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Justin Bieber wears pink nail polish in New York City

Justin was spotted leaving his hotel in NYC yesterday sporting some pink nail polish. I blame it on Selena. 😛

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  • Jessica

    Yanoe i dont think its nail vanish, I think its just pressure from the cup

    • that’s not pink nail polish

    • Anonymous

      why would he wear pink polish

      • Anonymous

        this is the first time i ever see him wear that

    • TTYL!!! :)

      u r right jessica!!
      even though i don’t know u
      but still cool!

    • Anonymous

      i love justin bieber

    • darius

      i love justin bieber

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is this..why would he wear pink nail polish?

    • RLH

      Who cares what someone else does. It’s not hurting anyone.

  • ImYurBelieber

    his little sister probably did it <3

    • Star The Belieber

      t’s Just The Effect of Pressure From The Cup. It Just Looked Like Pink
      nail polish Cuz of Reflection of The Sun. Trust Me I Know. Once I saw my Cousin Jake. He was Walking Shirtless while holding a cup and I said ”Dude why you wearing Nail polish?” Then When He Came Closer His Fingers Went Back to It’s Usual Color. Besides, Why Would Bieber Wear Nail polish??

      • Anonymous

        because he’s lame.

        • johail

          like u are bitch

    • Anonymous

      he does not even have a sister smart one

  • Jasmine

    It probably isn’t pink nail poilsh

  • maddie

    that isnt nail polish its his fingers!!!

    • Tiffany

      YEAH you are right!!!!

      • ilovethePURPLEBIEBER:)

        I KNOW RIGHT!

  • Giani Bieber

    y would he color 2 of his fingers pink and leave the rest normal. it’s not nail polish!!

  • Jessie

    Seriously hes so effin cute, look at his little butt in the 3rd picture  lol.
    I’d do him. 

    • Lexi:)

      i know 😀
      hes soo freakin hot

      • Marsella Bieber

        he is so hot <3 and he is not wearing nailpolish it's the sun's reflection..

  • Abbie

    That’s just the pressure from him holding the orange juice… Forreal people actually zoom into his nails in these pictures?

  • love justin bieber

    seriously thats not it is just the preasure and the reflection from the sun.

  • Gabby

    i think selena did it

  • Nae

    Who the hell takes the time to analyze pictures like this? Why can’t we just focus on his sexiness?

  • hey guys ummmmmmm… ITS NOT FREAKIN NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!!!! i actually saw him that day it is his fingers guys dont believe this crap BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE!!!! THANK YOU TO GIANA BIEBER TIFFANY AND MADDIE FROM JUSTIN AND HE ALSO SAYS JESSIE IS A PERVE!!!!:)))))

  • Oh yeah and also thank you to jessica and imyurbelieber and jasmine and also lexi is a perve because they siad they would do him

    • Lexi:)

      bitch, oops sorry didnt mean to say that 😛
      and i didnt say i would do him, i was agreeing that he is cute
      you better shut up about calling me a perv

    • Lexi:)

      and you know what makes you stupid? i said i know, i would say i agree if i wanted to do him

      • Jessie

        Lol calm down ppl, who cares if i say i’d do him?
        Im sure every girl would, they just dont have the balls to say it.

        • lexi sucks her mama

        • Chelsie Bieber

          YEAH I WOULD DO HIM ANY DAY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • biebs forever

    Its not nail polsih its the skin under his nail being red from holding the cup….

  • Holy shit, his whole appearance with the hat, glasses, and earrings are totally giving a “just-fuck-me-already” vibe.

    UNF. OKAY. 😀


    omg itz a reflection ppl gone crazy

  • sarah

    where does he stay in nyc?

  • Trinity

    Its clearly not pink nail polish.duh

  • johail

    omg ppl is clearly not pink nail polish…its the skin under his nail that makes it look like my God ppl grow up.

  • Aoife..x

    its clearly the colour of his nail haha

  • Anonymous


  • i think his skin under his finger nail is jst pink enough to make someone think hes wearing pink nailpolish

  • lonan

    I think he stayed at the Ritz Carlton near Battery Park, in Downtown Manhattan,NY

  • charleen

    could actually know justin is working in the circus, only he’s bezonder he is handsome he is chill and everyone is happy from him but think about it hiij fact it is even a boy of 18

  • egyptianbelieber

    really i’am so sad cos justin is turning to be like a girl and selena is the reason but he love her and we should be happy for him but about me i can’t i really love him and so sad of him 🙁 🙁 listen only to mother and beliebers that he should do 🙂

  • No Way I Cant Believe This Maybe Its Just A Lie…..

  • Patricia

    I really don’t think that he would wear nail polish. I can’t see anything in that picture. And why are paps taking close up pictures of his hand in the first place? They all need a life.

  • jonathan

    if it is nail polish its mostly because pink means against bullying in canada. and justin bieber is completely against it and doesn’t approve it.

  • jennie


  • jennifer

    he just probably just marked them with a marker,maybe cuz he was bored or they paint there nails by computer:/i know that cuz im his biggest fan and i know justin

  • thats not pink nail polish its the red of the nail because i have that too

  • Taylor Allen

    You are sooo right tom. You go to my school dont you?? 😀 I feel better now that you hve come out. Now i can express my feelings. 😀 I wanna do the very same to you as well tom just as to jb. 😉

  • It’s probably just the pressure from holding the cup. Why would a boy wear pink nailpolish come one guys.. -_-“

  • It’s probably just the pressure from holding the cup. Why would a boy wear pink nailpolish come on guys.. -_-“

  • Natalie (Mrs.FutureBieber)

    umm tht doesnt really look like nailpolish and even if it is it isnt so bad since it blends in. and i drink the exact drink he is drinking 😉

  • Rebekah

    Oh it was probably Selena having a little joke with Justin. Leave him alone!! In the 3rd pic look at his cute butt hanging out xx LOL

  • Rebekah

    LoL Justin Ur so SEXC i love the joke but seriosly paparazzi need to back off!!

  • Monica Phillips

    that’s not fingernail polish!!!!!! that’s just his regular nail color!!!!!! duh!!

  • Steve W

    1) I agree with the consensus here, he’s NOT wearing nail polish in this photo.
    2) SO WHAT if he WAS wearing nail polish? It’s REALLY. JUST. PAINT ! Maybe we should try judging people on the content of their character instead of the color on their nails….
    3) I own three of Justin Bieber’s nail polish colors – one that I wear frequently is “Prized Possession Purple” from the OPI / Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl” collection.
    4) Since Bieber took money from OPI to use his name for their products, the least Bieber could do is to wear nail colors that have his name on them.

    5) Part of being a “real man” is: Not caring what other people think about you, not letting other people tell you how to live, not living in fear of the disapproval of strangers. So, “I can’t wear my nail polish line because, well, what would people think…” is LESS manly than “I’ll wear nail color if I want to, eff anybody who disapproves, they can kiss my @$$”. Ladies, is YOUR man “man enough” to defy the expectations of the herd, or does he p!$$ his pants at the thought of standing out at all?

    6) Besides, nail polish doesn’t define “manliness”. The Rolling Stones gave us the definition a couple of decades ago – “Well he.. can’t be a man.. cuz he doesn’t smoke.. the same cigarettes as me..”

  • justin bieber

    i hate u fans look nthis up of the internet google it justin bieber showin apicture of his butt why do u think i did it anser my question?

  • justin bieber


  • justin bieber

    who wants my number and i was wearing pink polish

  • justin bieber


  • Anonymous

    Cause he’s a girl.