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Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber net worth: Richest teens in showbiz

M magazine has compiled a list of the top-earning teen stars. After seeing these figures, it is hard to believe that some of these celebrities are still practically kids!

Miley Cyrus tops the list at an estimated net worth of $120 million. Cyrus has been raking in the dough since her premiere as Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana,’ and she has also starred in motion pictures like ‘The Last Song.’ Not to mention that she has had huge success as a recording artist, cranking out mega hits like ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ and ‘The Climb.’ Not bad for someone who isn’t even 20 yet!

Coming in at a not-so-close second is heartthrob Justin Bieber. The ‘Never Say Never’ actor, 17, is worth approximately $66.5 million, thanks to his 3D biopic and monstrous album sales. Bieber’s debut album sold more than 700,000 copies in just the first three weeks! There is no doubt that Bieber’s net worth will continue to grow as time passes, and we think in a few short years he may become the top on this list.

Also making the list are Nick Jonas ($18 million), budding singer-songwriter Abigail Breslin ($12 million), Miranda Cosgrove ($7 million) and Selena Gomez ($4 million). Happy shopping, teen millionaires!

  1. Miley Cyrus: $120 million
  2. Justin Bieber: $65.5 million
  3. Nick Jonas: $18 million
  4. Dakota Fanning: $16 million
  5. Abigail Breslin: $12 million
  6. Angus T. Jones: $10 million
  7. Miranda Cosgrove: $7 million
  8. Tyler James Williams: $4.8 million
  9. Selena Gomez: $4 million
  10. Demi Lovato: $3 million


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  • Xxx

    What about Daniel Radcliff? Or is this only in the US?

    • LLB

      It’s got to just be the US or he and Emma would for SURE be on there 🙂

      • Jon

        Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are both 21. Past being teens.

        • Anonymous

          i don’t think they will win tht trophy maybe justin bieber could win that

    • ariana

      he is not a teen

    • Beliber forever :D

      If your a girl beliber, go on to youtube and type justin bieber on the alan carr show, watch the clip and I garantee you will fall completley and utterly in love with him!

    • biebs

      I hate it when people say they miss the old Justin, he’s still the same funny and childish Justin we know and love just with less hair. IF YOUR A TRUE BELIBER YOU WON’T GIVE UP ON HIM!!

      • Anonymous

        I agree 1000000% with you! He is still the same Justin, I just think maybe he’s trying to be a little more mature lol. But it’s to be expected for him to change a little he is getting older. So to all you “little girl” need to suck it up and either get over it or as much as I hate to say it move on to someone else. All this crap you’re all saying about you miss the old Justin wha wha wha is so freaking annoying.

    • Anonymous

      they are both not teenagers

  • Belieber

    Selena’s only worth $4 million.FAIL

    • Randomgirl

      Fail? And how much are you worth?

      • Nicole

        NiCe OnE!!!!! 😛

      • kel

        lol. last time i checked 4mil wasnt even close to “failing”

    • selena gomez fan jamal dawson

      Don,t talk aboat. Her like. That. Bitch

    • i support u

    • Beliber

      Justin Bieber is amayzing, he can play the piano,trumpet,guitar and drums. He can also speak 3 languages spanish,french and german and has straight A’s in school, apart from being really smart he’s also won loads of awards for soccer,hockey,basketball and many more… Plus let’s not forget he can sing incredibley well and can dance too! Justin bieber is also good at rapping and beatboxing. He’s also very kind he give 4mil to charity last year. So when your a multimillionare you can write bad stuff about him,but untill then shut up!!!

    • selenahater

      selena gomez….absolutely NO TALENT! she cant even dance..FAIL

      • Anonymous

        why do you hate Selena that much? What can you do? She has a voice and that’s all that matters…dancing is not the only thing…

  • Sascha

    Myley must have more than 120M, I would rather say she has 1200M, at least in one interview someone said she had one billion.

    and why does bieber not have more? his concerts and film alone should have made about 200M but probably there are a lot of expenses for his employees and especially Scooter

    • sarah

      justin bever is a load of fucking shite he is worth nothing he belongs in the gutter he is sexy looking but terrible voice gotta say my aunt that i hATE is better xxx

    • Anonymous

      justin beiber is the most resp3ctful young singer he’s a role model to me and i have older brothers in the studieos and i plan to be up there with my boy justin beiber i also have a very good voice and i have song at many concerts myself i maen not like justin beiber but close enough not that i’m trying to bragg butyou will soon see me famous if gods willing!!!so get off of justin beibers back cause you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sincerly: Devonte .L. Kilgore CALIFORNIA LOVE ALL DA WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!

