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Adam Levine shoved Justin Bieber in basketball


Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and explained about when he shoved Justin in a game of basketball in Melbourne, Australia back in April.

Check this out. Adam just collaborated with his “The Voice” fellow judge Christina Aguilera on a new record and it’s HOT!! It’s called “Moves Like Jagger”.

Freshly squeezed today….

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  • Giani Bieber

    WOW FIRST ONE TO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • roxiii


  • Patricia

    Omg that interview made me laugh so hard! Justin really takes his sports seriously hahahaha. I like that song too. Im a HUGE Christina Aguilera fan.

  • I love the song Moves like Jagger.And the JKL Vid

    • burg

      Levine is a fraud. He can’t dance. Not like Jagger. When Jagger sings he has the moves. When levine sings he just stands there. BORING!!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe adam Levine did that

    • Paris Levine

      Adam Levine didn’t mean to!!!

  • runaway

    ahahah!! Well.. Bieber first pushed his back.. he shouldn’t be so competitive! sport is fun! (anyway..Adam levine he’s great..very nice and funny! Good interview!)

  • Ron

    JB I love U so much!!!!!!!!! Hope to meet you soon in Cape Town!!! My bday is coming up and my one wish is for me to meet you :). Lots of love xxx bieber fever for life , I’m a belieber (: