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Selena Gomez wants to have babies with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez reportedly wants to have babies with Justin!

Cover your ears Beliebers! Justin Bieber, 17, and Selena Gomez, 18, aren’t just madly in love — there could be wedding bells in their future. Ok! magazine reports that Justin has told Selena that he doesn’t just want this to be some short-lived romance.

“Justin has told Selena she’s the one,” the source says. “Selena adores Justin and is definitely in love for the first time in her life. She’s talked about how cute their kids would be and that sort of thing.”

We told you that not only did Justin flirt with Selena onstage at the MuchMusic Video Awards on June 19 — but he even tweeted about how great she was after!

“Selena and Justin are having an intimate relationship. But she’s not going to let herself get pregnant,” the source continues. “She definitely loves kids and could see herself having Justin’s baby one day. But it’s not going to be right now.”

Even though Selena haters won’t be too happy with this news — we’re thrilled there’s one less lonely girl!


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  • Belieber1500

    oh LORD!!!!!!! what has he gotten himself into?!?!? oh well, i will support him in his decisions….

    • ilyJUSTIN

      me too.

      • Anonymous

        of,course they will hace sex,who wouldnt have sex with selena!!!

        • kayla

          Bitch I hate. Sele gomaz she a slut. If I see her I will kill ha. I swer to hod I beat tht. Hoe hoe

        • Anonymous

          shut up plzzzzzzzzzzz no place for anti-belibers u hate selena means means u hate beiber

        • ANNIE

          I AGREE WITH U

        • i love justin bieber

          u hate selena

        • love jelena

          shut up bitch its there own decision everyone wants to have kids at some point in their life & one more thing selena is not a slut just because u r one ? HOE

        • heather michelle long

          ill kick yo ass kayla u dont want to mess with a southern girl hater

        • dayana

          selena is a freaking slut and justin should not get back with her or have babies with her!!!

      • Anonymous

        I’m SEXYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I’msex and you know it

        • Anonymous

          I’m Perante becuse of jb I hate you mother fumed!!!!

        • M.toilolo

          You are not sexyyyy ok J.B bich

        • Anonymous

          no J.B. Itch

        • Anomynous

          I agree jb is a idiot
          Shes 2good4him

        • Jasmine

          Justin beaver is a freakn bastrd

        • mercedes

          Im hot like talkies


        • cate

          your a fucken bict i hate you dont you call him that

      • hey justin i am daniel i am boy i am giting voices lessons you rock

      • RICHARD


        • Anonymous


        • heather michelle long

          urs suck 2 btw he’s a hater just ignor it

    • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments here, im sorry for making to munch comments , i will try to cut down less here , love david b conway

      • Anonymous

        Justin i love u and i wish i could meet u u r my iodol

        • sydney salmon

          i agree your so hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Anonymous

          Yep. I agreed. With that to I Love. U. Justin bieber. I. Wish. I. Could meet u. Someday too. Because. I am a big fan. And. I. Had. A. Crush on u since I was. 12 years old and I hope my wish Come. True. To meet. U. One. Day. ♥♥♥♥♥ hugs and kisse I love. U.


      • katlynn

        U FUCK OFF!!!

      • Bell

        To bad they are in a relationship so you my dear shut up and leave them alone

      • ccbabii$$$$

        bitch !!!!!!!! they are a good to gether

      • Anonymous

        More like Justin beber is a fucking dick head

        • Anomynous

          True that!!! Jb is a big IDIOT

        • somebody

          Hi Selina. Hi Justin. I am hoping that you are reading this. All I would like to say is thank you very much Justin for remembering the fortuneless. I would also like to say just remember when you were not famous and others were , you used to look up to them and you also wanted to be just like them so what I am getting at is just give a good impression on your fans and don’t let your wealth get to your head. And by giving a good impression you can start by stop kissing so much and start hugging more often. There are always better ways to express how you about someone. Hi Selina don’t worry about what the fans are saying I think you and justin look cute together but it is not always about appearances. I love both your songs. If you read this I would really appreciate it. And Justin I hope you gave things to poor people with your entire hearth and not because you want more fans. And if things do end up in the marriage direction I wish you both the world of happiness.

        • heather michelle long

          retarded hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • kim

          i think selena and justin will be very happy together for the rest of there lifes

        • alissa

          nooooooooooo! he is not. by the way after you through your trash in the garbage through your self in behind.

        • daisia

          hey i agree

    • haha

      • Anonymous

        Shut up mother fumed

      • jaliyah

        I love you justin

        • haley

          i know JUSTIN IS SO CUTE and my BROTHER likes him to,well hope you meet HIM……..JUSTIN bieber <3<3(:

    • Aaliyah

      your so stupid justin

      • SWAGGIRL


        • SWAGGIRL


      • haley

        look bitch no he aint so lay off be4 i beat ur ASSSSS and dont think i wont bc i will BITCH

    • Anonymous

      she is shetoped uther people want to have sex with justin


    • i love you sooooo much.

    • deisy

      Heres a conceited male prostitute and a rich kid of mieda you you do not deserve to the selena for anything kid. por si no lo entiedes :heres un puto creido y un pijo de mieda no te mereces a la selena para nada niñato .

      • M

        if you dont know retard most people who live in the U.S know spanish so yo se que vas a entender esto: lo mas seguro eres una muchacho que no tiene vida y que su vida es estar en la computadora y insultar a las personas o sea que ahora te voy a decir esto si quieres insultar a justin y decir que el no se merece a selena y que es un prostituto ve busca una pajina donde odian a justin y aman a la idiota esa!
        Now go to hell puto!

    • fannie

      is he really in love with selena? why her!!!??

    • ??????

      Bieber gonna find himself one day naked in a chip n dales. YEA PPL DA HATIN AINT GONNA STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emily Arbic -Cohen

      Justin honey remember you are head over heels in love with me. My name is Emily Arbic-Cohen.we have beautiful kids Jazmyn and Jadyn who are 2 and 3years old .you delivered them. I can not wait to kiss you good night ,here in L.Ain our mansion.your turn to tuck the kids in. I am sending a kiss and hug. You and me are retiring on Monday when the journals come out .love you brother and husband

    • emma jessika

      selena i have a friend jessika she is a big fande of you i am to my name is emma

  • Amy

    I really hope they’re using protection. I bet you every time they meet up they have sex. its so obvious.

    • ilyJUSTIN

      Lawl thats seems so true
      Sometimes i think Selena is using Justin for his fame,
      i mean she is a good actor and ok singer and all i mean i dont hate her but you gotta look into these things…

      • maRia

        shut up you just jealous of selena!!!!!!!!and selena dont use justin for fame.. she is popular when she was 7… justin in his 14 i think… and just because he is beautiful you support him every day!! shut up… i hate justin… jerk he is just a jerk… who wants to love them all the girls….

        • Milane

          No, i’m not agree with this. Justin is not a jerk :O
          @ilyJUSTIN, at the beggining i though the same as you, but not now any more. Selena wants Justin’s babies (Oo I’m chocked ! ) And if she wants it, it’s because she really loves Justin.

        • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here did you cut me off just from this web site , love david b conway

        • Ashley

          then y r u on a jb fansite?

        • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that just if i do make a comment here will you never read them thank you , love david b conway

        • stop textig selena im justin beiber so back off jk haha

        • Shut up justin Is every thing to me i Love him so much Love u JUSTIN (:

        • Anonymous

          You want soon if you know him well

        • paige

          that is lie never say anything about justin beiber so hurtful under my skin. i bet your scared to say it to his face !!!!!!!!!!!! selena loves justin and theres nothing you can do abuot it !!!!!!!!!!!! feeling salty aren’t you thougt so

        • alyssa

          fuck u selenas a skanky hoe ever since she was 7 that stupid spik

        • Anonymous


        • Kirstie

          Learn English, because you can’t type it worth shit If you had a mouth full.
          To all who are freaking out over this,
          Ok magazine is nothing but untrue shit! Don’t believe anything you read in this mag..

        • Anonymous

          Why don’t everyone just fucking stop like really it’s pathetic

        • Brianna

          r u stupied

        • kirstIe

          Lol you fail.. It’s Speke stupid not stupied, also you not u and are not r.. Nice try though.
          To everyone else, just because they say one thing doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t change their minds. Like I said before OK mag is a gag rag, 90% of it if not more is competly wrong. It’s also none of our business too. I find it kind of disturbing that some of you want to know about his “sex” life, to me that’s something that is personal and between him and his partner no one else.

        • kirstIe

          Spelled lol auto correct

        • stephanie

          listin jerk, do you know him? do you hang out with him every day? if the answer to those questions are NO then shut the hell up! if the answer is yes then your are a friggen liar!

        • Jasmine

          Well i agree that jb is a jerk hes also a bastrd idiot and annoying
          I lov selena

        • selena is great

          you right people nd 2 stop hattin on selena gomez in stop tlkng bout she using justin ………..

        • u dot know me but i thing u should shut up,u dont even know her just go 2 hell

      • Hy u don’t know me but i thing u are right it’s not like i hate her or any thing but i’m so in love with him,i mine he is realy hot every one knows that,i can belive im saing this but justin is to good for Selena.If you have read this write back

    • Arina

      Lol , im with you , Justin grow up so much cause he had sex with her , when boys have therie first sex they grow up soo much -dont ask how i know its my mom and my bro-

      • MeMe

        Why are y’all saying they had sex…they BOTH said they weren’t having sex till marriage…Selena even has a purity ring…

        • june


      • lmfao! to all you little naive girls. selena is 19 and justin is 17 almost 18 trust me they are having sex. they are both kids from teen parents so right there static’s show that they are probaly having sex. anyway its not a big deal if they are so long as they are safe.
        if you don’t like that they are etc then you’re probaly to young to be on this site or to follow them.
        lol sex id normal.

        • sydney salmon

          lol!!!!!!!!you know they do

    • Danielle

      You know they do….. it…. XD

    • Danielle

      You know they do….. XD

    • Anonymous

      yeah u right

    • Anonymous

      shut up i will have sex with him

    • sydney salmon

      i know right i dont even know who you are but i still agree!!!!!!!

    • Renee

      it is so obvious thats the only reason why justins still with her if they didn’t hve *** then he would have broke up with her by now. acually i LOVE Justin Bieber!!! but he deserves way better than that **** not hating on Selena Gomez i really used to like her i would listen to her music everytime i would come home and since then i haven’t watched any of her movies shows she was on or anything but i do want Justin to appear in another movie withOUT Selena Gomez ****, *** im not all for it but hope Justin and…huh… Se..l..en……a eppp… have a uh (cough cough…) goodrealationshi………..puh…D.; oh okay wrong way:.D… TEARS OF HAPPEINESS NOT 4 JB AND SG 4 THIS REALLY FUNNY COMMERCIAL IT’S THE M&M COMMERCIAL”What are they laughing at :they think ur naked: only a idiot would come to a party naked ; ; oh, so its thats kind of party(dramadically take off red M&M shell… and swing it around) IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT…AYE!!!!!!!!

    • haley

      I thought justin waz going to be the father of my BABY JUSTIN ): THAT MADE ME SO SAD BUT ITS HIS CHOICE of what he wants and only his

  • ChelzGzz

    Okay seriously, you sound like your on crack! Justin is very responsible and so is Selena. Justin dosen’t want to make the sort of mistake that his mum made when she was 17. Am I right?

    • Carla.Bieber. xoxox

      You Make A VERRY Good Point There My Friend xD

    • Teeluver

      u do make a gud point there.! n ur comment really does bring a chuckle to me a littel tho. i hope so tuw dat JB is RESPONSIBLE!!??!!??!!

      • lets just say ladies tht we can just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. and pray. and hope. and pray and hope and pray…. but ya just hope for the best….

        • Justine Martinez

          hey if his mom didnt make that mistake then justin wouldnt be here

        • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway , i just what to say from me i just found my future what i what to do for my self , just before i turn 70 year,s of age , love david conway

        • heather michelle long

          ok noboby cares about ur personal life onestly u do no this site is for teeens right

        • Eric Hernandez


    • MISTAKE!! r u saying pattie getting pregnant wth justin was a mistake?!?!? if she didnt we wouldnt have JUSTIN BIEBER now would we so stfu & they r not responsible their hormone crazed teens old enought 2 have sex so y wouldnt they??????!!!

      • i think justin Is going bad

    • Emily

      Patois mallete had two kids justin came out first and I Emily Bieber came out second and I can prove it .i was born Tuesday march 1st in London ,Ontario1994at 12:57am

  • didnt he believed in sex after marriage?? pshhhh…sure! not anymore!….this makes me a lil bit sad :(, but its his decision.

    • Carla.Bieber. xoxox


      • Saraline

        this is not real! it’s a rumour duhh!

        • no its nottttt

        • MeMe


        • hi


        • heather michelle long

          true dat

  • #justsayin

  • katie

    lol rumours.

    • ashley

      i know this is totally false and at the much music awards what they said was all scripted and i bet scooter told justin to said or he had to rehearse it this is just a rumor

      • Christy C.

        NO it’s not

        • catie

          how would either of you know what’s real and what’s fake? nobody knows. celebrities dating celebrities. kids having kids. not a fan of either.

        • june

          yes it is

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a flying fuck… SORRY bout my bad words.. but come on.. justin and selena can do wateva they like. if they want to have sex they can.. if they want to get married they can… if they want kids they can.. the only person who can stop them is there parents or themselves… let them wateva they want k……!!! Haters to selena… Just leave her alone… dont send her hate massages be nice to her.. k bye 🙂

    • kyle parlapiano

      yea thats right leave them alone … if there comfortable doin all those things then let them no one can stop them …. wat u think u jb lovers will change any thing in his u may of got him famous but he doesnt want you to change his love life every one diserves to be happy …and like hes gonna date one of u guys u didnt even get to kno him and u say (ooo justin i love selena leave him alone ill kill u!!!) wld u like it if someone said about someone u love <3 point taken leave them the fuck alone ………… bye! 🙂

      • ummm both of u shut up! i personally HATE selena not because shes dating justin either & no they may love each other(doubt it) but tht doesnt mean they can do watever they want they have their WHOLE lives ahead of them y would they try 2 do the grown up things now when they have time like in their 20’s (mid 20’s) he’s 17 4 crying out loud!!! he shouldnt WANT 2 be a father yet & shes 18 old enough 2 have kids but shouldnt shes young. they will have time 2 do wat they want but tht time is not NOW! its in the future & they dnt even have 2 be married but gosh they can wait. kissing is 1 thing but having sex, getting pregnant, & marriage is another tht their not ready 4 they shouldnt let their hormones get the best of them & ruin their carriers. its all 2 soon & shes using him anyway so some wife she’ll be.

        • catie

          most celebrities wait til there like 30 before they have kids because i read in this magazine that if celebs have kids young, like justin or selena’s age, their ‘career opportunities are limited and its unfair to the kid’ something about neglection which i know willl never happen but still. selena said she doesn’t want to marry anyone she’s with at the moment (remember?) its more just for fun.

        • Anonymous

          hello I am justin and I LOVE SLENA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        • katlynn


        • no you’re not. stupid ass nice try but fail! i happen to know justin doens’t come on here.

        • heather michelle long

          if your jb y dident u change ur name

    • your right they can decition to there selves, dont hate selena =(
      if you love justin dont hate selena because selena is the one who makes justin happy.they love each other .do you think justin will be happy if u hurt selena? you need to accept it,them,there relationship just love them =)

      • SWAGGIRL


    • your right, they can decition to there selves, dont hate selena
      if you love justin dont hate selena because selena is the one who makes justin happy.they love each other .do you think justin will be happy if u hurt selena? you need to accept it,them,there relationship just love them =)
      if justin saw that he will not like it ok!

  • ok, whats going on? stop this nonsence

    • Carla.Bieber. xoxox

      diddo :\

    • katlynn


  • Carla.Bieber. xoxox

    Pretty Little Liars, No, I don’t mean the TV SHOW :s

    • Cat

      Nice call:)

  • FuckYouSelena

    These rumors are getting ridiculous./:

    • Anonymous


      • Caitlin

        heck yeah they are

    • MishelleBieber

      i dont hate selena, but i agree with you they are getting ridiculous >.<

    • heather michelle long

      hell yeah they r

  • Aniestin

    i fully support justin and selena, i love that they’re together but..i dont think this is true, no way selena would have said she wanted to make babies with justin, or talk about how cute their kids would be

    • y not??? she can cuz shes 18.

      • catie

        there is no age limit to have kids! there is no law that says you can’t have kids before 18! its more a responsibility thing. i don’t think justin would be dumb enough to get selena pregnant anyway. he’s not ready to be a father, he’s a kid! kids having kids. not a fan. why do we always think that just because he’s with selena that he’s older than he really is!? ffs.

        • FU!

          I think u should date her

    • paige

      i support justins and selenas love life to. you never Know selena could have said she wanwed babies with justin. ilove justin beiber and selena gomez there my favorire singers so i support them . if justin beiber reads about this comment i love you and selena and my dream is to go to your concert.I live in delaware. love paige

  • Xxx

    I’m not really a fan of Selena but she is pretty and their babies would be adorable! The main thing I’m dealing with is their “intimate relationship”. Yrk!

    • Cat

      I agree, there babies would turn up to be GORGEOUS, but they did go to far with the saying, “intimate relationship” lol

  • i dont know what to say but that’s good cuz justin and selena are in love so what we will do nothing we will just write comments and at the first we will feel sad but in the end justin loves selena thats all……..and maybe just maybe they will marry and have a cute children

    • ilyJUSTIN


    • sarah

      YES all that matters is that justins happy and if ur a tru fan of him thats probs what you think too. justin and selena are adorable together and that is the truth…all the jealous haters look so small from up here cuz were BIGGER!!!

  • megha

    this is gonna be bull crap

  • claudia

    Noooo 🙁 im sorry but i really dont like selena!!!!!! grrrr

    • catie

      no, don’t be sorry for not liking her. that’s like apologizing for being real. say what you feel 🙂

    • Eric Hernandez


  • Christina

    Wow only been dating for a couple months and is talking about kids and marriage, their moving WAY to fast

    • ikr but they’ve been dating sense like nov. just keep it secret.

  • Christina

    Selena has become more and more insecure because of the way Justin is with his fans. Justin is a real flirt and loves the attention. While he tells Selena there’s nothing in it, she can’t help but feel upset about it and she told him so. “He always puts his fans first,” she wrote. “The only thing he talks about is his beliebers.”

    Later, she added: “They’re telling me I stole their boyfriend, but he was never theirs.” yeah hum she sounds like a bitch lmfao he was ours first Selena, think about it if Justin didn’t have his fans or any fans he wouldn’t have got to meet Selena

    • ihateslutlena

      your right

    • kyle parlapiano

      nooooo cause love happens on its own and even if he didnt become famous they still cld of met … and he was never DATIN U GUYS he loves that u made him famous but stop ur screwing up his life alrit and if u think u were datin??? just stop cause u no it isnt and wasnt true /……………….. sso fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Christina

        What the fuck?! I never said we dated him read right, and honestly shut the hell up cause first of all if no one watched his videos scooter will just let him pass by and Justin wouldn’t have a manager which will led to not meeting Selena, and I doubt that they would’ve meet, they only love each other because they have 1thing in common is famous,

        • Christina

          and this rumor is fake just like the one that said he was gonna purpose to her on her birthday he denied it and so did she and they might deny this one so don’t believe everything you hear or read unless you hear it from their mouth, got it good!

        • true, but think about it they denied dating & look wat the love fairies dropped off. so if they try deny this a little after it might turn out 2 be true. u never know until its happened.

        • Anonymous

          U like selena

        • and p,s justin bieber did not finish high school , i did finish high school and i skip high school one year just because i was bothered by punks and jurks just likes to call me a fuck retard , i did not tell selena gomez , just about that , and just after that i took the home schooling , and just after that , i decied on my own i should take college and i did , and the course i took was cooking course , and at that time i was volnteering work just for the animal schelleter , i love take care off dogs , just after college i just got hire to work to work for friendlys ice cream , love david b conway

        • lol by reading you’re comment it doesn’t seem like you finshed primary school. You need to go back to grade one and learn proper english.

    • MishelleBieber

      i agree, he was our (belibers) bf first ;D hehe

  • ihateslutlena

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww their children would be hybrids!

    • lmfao they would!

    • MishelleBieber

      id dont selena but this comment was funny, i couldent stop from laughing! im sorry justin XD

  • Nae

    This can’t be true 1) They’ve only been dating a couple of months it’s insane to think they would be moving this fast 2) Justin is only 17 year old, he’s still growing up 3) Both of their moms were teen moms, I’m pretty sure it’s been drilled into their head to be careful

    All these rumors are crazy

    • they’ve been dating sense november thts a couple months how???? cuz 2 me it seems like 7 months.