    • Cristal

      I luv miley nd jb both but selena gomez yaak…..

  • Lil

    is Justin using earings?
    why is he changing so much? 🙁
    f*cking selena!
    JB, you can be who you are, don’t be who she wants, please
    don’t change for her

    • i agree

    • Johail

      For your info, he is not changing he is in love and he is growing up! They love each other and u can tell. Oh yeah and he has had his ears pierced since he was 8 years old. U did not see him wearing it dat much because he did not pay attention to them day much, now is when he is wearing them, he is a kid but almost an adult so get over it’s just earrings! Go jelena!

      • christina


        • ariana

          yeah i so hate selena she is just so slutty coz wenever someone is more famous than the other she goes 4 that like taylor lautner and so many other pple

        • emily

          yh i so agree selena’s becoming bad and everyone thought she was perfect she jus got into singing for fame and dating famous stars for fame she cant even sing!!

        • Anonymous

          Ya’ll are dumb fuuuucckkk’s
          Hating on someone who can care less what tf’ you think!!
          Obviously, she has talent. Otherwise she wouldn’t be where she is today. Now as for Miley.. ahhahha. That bitch wouldn’t be where she is without her daddy :):) fuckin losers!!

    • jamal dawson

      Fuck bieber. Selena is much better

      • Anonymous


        • whatever

          fuck your older brother you bitch!

        • diya

          i realy want to talck with you please speak to me i am waitting

      • Anonymous


  • Rami

    wow ,,, thats a lot of Millions …. I wish if i have just 1 🙂 …

    • Nicole


  • Jessalyn

    I love Miley Cyrus 🙂 Gawd she’s amazing and deserves the top spot same with justin both weren’t even legal yet and million aires 🙂
    [mileys been numeber one on that list for a long time now]
    I also find it funny how justin is richer and more popular than his own girlfriend and shes been around longer then he has (epic fail)

    • Anonymous

      I think Miley and Demi should be number one. It pisses me off how Demi is as known as she should be. She’s one off the singer who can sing. Along with Miley.

  • I don’t think Miley counts as the top teens anymore since she’s technically an adult now… So Justin is #1! ^-^

    • Anonymous

      Miley is still a teenager. Shes the hit girl of hollywood shes doing so much its amazing shes loved all over the world no one can replace her shes not a slut shes growing up shes 18. Mileys the best i luv her!!!

      • Skylar

        Thats True.. She Is Still A Teen, Selena Is 19 And So Is Demi. But Miley Is Still 18. And Justin ls 17.

    • Alice

      Miley Cyrus is eighteen years old. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are ninteen years old. Nick Jonas is almost ninteen. Get your facts straight. She still has 2 more years of being a teen! Don’t tell me she looks older than she is because that’s an insult.

  • kel

    i think this is false, because miranda cosgrove makes more money than miley cyrus and any other nick or disney star

    • Anonymous

      Miley is so successful in movies and music. Im so glad shes number one shes amazing shes done so much shes way more famous and talented than the hardly known selena gomez

    • ariana

      u just love miranda but the truth is that she doesn,t make more money then miley or justin coz she gets a little more money than jennette and nathan and they ar not even close to a million $s

    • Alice

      This is true. Miranda only acts. She does not have a singing career. Miley’s the teen queen because she’s known for singing as Hannah and Miley, acting in Hannah Montana and The Last Song, and dancing. Her concerts are all sold out.

  • sam

    i love jb&selena

    • Anonymous

      me to

  • t

    what do u thnk that selena n jb loves each other u see the pics this says that they love n in front of media they say that they do not love each other what a ********* they r a ****

  • Anonymous

    Nonsense! JB has far more than 100 million and he certainly has more money than miley !!!

    • Josh

      Uhh no. Miley has been around longer, sold more albums, been in 8th movies, had her own tv show, and sold out her concerts.

  • justin 66.5 million and selena 4 million ……??????

    • emily

      yh selena isnt that rich coz she dosent do a lot of stuff just singing right now coz shes finished her show and she hasnt been in singing for a long time. whereas justin has made sold out tours,meg hit songs, big movie and so onn… selena hasnt made a mega hit movie or hit songs apart from naturally and hasnt had sold out tours and her show wasnt that big.

