb i waiting at u at the consert in kl !! luv jb