  • katie

    this article should be ended with xoxo gossip girl.

  • kyle parlapiano

    LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!

    • no

      • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to you here is that the question about the age limt there are ok justin bieber is still a minor just at 17 years off age , and selena gomez will be soon 19 years off age , love david b conway

        • it’s spelled OF*
          and selena is already 19 buddy. she’ll be 20 in july, she’s the same age as me

  • Sascha

    I hate those strange reports which include “a source said”, this means that they are all nonsense and made up

    • Saraline

      LOL totally agree! who is this so called “source”?! why doesnt that “source” give us their name??– because this is completely false!!

  • Justin Biebers fan number 1


    • i like you selena as fan and with haley on this one . you deserve better then him . your making some of your fans down they do not like him at all . some of them even hate you .
      so if you know what think you should do is dump him but i will allways your what ever decision you make .good luck with everything .

  • lollooool


    • Riely

      shut up!!!! if u hate her so much y the fuck r u clicking this article if it has Selena on it ?!?!?!?

      • Cat

        Agreed with Riely<3 🙂 Don'tHateJustLove-or-whatever

    • Selena G

      Hope you die your just jeolus cuz Justin is with Selena and Justin ain’t with you

    • kete

      stop hate on selena leave her alone and stop bully her she is nice and sweet so shut up and stop talk about her



  • lollooool

    I hate selena -_- AND I HOPE SHE DIES -_-

    • Riely

      Wow get a life !!!

      • realist.

        i think you’re the one that needs to get a life. you’re the one that’s probably IN LOVE with Justin AND Selena. get a real boyfriend.

    • wow you’re stupid arn’t you. you know its illegal to say shit like this on the internet. your’re probably this loner kid that has no friends and sits in their basement on the computer all the time. Grow up. Justin doesn’t want you as a fan. Go choke on a donut



  • kdkiafief

    “intimate relationship” ??? idk why everyone acts like theyre adults. theyre teenagers and role models for a lot of little kids. this is why there are little kids having sex nowadays. and yeah, this relationship is so fake guys, dont lie to yourselves..

  • wow!! just wow.

    wow! this is just….WOW! OMG! i think i’m gonna fainted. well, what ever. they can do what they like for now. but, i don’t think this is gonna work. justsayin.

  • Ugh. Who cares…

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY! this relationship is getting boring!

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here i do agree 1000% that this is fake , just because one reason why word they what to have a child and baby just in this danger envonment just with the haters are around here that they what to kill or hurt them as well , and by having the haters harsh comments also here today ,, love david b conway

  • selenalover

    STOP HATING ON SELENA ! you’re all just jelous of her because shes BEAUTIFUL . ILOVEYOUSELENA<3.

    • Cat

      Dude when I read that i burst out singing, “Don’t hate her[Selena] cause she’s beautiful!!!”

    • catie

      don’t hate her because we’re jealous because she’s beautiful? my twin sister is beautiful. i don’t f*cking hate her? AHAHHAHAHAAH what are you? like an 11 year old? you love selena? you have a lot to learn about life. smh.

      • ya ur right lave her alone i looovvveee justin bieber i swear i do just ther the ones for ech other ya no and + I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

        • Anonymous

          I agree Justin suck your own dick

        • Anonymous

          Guys just leave them alone! Can’t you see Justin and Selena want to have sex without you people bugging them! Let them have some privacy! Let them have babies and have sex!

        • Anonymous

          Hey Justin how big is your dick? And did you really have sex with selena?

        • Anonymous

          Fuck you Selena! How dare you take my man! Justin will be mine!!!!!! Bitch

        • Anonymous

          Selena who cares what they say about you and jb! Also can you hook me up in an acting career! Just kidding!

  • Ashley

    This is not true because, in a interview she said and i quote ” I know that Justin and I will break up sooner or later but, I am happy where i am i don’t want to think about that right now.”

    • SwagerificBiebsGirl

      ikr there just another teenage couple that just happens and will go away but if they do end up getting married so what we can do nothing about just stop hating on selena and justin they both are talented awesome and good looking and stuff so ya know…

  • biebergirl

    hopefully these r rumors i like selena but i dont want them to do that.

  • bieberfever

    I’m a fan of both of them and sometimes i’m happy for them and sometimes not. I luv justin bieber and she loves him 2.first i was a fan a selena than i started to hate her becuz she was going out with my man. But than i had 2 understand that if justin’s happy than i should be happy and i can’t hate his girlfriend. sooooooo i stopped posting mean comments about selena gomez AND let them BE!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ok first of all, what kinda source are they getting this from? no trustworthy source is going to tell the world they are having an “intimate relationship.” and second of all remember they are TEENAGERS! there are tons of teenagers out there thinking that they found “the one” and want to get married to that person but they end up breaking up. Im honestly getting sick of this relationship. It bores me! Shes almost 19 btw! just a little weird dont you think?

  • Anonymous

    i think he needs a reality check! He must have the biggest ego because everyone tells him how hot he is and how they want to marry him.

  • Cat

    Wow. Okay, maybe that upset me but I’m not the only one I’m sure… Although Selena is my idol (always has been always will be) This doesn’t make sense. She’s only 18 she should NOT be thinking about children at ALL at such a young age… And I must say, yes Justin should live his life but doesn’t he realize he’s losing his fans??? He should do SOMETHING to make his fans feel special… People say this is a publicity thing (even though they’re getting serious) but if it is they should QUIT IT (only if it’s a publicity thing) because, yes they’re getting attention but losing fans of it. Don’t get me wrong I am a ‘Jelena’ fan but, they’re getting too serious too fast and they need to slow down and step out of the spotlight…

  • k,Juat when i think he would have been the only kid in this whole universe to think im pretty and actually like me and be nice to me, he is now officially in love with S.E.L.E.N.A G.O.M.E.Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH LORD Y DO U HAVE TO MAKE EVERYONE NOT LIKE ME!!!!???

    • this is the same Nicole… Y DON’T THEY JST ADMITTE IT THT THEY R ONLY DATING FOR PUBLICITY ATTENTION!? LIKE, SERIOSLY?! these rumors need to start to see the light and just say its fake! or maybe i aint speaking ur laugage, duh!

      • ik they should but they wont as long as selena gets fame fortune & some1 2 call her love cuz she cant keep a man…….it will continue

  • Giani Bieber


    • realist.

      cute couples don’t last.

  • no comment just untill my old comments are read here just from the post comments , love david b conway


  • Jordan

    ooommmggg!!!:))) Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber babies would be so cuteee!!:))) stay strong u guys!!!:))) love u guys always!!:)))
    ——Jordan R

    • SwagerificBiebsGirl

      lol my name is Jordan R too!!! LOVE U SELENA AND JUSTIN <3

  • Justine Martinez

    you kno wat who cares if they have babies and get married its their desicion not ares its not like we can stop them just cuz u think justin is the one for you doesnt mean he is and if hes happy with selena then let them be

  • Leave her justin! :'( <3




      hey it makes me very very very proud to be listening to this conversation it is a very interestine conversation 2 be knowing that justin and selena are having babies aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” how sweet good i am very proud of you justin and selena and i want 2 tell 2 all of those people out there that just live selena and justin alone live theme live there lifes together dont need to be a bad person cause maybe yoa are hurting jelena i mean selena’s feelings so stop being rude and just let them be together if they want love u justin and selena

  • anna

    I dont know why.. but it makes me smile

  • fdhgdfg

    he’s only 17..


