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Vote for Romeo to see Justin Bieber on DANCING WITH THE STARS


Dancing With The Stars celeb contestant Romeo has a few tricks up his glittery sleeve to increase the likelihood he’ll be in the DWTS finale—good dancing skills, likeability, and Justin Bieber? Yes, the Biebs himself!

The rapper, who’s partnered with DWTS’s blonde firecracker Chelsea Hightower, has confirmed he has a big surprise planned with Bieber, should he make it to said finale.

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, Romeo said, “All the Justin Bieber fans, y’all can vote for me as well. If you all keep voting for me, I’ll have a surprise, something with Justin. I can’t really tell, but if I make it to the finale, it’ll be a great surprise for Bieber fans.”

Perhaps the two young sensations will do a singing and dancing duet during the finale of the hit show? Bieber has some pretty good moves and could surely hold his own on the DWTS stage.

Nevertheless, is it really fair to the other Dancing With The Stars contestants for Romeo, 21, to pull out promises like this one in an effort to last longer in the competition?

Of course, the Mirror Ball Trophy rarely goes to the best ballroom dancer, as DWTS can be a bit of a popularity contest. But, Romeo should foxtrot to the finale based on his own fan base, not with the “help” of Justin Bieber’s.

That said, hopefully he’ll make it there with or without Beliebers, as it would be interesting to see what the “great surprise” is.