  • ariana

    selena loves fame and money i think her motto is “the more $and fame, the more selena” bitch and fyi im just jealous

  • Miley as been number for a long time now and it makes me happy because i like her and to all you haterz you can have my mid-finger f*ck you

  • Skylar

    The Top Three Should Be Miley&Demi&Nick For First. And Justin For Second. and Selena For 100,000,000,000,000,000 She Sucks

  • Anonymous

    miley is the best!!!! its sad cuz demi has 3 million,selena 4 million i think that demi deserve much more than selena…:) that is just what i think..:)) but i love and demi and selena…:)) they are both amaizing…:))

    • Anonymous

      selena gomez is a great singer, just like miley and demi. I like her show and she have over 30 million fans.

  • sisou411@hotmail.fr

    i thank this is email jb my life i m from algeria souk-ahras my only wish to see you jb i will tell you justin

    and speak the werds are not engouh to express you for my love to you i love you jb you are my only dream

    i love you

  • justin is more beatiful than miley he is my knight dreams i wish to see him

    • Anonymous

      justin bieber is shit

  • justin is more beatiful than miley he is my knight dreams i wish to see him

    • i thnk u shld drm sme more coze he does nt evn dsrve the money he has.

  • emily

    selena has No singing talent she shouldnt even be on the list

  • U think 100$ millions is easy to find. Miley has been working very hard and you guys are just jealous that jb get half of miley money. jb suck dog balls and lick monkey ass.jb is not trying.I hate Selena Gomez so much. She earned 3 millions $.Gross

    • jamal dawson

      Fuck miley and. You bitch

    • I think u ar rght jb suck lyk a dick.

  • liz

    IS THIS 2011>???or since they started working???

    • it is 2011 12 days to christmas

  • daniel.e.p

    why is daniel radcliff not in the first ten? he was once a teenager.

  • lecx16

    Charice is worth $15 Million! why isn’t she there??

  • Anonymous


  • Beliberxx

    I don’t no about u guys, but I think J.Beiber is to good for selena if you look at pictures of selena gomez concerts on the internet shes quite slutty, and justins a really respectful person!!!

  • Firstly U’r SUCK selena & u r SO (FAKE) and the most thing interest you is [ MONEY + FAMOUS ] so that why you date JB than he full in love with you witch we cant belive it .. and he change for you slutty bitch that what you want ?! we all hate you just looking 4 fans & all we know that so go To the red HELL ..

  • 1of all demi you are my idol you are so hot you are so sexy you are the wish of any boy dream 2second of all selena gomez you are miss bitch you are the most ugly girl i have been ever seen and we all do know that you have a flat boobs its fake boobs come on even my old grandma she is way sexy then you eww every time i see you i feel i wanna through up and i feel sick and am gonna through up .. ok whats JB seeing in you is he seeing your ugly smile or your bitch bute OMG you really need a surjery 1 at you flat filthy boobees and one at you blak hairy arm pit and one at your big fat ugly nouse come on they need to remove it and put an extra nouse its not usefull now any way you and jb are ugly couple you are negative all you cares about is money+cool guys+fame and thank you and have a nice day

  • oww my good am a 45 years old mom i really loves my hosband but he seemed really changed at me i dont know why then i saw he had another room in his basement its foll with selenas’s posters oww my god i felt like i was just gonna shote my self by the gone why is this happeng to me i swear that am gonna do a some thing that she will never gonna think about it! yeah my children loves demi and miley way then this women without boobs!

  • hello am justen bieber and hey dont say that about my girl yeah i know she is ugly and has a flat boobs but yeah she still a human dont wory guys if she didnt obeys what do i say am gonna dump her in the basket in matter of fact she has a hair in her arm pit but dont wory guys she is she is my girl just for a while tell my real babe is gonna come from some cool country could U.A.E!!!!!love you fanse peace our!

    • lol that is a laugh out loud.

    • Oh ! Really It’s you ?? HAHAHAHAHA !! nice work Jb I just wanna say that i want you to choose Miley Cyrus !! Just ,,, Argh ! i can’t tell

  • yoo Whatsap

    • o.k who do you really think is better miley who is way talented or selena who has a big bute i think that selena is suck +ugly+selly+boy stealee ,why did she came to this world i hate her no matter any body tells me am still gonna hate her…..!!! ant way fuck you selena

    • nothing emmmmmmmm that dos not make sence what so ever.

  • wel i dont have much to say but long leave princes miranda cosgrove

  • hi i hate justin bieber he is not real go up to youtube and say is justin bieber real and click images. and you will see an 51 year old man i hate him im telling you i do.

    • Someone Somewhere

      You make no sense whats so ever!