  • destiny loves jb

    well if selena wants to have kids with justin but not right now? im mean probably in the future but there a cute couple ha ha ha ha ha

  • KiaraBieliever

    Well it’s happened
    I’ve got to kill Selena Gomez Poor child hope she had her lives worth cause that whore won’t get near he and a bed let alone have his Children thats one of the Bieliever’s Jobs if your with me Reply !!!!

  • WOAH NELLY ( :

  • I think sel is using him and she’s starting to dress like a little hoochie mama at awards now cuz she dating jb. Dey still 2 yung 4 kids dey Shud wait until there 20s so wen jb 20 and sel 22 dat cud b dat time

    • ya shes jus using him soz no bu its true i luv jb nd awl he should realise daat shes usin him liok wdf luv u jb xxx

      • JelenaLuvver

        okayy first of all….whts up with the creepy words your using?? and selena is NOT using Justin!!!!! She would never do that to him..let alone anyone!! Be happy for them. If your a TRUE BELIEBER you wouldnt care hes dating her! He’s happy and thats all that matters. Support them.

        • Hannah

          1st. i only agree with you on the word thing. and you SHOULD care who he dates. if its a belieber you would care, because than everyone would be happy! and Selena’s outfits are getting alittle hoochie.. shes showing cleavage and im pretty sure disney stars shouldnt. im just saying, alot of little kids look up to her, so she needs to be more careful about her moves, or ele theres going to be lot of angry parents.

        • alexisbieber

          ppl complain bout miley cyrus outfits…selenas r way worse and she does hv fans but not many….we shuld care bout who he dates and she is usin him who says “i wuldnt date him hes illegal” & “hes too young” but hes on tv 24/7 then she pops up outta no wer and ther dating…FAKE 🙂

      • Tanisha

        who likes jb

        • maria

          I DON’t like jb

      • while i don’t thank she is useing him 4 mi opinion soo thank u very much!!!!

      • maria

        F**** SELEN

        • maria


        • Haley


        • Someone


          tht is just sad you stop liking her cause she got justin and you didn’t wow tht is just S-A-D

    • briannnna

      SelenA gomez is 2 old 4 him and i dont thik that it is the rite time 4 them 2 hav kids and whoever kinda rote the same thing i did than alot of thumbs up 2 u

    • jessica

      sel is so happy because she is with jb and since she is going out with jb she thinks she is poupler but she isnt she is just a nasty ugly o ragtey girl

      • Jessica wats ur excuse?

      • while i don’t thank that and if she do thank she is all that it is nun of yo busness!!!! 😐

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you z girl17. WAIT WAT THEY DID IT

    • Ya even more! I can’t believe he would ask a girl to marry him at age 17!

    • Anonymous

      thats true

    • Anonymous

      justin sucks

  • Sel thinks she all dat cuz she wit jb but she really just nothing no more, u can disagree but I’m just sayin

    • mizzy

      how do u know dat leave them alone and let them be they want to live happy so wat if sellna thank she all dat dateing justinb. that is makeing her such the real her sincerltly mizzy

    • Anonymous

      I want to kill selena gomez so bad that slot

      • Anonymous

        thats horrible to say

      • Hannah

        and as much as you dont like her, death isnt ever the anwser. i dont think Justin would want to date someone who killed her girlfriend..i mean i dont like her either but i dont want to hurt her…

      • 4 wat i think anonymous rite now i think u is the slot and u is just mad cuz u don’t got him.

    • while i disagree z-girl17 u is just nothin she is something b cuz she is known is u no so u need to relize wat u is sayin honey b 4 u say it!!! 🙁

  • Oh Gosh LOL
    Im Not Being Funny But It Doesnt Suprise Me Because If They Can Do All That Intimate Stuff In Hawaii On The Beach Then What The Hell Do They Do Indoors

    • Masquerade

      let’s hope it at least involves a couple of movies.

    • is it really ture at sele na gomez want to have a babise wit justin bieber bye gossip girl form chris

  • catie

    this may sound stupid. but i just think selena is too ‘perfect’ to be with justin. i always hoped justin would be with a clumsy, funny, normal girl who is far from perfect and is just down-to-earth. not rich or famous. just my opinion.

    • MeMe

      but selena is down to earth and funny and clumsy…seriously don’t you watch behind the scenes and interviews…she even admitted shes far from perfect.god get your facts right

    • angie

      i agree with you katy..i would prefer justin to make a relationship with a fan of his..

      • …i think tht jb fans are stupid he’s not gunna go out with u considering Selena is one of the prettiest teenagers I hav seen so please believers who diss Selena get a tight grip on reality please

    • Hannah

      i agree with Catie. i mean i respect Jelena and all but i would love/respect “JELIEBER” alot more (Justin+Belieber) a girl who met Pattie said that Pattie said “i wish Justin would date a fan” and i agree with her…not just because im a belieber. but its because Beliebers wouldnt send death threats to another belieber, no matter what. we stick together<33 it would make Justin really happy if his girl didnt get death threats.
      + Beliebers are nice,caring, and inspirational. Like Justin.
      Lastly, Beliebers like Justin for who he is (im not saying Selena doesnet) they dont like him for fame or money. they like him for him.

      ITS BRILLIANT! But Justin is Justin so he is the only one who can choose who he dates. we can't 🙁 .So its up to him to make the right choices.

      • poliamal:)

        not trying 2 b mean but can u imagine what wud happen if a belieber dated justin omg the rest of them wud freak out like they did with selena and kim(he didnt date her but he joked and most of “fans” sent death threats 2 her) send death threats 2 tht belieber…. and yeah ther verryyyyy nice sending death threats 2 his gfs trampling his mom and not letting him date any1…. again not trying 2 b mean and most of his fans r like between 11 and 15 and hes 17 and selena is 18 ther just a year apart plus ther super comfortable around each other:) THANK YA for not being 1 of those creepy fans saying o hes going 2 marry me and all tht shit….. luv ya guys x3

    • i think they is the cutiest and sweetiest couple in the world!!! 🙂

  • milissa

    All i have to say about the subject is selena gomez could do way better than justin bieber. Im not try to be a hater here but i dont love justin bieber but just cuz im blieber doesnt mean i dont think that they should have a happy life together. Even if i dont like him. But i do see all the bliebers points when they say justin has changed in attitude cuz he has changed i guess that why im not a blieber that and i hate his hair now. Anyways everyone say that its selena gomez fault hes changed in attituude but i dont think so cuz even if he wasnt dating he selena he would still act the same.

    • Masquerade

      then why the hell r u here?

