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Justin Bieber at Macy’s Herald Square NYC Thursday June 23, 2011

ALERT!! —-> Justin Bieber attacked outside Macy’s by 40 Year Old Man June 23, 2011

Fresh off of filming a PSA for the riot he caused in a Long Island mall back in 2009, Justin Bieber has just announced to his 10,488,546 million followers that he’ll be at Macy’s Herald Square this Thursday, meaning that those not infected with Bieber Fever should stay away from Macy’s Herald Square this Thursday.

wait…turns out Im alive. NYC Im coming to see you tomorrow for the #SOMEDAY release!! It’s been too long. See everyone at MACY’s THURSDAY! – Justin on Twitter

He’ll be there promoting his new perfume line, called Someday, so we called the perfume counter to find out if employees there are worried for their lives. One man behind the counter just told us, “I’ve been answering calls about it all day, people are already lining up!” So far there are only about 15 people in line, but Biebs just made this announcement, and who knows how many fans have maneuvered themselves into the air shafts or are posing as mannequins.


UPDATE: I found a picture of the line up already underway at outside Macy’s.

UPDATE 2: See pics of inside Macy’s as staff and fans prepare for JB’s arrival.

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  • Anonymous

    does anyone know if you get to actually meet him if you go?

    • RubyBieber

      ???? Only if you are one of the first few hundred I guess

    • grace

      he will be there if u see him ur lucky

    • glydster

      One of my friends met him today and took a picture with him.

    • Anonymous

      you do get to meet him and take a picture with but only the first 130 people meet him and get to take a picture with him… i bet its like almost impossible to meet him cuz there are people ALREADY lining

    • Anonymous

      yes u do

    • i think you do get to meet him or at least see him its worth a try if you really liker him you should go!

    • soar

      yeah but theres going to be a really long line. I saw that people were even sleeping there!!! and you had to buy his package which costs around like 138$ but it was SOOO worth tit!!

    • Tiana

      They Had To Pay $135 Worth Of Perfume

  • Giani Bieber


    • RubyBieber

      Same…..I Love You Justin (L)

  • yea justin wish i could make there ily

    • RubyBieber

      Mee too xx

      • savanna

        πŸ™ iHope iSee justin bieber tommorrow iwuld cry if idnt meet him :”(

    • Maritza gomeZ bieber

      SeLEna I reaLlY nEed tO taLK tO yOoH bOUt jUsTin hIZ rIGhT hERe wIt mEe

  • Anonymous

    you have to be the first 325 to but at least $135 of his Someday products in order to meet him. but you have to buy it Macy’s in Herald Square opens the morning of Wednesday, June 22nd. and i believe you would get to meet him on June 23rd if you are one of those people.You can only get a picture that is taken by the people at Macy’s and you cannot get an autograph! As much as I love him, it sounds like a major scam to me!

  • Unknown

    does anyone know what time cuz i live in NYC ndd ma mom sed i cud go we just dont know what time nd if she doesnt know what time i might NOT go πŸ™

    • Secret Admirir

      me 2!! but i live in Jersey City. but i need 2 k no wat time. me nd ma freinds heard it on the radio on the skool bus and i thk it said 8. idk AM or PM and idk if thts even the real time!!

      • Anonymous

        I looked on many websites and it said Justin will b there at 230 tomor!!!!!!!!!!ξ€’ξŒ¨ξŒ«ξŒ­ξŒͺξŒ¬ξŒ§ξŒ©ξ„ξ•ξ—ξ”

      • Anonymous

        i love you justin bieber so much

    • Anonymous

      Yu shud go very early like now really now!!

  • Anonymous

    Wait so if im not the first 325.. Then theres no point in going?

    • RubyBieber

      Well…I guess that there is a point in going because you might still atleast see him and maybe you will be able to buy the fragfrance….???

      • Fhvfjgc

        But like. Theres no chance im gonna meet him right.

      • Anonymous

        HEy iTz jUsTIn koUzIn sOo pOoR hIm hE gOt hIt

      • Anonymous

        i saw jb

        • Anonymous

          yea right

    • Anonymous

      maybe you can creep on him =/

  • Man I really need to know what time it is I mean is it early in the morning because if so i would miss school and i really wanna see jbieber

    • Anonymous

      fuck all yall

  • lili

    i live in ny but ifk if i going to go cuz i know that it will be to much ppl

  • Wo0ow i wish that im living in ny right now i’ll go and see justin cuz that will be amzing to meet him

    • RubyBieber

      Same, me too πŸ™

  • kel

    its going to get out of hand, and there going to have to cancel it

  • RubyBieber

    OMB….I so badly wanna go to Macys in NYC now!
    Too bad I live in the UK πŸ™ I hope I get to meet Justin one day xx
    I really want to buy his fragrance but I don’t think that it comes out
    in the UK πŸ™ I Love You Justin xx xx

    • lili

      i will be in line @ 12:00 pm

  • CrissBieberx3

    what timeeee !?????

  • Caitlyn Bieber

    I WAS THE FIRST PERSON ONLINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

    • kenyaa

      Oh my gosh you’re soo lucky I wish I was in line already! I wanna go even though I won’t be the first 300 its possible I could catch a glimpse of him lol

  • Mrs.Bieber!