      • what ever and do you know who your talking to sheeesh

  • hi my name is rose,i think justin bieber is yuck and miley cyrus is lovely and the girl who was talking to me like that and her name is someone somewere stop being mean to me and other people who are being mean stop ok and i mean STOP.the people who dont like justin bieber tick yes the people who like justin bieber tick no.same with miley cyrus.

  • who here is on hotmail

  • hey rose am rose too! and am totally at your side girl and i all ready saw the j.b video and belive me its all lays i mean if its true how couled selena still dates justin just think about it !

  • hi rose i am rose too! i think j.b is yuck dont you?

  • tell me about it , girl every time i see him i feel that he wanna pee thanks goodness am not a big fane !

  • so who you are big fan of ?

  • am big fan of demi lovato gosh she is my idol but i really hates selena gomez i even relies that she have a zit in her bo0obs ! GIRL SHE GOT A REAL FLAT BO0OBS so what about you who do you like and who do you hate ?!?!?

  • O.M.G IF YOU WANNA HAVE BIG TIME OF LAUGH JUST GET IN YOUTUBE AND WRITE ((PRANKvsPRANK))it’s about girl friend could jena who pranks her boyfriend all over the time and a boyfriend called jessie who pranks his girlfriend all over the time lol belive me its so mucch fun just watch it and tell me if you did have a laugh or not !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hey guys how are you doing\

  • Anonymous

    hey rose its me looke am so so so sorry about what did you saw yesterday at night but am really so so sorry look i wasnt chaeting on you i just was talking to my causine look please answer at my phone calls i really miss you am so worry just give a phone call please dont do that to me am nothimg without you i always been loving you i even never thout that i will cheate at you hope thats eanough for you i always gonna love you from james shown to miss gaga time <3 you

  • please rose answee at my phone calls

    • what is your number then.

  • hey,who is talking about me. if you do that dont come to my concert.ok

  • o.k i didn’t talk to you ladys i was talking to my girl friend {MISS ROSY TIME}o.k i al ready have a girl friend and am pretty sure that she is way pretty then you !

  • Anonymous

    eres bonito pero no tienes sinseridad por que estas con miley y tu novia verdadera es selena gomez hao y feliz navidad

  • Skiller

    Funny how all you hate on someone on this stupid ass list, when everyone on the list is human like us all there not much different from you and your not different from them, you hating dosent prove shit but your an ignorant asshole who has nothing better to do but rant abut someone you so damn well hate. that dosent even make sense,if you hate JB or Selena then dont fckin mention them all this argument shit is just useless drama between ignorant people, so please find better uses for your life, why waste it arguing with people u dont know an will never kno abut someone who dosent know you exist.

  • alexus tibby

    JB <3



    • daniel

      that is v.v correct
      they all argue about what they are jealous of
      what do they get by doing so? i always wonder

  • daniel

    daniel radcliff ain’t no teenage boy anymore is has gone high

  • You know what ?? Justin Bieber’s Sucksss !! when he came here in the Philippines,,, in my country. when he were in airport there’s a girl who really Loves him and that fan of him had a sick,, that girl only want some authograph,,but he didn’t do anything about it ,, he didn’t even smile to her
    Well i only Want to say that Your Bitch !!! and the last thing i hate about you ,, is….. YOUR GIRLFRIEND !! okay ??

  • you’re ” Justen ” ?? Justen ?? really ???

  • Fuck You Justin !!! =P

  • guys guys r we still talking about jb and his hairstyle and his gf and who ever it is ! stop plz stop u r bringing me a headache he do what ever he want he date who ever he want and am not one of his crazy fans p.s: no offence guys !!!

  • teen pop satr justin bieber is hot

  • jassiel

    love miley y justin loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jesus

    Demi should have been given more $$$ she has the best voice out of the singers on this list FACT dont agree get a hearing-aid!

  • fillema

    i love your music videos it is inspiring you are my rolemodel thank you for beign so great!!****$$

  • kÉith

    Let me get this straight(no pun intended), Justin Bieber isn’t a lesbian?

  • apachi

    He didn’t dissed him you TWAT! get your facts right! Eminem says “Beaver”, the animal, not Bieber! U stupid fuck lying some bullshit that you don’t know!

  • NaukriBox

    Nice One…

  • Stephanie

    Hey what about justin bever win

  • Naukribox

    Nice post. Fully informative….. No other site provided such detail info about this

  • darien maxwell

    hi big fan #1 love u as a friend

    • darien maxwell

      love you miley cryus

  • PenhallAmelia

    Great article