    • u think at selena fault nono justin is cute now who cares if selena wants to have babies with him ok

      • I agree with u milissa it wasn’t Selena who changed his attitude it was puberty u dip shits

    • Hannah

      ITS BELIEBER! and if you arent a belieber, you have 0rights to be on this page. and yes, YOU’RE BEING A HATER MILLISA! And you got it alll wrong! Justin is too good for Selena! I THINK hes way too much of an inspiration and success to date a disney star. he can do better.
      and nobody and nothing changed Justin, he will always love and support his fans! he said himself via twitter on june 20th “don’t listen to the rumors. im not changing at all. i will always love and support my fans!”

      • So if u think he can do better than a Disney star than y in he’ll would he date a stalkish crazed fan like u Hannah?

  • soamina

    this is shit!!!! they will never!! have kids together!! lol she doesnt care about him and justin wont have kids till mairage and mairage will definitly NOT be with selena G. she’ll brake up with him before the end of 2011.there relationship isnt going nowhere besides magz and internet!! people just say stuff like that for people to talk more about them! the last thing that could happen to the earth is there mairage!!! ^^ so beileibers dont worry!! xD you still have your chance! lol and btw selena is cute but he likes better girlz like beyonce or jasmine v.
    selena doesnt have a body like beyonce lol so when justin will marry he’ll choose the right one wich is NOT going to be selena

    (its just puppy love) ^^

    • justinbiebergul

      yesss! Thank You for saying that… i mean like not going to have babies cant together i cant see it at all… Selena is going to break up with him next year.. i mean i can just tell she is.. i mean like i know he loves her.. but like i dont think there going to say. and justin is ready to be a daddy yet he is still an teenager and he has a good family and he doesnt need a baby around or getting married to her.. soo.. i agree with you.

      • Selena doesn’t hav the body…what’s ur excuse…u believers are all stupid my god get a grip he’s not every gunna date or go out with one of u fricken seriously

        • Hannah

          your a hater. so why are you here. and he could date one of us. you dont know that he wont. even his mom thinks he should date a belieber! so he probally will sometime or another.SO NEVER SAY NEVER. and this doesnt make sense —->”Selena doesnet have the body? whats your excuss?” umm Selena doesent have an excuss. and how would you know what justinbiebergul’s body looks like? exactly,,thats what i thought..

  • Anonymous

    shut up everyone . selena is nice & not doing anything wrong and none of you will ever get justin so just chill out and let him live his fricken life?

    • MeMe


    • Caitlin

      You shut the f*** up she’s a bitch! I hate her! She doesn’t even thank her fans for 6 million followers. She always talks about her crappy albums on twitter and not saying thank u to my fans no it’s just her shitty albums -.-

      • angie

        that’s right caitlyn!!

        • Hey Caitlin she’s doing a ton better than u r ur a fricken girl who’s head is so up in the clouds tht jb will get with u…look how tht is going he’s apparently with a girl tht sells shitty albums apparently not to shitty for him to b with her :p

  • First of all noone even knows if this is true or not so stop trying to start stuff

    • anonymous

      im not much of a big fan of either but thats just rude how you all go on sayin that shes a slut or a bitch and none of you know her personally. whats up w that? like really just be happy for them. and really? do you ACTUALLY think justin will dump someone he is in love with for just any random girl? just let them live their life

      • Anonymous

        I agree I think it is wrong to say rude or crude stuff about a person when you don’t even know a person personally.I am happy for them both.

    • sam

      i know u got that right i have heard they r going 2 get married on selenas birthday which is july 22 that is just crap and said that selena wont marry him u seen wat they done in maui he grabbed her butt when they kissed she is just a fricken stuck up brat loser gosh i hate hate her!!!! wish they would break up dating for wat a yr she wants to get laid or something she is just a loser with no life all she does is just sreals boys from who which has like 1million fans or more

  • gregsbabymama

    i think it grate that there thing of having kid but i also think there to young to have babies but if they do they would be grate parent’s in the future and there babies would be so cute i love babies myself so i don’t have any thing against them having babies but i say they should’t have kids cuz they don’t no what there future has for them,just saying what i thing is right

  • cuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzz!UMACUZ

  • MeMe

    Y’all selena is too sweet to be using him. Think about it. what if you were with justin? Would you be using him? NO. didn’t think so. THEY ARE IN LOVE. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS. I support them 100% i don’t think she using them at all!!

    • That Slut!

      Ummmm…she has no power to use him…shes like SOOOO not sweet. She thinks shes all that ever since Justin somehow asked her out on the day she was wearing so much makeup she looked like a clown and only tape on her nipples and crotch. Now hes stuck with her. She got so many roles in movies and stuff cuz of justin. EVERYTHING CUZ OF JUSTIN! Cant u see the one that needs to be saved is him? Shes not even pretty….shes plain. Besides….her neck is scary. But sadly for justin…..he goes fer the simplest things.

    • kiki

      your right

      • jaliyah


    • jaliyah


  • aly

    ha thz crazee i woold b so sad for hiz kids cuz theyll hav a slut ass hoe az there muther i loooooooooove u justin plz come bak to yor senses and dump this bitch u dezerve sooooo much better

    • Abigail Midgley

      Shut up.
      At least Selena can spell.

      • That Slut!

        wanna bet?

    • That Slut!

      Im with u!

  • Unknown

    Ok i wanna get started selena is make a horrible image for herself justin has some obsessed bliebers so for her to say that you cant get mad at bliebers for calling her a slut shes 18 and to young to be bringing up kids in my opinion and since hes 17 he shouldnt be worried about kids eaither he has a full life and career a head of him and so does she. For right now its better if they take a break from each other for like 3 months meet other people date a fan just not each other selena and justin cant have a full term because its not right for her and him its awful for her to bring that up and im a kid!!!

    • Abigail Midgley

      You cant get mad at bliebers for calling her a slut?
      Because the definition of slut is saying you, at some point in the future, want children with the boy she’s been with for a long time and is in love with?

      Oh wait, I’m pretty sure sluts sleep with multiple partners and go round spreading diseases.

      You know what, there’s a reason this is called ‘Bieber Fever’ – It’s god damn unhealthy and sick.

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i love justin bieber and i wish i could take selena gomez place but im just 12 years old OMG IF I WAS ONLY 15 OR 16 YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


    I HAVE BIEBER FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Tanisha

      who like justin he is so ugly ppl who like him is ugly he sucks

    • Tanisha

      who likes justin? he is so ugly ppl who like him are ugly he sucks

      • while i like him and u can’t talk honey.

  • angie

    Selena’s not good enough for Justin..Justin is such a good boy and when he is with Selena he pretends to be fierce and he doesn’t care about his fans…she’ll ruin him!! :@

    • alexis

      so, i have the bieber fever also but i dont care thats just stupid!!!!!!

    • That Slut!

      So true. IDK why he tries to impress something so worthless…..? Anybody with money could impress her like George Bush.

  • Lulu

    In my opinion Selena is a very pretty person but can be a bit of a bitch! but the thing is she dated all the teen heart throbs like Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and now currently she is dating JUSTIN BIEBER!! I think when the next heart throb teen star comes along ull see her dating them! I DONT WANT HER HAVING SEX WITH MR.BIEBS he is too young and all of his fans will be crushed! I WILL BE CRYING! and I dont want him to marry her, because she will dump him after the first few months! :((( pawwww inocent biebs!!