  • Jelena LOVER

    I live in New York I already have the perfume but I want to see him just what time!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Secret Admirir

    um? does ny1 know how many (or an estimate) people are standing in line at macys???? PLEASE HELP! REPLY!!!!!!!! oh and it starts at 2:30.
    Thursday, June 23rd
    Have your photo taken with Justin Bieber! Starting at store opening on June 22nd be one of the first 325 customers to purchase $135 or more
    of Justin’s new fragrance package β€œSOMEDAY.”
    * Package includes
    a 3.4 oz. spray, 1.0 oz. spray, 6.7 oz. body lotion and 5.0 oz hair mist.*
    you have to be the first 325 to but at least $135 of his Someday products in order to meet him. but you have to buy it Macy’s in Herald Square opens the morning of Wednesday, June 22nd. and i believe you would get to meet him on June 23rd if you are one of those people.You can only get a picture that is taken by the people at Macy’s and you cannot get an autograph!
    ***WIISSEE INFO πŸ™‚ LOL***

    • its at 2:30 butt onliie dehh first 325 people get to meet him

  • Anonymous

    I am asking my mom since I live in NY!!!!

  • Patricia

    Damn I really wish I lived in New York. I really hope he comes to our Macy’s here in Chicago and does the same thing.

    • Justin Bieber

      YOu mean Modesto lol

      • krysten beber

        i love you so much

  • stacy

    I called the store and the tickets to meet justin are already sold out.

  • samantha bieber

    omg thx god i live in new york omg omg omg πŸ™‚

  • Yaylene Villegas

    Does anyone know what time? Cz if it’s in the AM I can’t miss SCHOOL :'( if it’s in PM then I will SOOOOOO be out in like a flash (; Haha


  • dammb bii love himm butt school -.-

  • dob re fotku lubim nya

  • JOJO


  • U.N. Owen

    Such utter bullshit. A little wigger. Get yourself a life! Dumb, dumb, dumb. The guy who knocked Biebwr down outside Macy’s today shoulda done it HARDER.

  • U.N. Owen

    Oh – by the way: do us peole who LIVE here in NYC – take him, and get the fuck OUT of the city.

    Wer’re SICK of tourists!

  • Dnsygdnemrg

    Have ANY of you ever had a (real) boyfriend, much less gotten LAID ?!?!

  • Justin Bieber

    Love you to cousin

    • biebergirl

      did he get beat up?

  • MaRitZa gomEz bIEbeR

    Yea hE dID

  • Justin Bieber

    For all my fans I just want to say that I’m okay of what happened today so theirs nothing to worry about

    • Anonymous

      did you reeally get beat up?

  • MaritzA gOmEz biEber

    JustIn I’m wORrY cUz I’m uR kOuzIN bUT eveRYthIng IZ gUnnaH b alRiGht

  • Justin Bieber

    I Knw you are but don’t worry aloT cuz the pain is goen away

  • Selena Gomez

    Hey babe I really wanna c you agan to take care of you but like maritza SEd it’s going to be just fine soo you think your going to be able to do the concert next week?

  • Justin Bieber

    I don’t Knw yet baby

  • Selena Gomez

    Well just let me Knw alright

  • Justin bieber

    Alright so are you going to go to Ellen on Saturday cause IAM

  • illiana

    i saw scooter at macy’s today but i really wanted to see you

    • a fan

      i was there too

      • JUstinov Bieber

        Me 3

  • lara


    • JUstinov Bieber

      I love you to:)

  • You could only meet Justin if you had a pass and they sold out 300 passes without advertising them or nothing but i didnt have a pass so everyone that didnt stood outside of macys for 4 hours in the pouring rain and he finally came ouut an SOME OLD GUY tried to like jump him so we saw him for about 2 seconds… the guy tried to swing at him and he pulled his hair justin bieber swung back and the guy got arrested an I got one amazingly good pic of him…crazy day but he is alright thank god

  • Justin Bieber

    Here we come AGan Macy’s hope not to get hit agan saturday at Macy’s -twitter

    • Anonymous

      moi je t’aime jastin biber et toi je s m

  • Jenny

    HI jUStIn

  • I am so jealous if any one has someday………….. I AM SERIOUSLY ANGRY……….
    Any ways……………..I LOVE YOU JUSTIN ……..LOL………….GODBLESS

  • Justin BIeber

    Hey fans

  • Anonymous

    Hi ily Justin


    itz soooo fun to live life it rockz SHOUT OUT TO MY CUZ SHEZ A MOM YO
    i luv her soo much and jb is awsome thtz tight yo

  • i want kiss coming money dresser

  • so arddea justin biber please coming

  • i really luv u justin and PLEASE COME TOO NYC at msg!!!!!!!!! ty byee….

  • I really love justin and I REALLY WANT THAT FAGRANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justinbiber

    hi justinbiber is eor fan i relly relly love youi wunt to date you

  • justinbiber

    hi is eor fan can i have eor relly phone number i am going to see you at epr consert november 6 2011 cant wait you will see me and my cuzine

  • justinbiber

    hi jb i going to see you at eor consert me and my cuzine you will see us thier novmber 6 2011

    • Anonymous

      i luv u jb

  • selena bastami

    I want to chat with you justin can i pleasev reply

  • manda

    How $ are his concert tickets to the city?

  • brenda sahian

    wave super cute you’re a guy do a very nice couple with this selena and not only that if you sing I love you as I await the day when I have the opportunity to go to see really cares that girl is very pretty and special ever let it I wish you luck in life !!!!!!! xd:) byy: brenda in mexico Edo.Mex

  • asmaa

    i luv jb


  • crystal

    justin beiber really has texted me from his girl selenas phone and he also called me a little darling

  • summer

    justin bieber if you dead i am so sad you were my romodle i dont know what i would do with out you all my friends are telling me you are dead if you are i am going to cry for the rest of my life πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • Bianca

    aaain que felicidade (:
    meeu lindo , te amo mmt mt * s2′


  • How did u make your perfume

  • alexis kirsch

    and the waht is in justin bieber love

  • alexis kirsch

    justin bieber the waht is in she use was kaieid dad saird lairid baiis caues

  • Agfdhdjf


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