    • Abigail Midgley

      Too young?
      Most of his fans probably lost their virginity before they hit puberty.
      You’re completely delusional if you dont think they’ve already had sex. They’re over the legal age to have sex.

      • Emi Alexander

        I totally agree. Plus, there is no legal age to have sex (at least in Canada), as long as they’re both willing, its legal.. im a belieber and all, but i think everyone here is being a little selfish. Like honestly, if you’re a fan, you should support justin’s decisions.

        • EllaBiebs

          You don’t have to support his decisions in order to be a fan or a belieber. Cuz you know, most of his fans has a crush on him and of course they couldn’t stand seeing Justin with another girl. But they also can’t be too selfish. They have to respect his personal life. I have a crush on Justin and I do not support Jelena but I support the J. Not to be mean or anything here. But yes, that’s how someone feel when a girl is dating her crush.

    • That Slut!

      Shes actually not pretty. Shes plain. Rilly plain. Yea….did u see her getting all crazy for One Direction at the KCA’s? Watch…shel be after Harry. Oh wait….yer post is old…..u couldnt have seen it at that time.

  • LUCY

    Justin bieber should no have babies with Selena gomez. His will have a bad reputation and all his fans will be so angry and upset! that includes mwwa!!! !! JUSTIN BIEBER IF UR READING THIS HERE ME NOW!! DONT HAVE SEX WITH SELENA OR IF U DO USE CONDOMS!! <33

    • yea im right

    • Tanisha

      i wouldn’t say that but it is so true but who would say that on here that is so stupid

  • JB FAN``

    SELENA GO DATE SOMEONE UR OWN AGE!!! UR A COUGAR!! I love chuu though i am ur fan but u need to realise that u should go for someone else but my mane justin bieber!! y

    • Selena Chheng


    • anon

      OMG they are so cute and to the fans that hate jelena fuck you cause you are all just jealous. What kind of fans are you if you are talking shit about his girlfriend when you can tell he is happy with her. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER and i respect him, all of you belibers that are saying that his girlfriend is a bitch,pig,slut or any mean words well i guess they all desribes you!

      • That Slut!

        Ton be honest and its proven…..all the people that love selena are either sick boy teens or little girls ages 6-12………so yer probably a little foolish girl

  • I agree with chu

    Selena’s not good enough for Justin..Justin is such a good boy and when he is with Selena he pretends to be fierce and he doesn’t care about his fans…she’ll ruin him!! :@

    • Abigail Midgley

      I’m sure he does care about his fans. Just probably not the bitchy, annoying ones who bring down the people he loves. He probably likes the fans that like him for his music and understand that he has a personal life as well, which isn’t theirs to dictate.

      Also, you don’t have the right to say who’s good enough for who.

      • nikki

        why the fuck are you so negative. its like you hate everyone. ive read all your comments and its like stfu. dude seriously. and i dont support justin&selena, i support justin. Only. I understand Justin is growing up, but ever since he started dating selena, he has changed tremendously. dont you remember his famous smile, and his cute little self being so innocent and all. Hes not like that anymore. I think thats why all the fans are all upset about this. They love Justin, and i dont hate selena its just shes speeding up the growing up process. So dont get in everyone else’s business, it makes you look like the bitch, and not selena. BUT TO ALL OF THE BELIBERS OUT THERE I HOPE I SPOKE TO YA(:

    • Tanisha

      good cause he suck’s

  • butter finger aka biebers gurl

    i think people can b mean sometimes bout justins new gf just b happy about it… if his not wit her he might be very sad and alone…and if u LOVE justin u want him 2 b happy 🙂 IM HAPPY 4 THEM:) SELENA AND JUSTIN SITIN IN THE TREE K.I.S.S.I.N.G I love u bieber

  • i am a true bielieber but do i think she has changed him of course i do .do i care he is dating her kinda i think she is using him and when i hear the are intiamte omg that is like soicide to me and when i heard they want to have kids ugh wow she doesnt deserve him and he deserves way better her dress are way to short when she has interviews or something i mean c’mon now be maure with those things ur on national television it makes me sad that he cant see threw her

    • That Slut!

      couldnt agree more

  • Molly

    Ugh! I hate Justin but I love Selena! Why do they gotta date??

    • Hanna

      ikr but im living with it. just for the sake of selena hey me and u seem like we r on the same page like very few others look at my comment.

    • Tanisha

      who likes Selena Gomez she isn’t cool

      • she is cool to mi u might just b lame honey!!!!! 🙁

  • Hanna

    Okay let me tell you people what is going on! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are not having sex… I could see it happening in the far future. Selena Gomez is pretty, responsible, and cares about everyone. Justin Bieber…. I am not a belieber… I used to be… but things change I don’t hate him because hes dating selena and Honestly I think that they are a great couple. I think That they are both very in love with each other. and for all of you beliebers out there that hope someday he will be yours just forget it. i hate to crush your dreams but chances are youll never even get to touch his sleave so forget it. and trust me everything that is supposed to happen to selena and justin will come. but patience, trust, and the ability to share jb is wat you need to do to get all this drama to settle

    Peace, Love, Annabeth!

    • will i dont think justin is a daddy justin is to yourg to haveing babiewith selena u can go to @wwwjustin bieber. com

      • Tanisha

        y would ppl want to know that

  • amirah

    ok yeah good . i things i want to mary you too

  • Selena Chheng

    Guys Just To Tell You This! She dates popular guys did u guys notice that like when taylor lautner got famous she dated him now they broked up,then nick jonas was famous and she dated him and they broked up and then bieber was popular looks what happening i am no beliber any longer now look selena wreck my mind by no liking him now i love justice crew 😉 ahahahaha lols but selena is pretty <3 no offence to selena haters! plz comment if u agree with my comments 🙂

    • Kayla

      Yes, i do think that she dated popular guys for fame but this time, she wants to have babies with him! So, it could be true that she loves justin, not for fame :/ they’re going to marry soon. Justin is gonna propose her on her birthday this 19th July. ._____. mixed feelings >.:|

  • Selena Chheng


    • Tanisha

      not true

  • Abigail Midgley

    Girls are pathetic. Posting vicious things about a girl because she is with a boy who you’ve never met, classy.
    Did any of you little kids even read the article? You’re all going crazy saying “DEY SHUDNT AV KIDS, 2 YUNG” … pretty sure it said she’s not going to just get pregnant right now.
    For the whole ‘popular’ thing, people are popular because they’re good looking and seemingly nice right? God forbid Selena would want to date someone like that! I mean she should want to date criminals and misogynistic creeps!
    Oh, and “SHE D8TING FAMOUS PPL SO DAT MEANS SHES USIN DEM” – She’s famous in her own right, she doesn’t need to latch onto some celebrity.
    You really think Justin Bieber would want fans who bring down the girl he likes? Despite all these comments you make, Selena still says nice things about his fans. There’s a reason, right there, why boys like Justin Bieber will never want to be with someone like you, who’s vicious and jealous.
    In fact that’s probably why you’re stuck fantasising about a boy and bringing down someone who’s never done anything wrong instead of in you’re own relationship.

    And date someone your own age? There’s a years difference… God knows what you think of poor Tom Cruise. Grow up.

    • nikki

      there u go again putting all these girls down… i mean like furreal let them talk about it…who do u think you are..

  • i don’t now may be they well have a hard time with the babies

  • Selena is not ugly at all
    Jessica your ugly . I think that Justin and Selena are made for each other .my brother Vincent is going to ad comment you are shity

  • fuck . My sister is going to ad a comment your a pig Jessica .

  • Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sex!$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want to have sex jb . I love him forever Selena is to ugly to have jb !

    • Pauline marache

      Omg ur such a nasty bitch

    • I bet selena gomez is prettier than you. She is an idol. I would love to see you try and take justin away from her if you can even find him LMAO! STUPID AS BITCH,

  • I think selena is nice and is never a bitch . I think sel and Justin are made for each other

  • Tuguhjnjn

  • Veligers are stupid y don’t u follow someone who actually can sing and doesn’t hav the singing ability of a pregnant lady in labor god get a fucking grip on reality beliebers

  • Adam it is you the only fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$

  • me d thing i know iz that boyz like girls that have a big butt n big ttz and selena she got the flatess butt n no ttz.me i like beyonce she got everything n if u think shez way hotter dan selena say i do n by d way i am jealous

  • Anonymous

    Hate her!!!!!!! She is just useing him for the fame someday his heart is gonna get broken because of her .

  • its werd they are not even good together

    • lola

      Selena, I love u big fan, but it’s clear u are using him. When you link arms or kiss or even smile at each other it looks so fake. Justin can’t see it, but belibers can I can. I remember seeing an interveiw where you say justin bieber is a loser, and then when he got super popular u r soooo in love now. 4 real selena. You did this to nick jonas when he was popular, and then when he was out of the spotlight, he had tragically broken ur heart. Now that new stars are rising like one direction ( who i’m absolutely in love with) I suppose you’ll go after them and justin will break ur heart. Oh please selena u want to have his baby now, but when he’s out of the spot light for a while, you want to have harry style’s baby. ( srry just a thought) Selena u r changing him. U have him right where u want him. Get real selena and date a guy who u really love.

  • kimberly

    hey bitches! she is using him and i hate her u beliebers who love justin u go girls! she just wants his fame cuz shes just the biggest sl-test bitch pig ever!!!!!!!!

  • aubri

    okay everyone this is just what i think if selenas such a whore or slut or whatever for going with him…what if one of yall do end up with justin then youd just be the whore or slut selena was i mean i honestly shes dating him for the attention but to call her a whore or slut is quite jacked up

  • Seriously, I think it may be Justin’s fault. Because most of his songs are for girls, and he said there will be ONE less lonely girl. If he chose Selena, many Beliebers are becoming haters, girls are the most , am I right?
    I say that first Justin should not sing for girls so he wont get many fans, then after he marries most girls won’t care. So they will stay Beliebers . And he will continue singing and at that time he will get 45 million fans. Yes it’s little bit late But that’s my opinion. 😀

    • aubri


      • Oh hahaha.. NO ONE asked me but I just said my opinion I really don’t like to talk with such …………. like you , you suck !
        go see yourdelf in the mirror OMG hahahha I know how u look just like a slut . now , i dont like to argue with such stupids like your face I gotta see my businesses and thanks for interfering with NO USE!
        Ok if no one asked me did some one ask you to comment?
        NO ONE DID SO STFU!!

      • lola

        people come here to post comment so of course no one asked her and she doesn’t need ur fucking permission so shut the fuck up u bitch go get a life and stop ur fucking bitching. Go fuck urself

  • jacky

    ok why selena im a big fan but donot do it

  • First Off I have no problems with both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez BUT I do believe Selena just wants to be in the spot light … She dated I think one of the Jonas Brothas and then broke up. But w.e my opinion is that she just wants Justins money or just want to be seen in a spotlight with Justin. Im sorry to say..

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey guys thats really not acceptable talk , I actually picked the girl that seem to fit me meaning her personally I really loved. Also guys make sure you get my new album “Believe” coming out ( Nov 14 ) Thanks guys I love all my fans no matter what.

    • Hannah

      HAHA. its funny how you think you can trick us. this OBVIOSLY isnt Justin.

    • Nooo! Stop Lying you’re not Justin!! What the!!?

    • lola

      u r sooo not jb. We aren’t stupid u no but good try fake justin. Good way to get ur point across

  • angelis

    oh..my god
    it makes me crazy
    Idk, what will i do if justin with selena have a baby
    i’m over, all about justin 🙁
    But he never knows it
    But… I always pray for justin
    Wish you all the best my purple ninjaa

  • angelis

    i’m scared if selena hurt justinn .. 🙁
    Just it
    Maybe beliebers feel like that

    • i am belieber and i feel like it

    • justin and selena fan

      i love justin bieber i im a belieber and i really feel like it so yeah

  • Josie

    The only problem I have with then dateing is she said he was like her brother so what she is saying is of she had a brother she would make out with him fuck him let him grab her ass and date him want to marry him and have his kids and it would be normal and it’s not illegal to date some one when you are that close in age unless your parents disagreed or they fucked but she would never get arrested because she was on Barney and if you are on Barney you must grow up with issues I mean Selena wants a younger minor brother to fuck and Demi cut herself

  • kimberly

    HATERS LISTEN THE F-CK UP! i love justin he is soooo awesome and amazing but without beliebers (i’m a beleiber 🙂 ) he wuldn’t be this famous without our support and love for him he wuldn’t be where he is now!
    he will date a belieber i no he will he sed it on twitter himself and even selena sed she’s gonna dump him for zac efron so belieber’s keep on beliebing i love u justin <3

    • Kayla Bieber Payne

      Honestly if you ever a beleiber you wouldn’t give a fuck about him and Selena as long as hes happy that should make you happy like get a life shes not a slut because shes in love with Justin and loves him and shes not a pig because shes skinny as fuck like you don’t no what your getting your self in to like and btw be for your going to say shit you should learn how to spell its ( Said NOT Sed) lol . Just member if you are about him then you would let him be happy with who hes with even if it is with Selena he likes her she likes him get over it 😛
      <3 love you Justin Your my Man Gott Your Back Bro 🙂

      • fuck ypu

      • your right you guys do not know what selena has gone through in life haters always gonna hate but you dont know her like that i used to be a hater but then i realize if i am really a fan i should let justin be happy selena is a wonderful person why would you hate her just because of her dating jb you are only gonna date him in your dreams so live with it i <3 you justin bieber i always will be happy with selena

        • latasha

          Well actually she didn’t go through that much soo.. she only had a rough scratch of a child Hood wow it’s not like her parents couldn’t afford too keep food on the table so.. s-t-f-u she didn’t get her lights cut off and stuff so it wasn’t that tough

        • latasha

          Plus she appeared on Barney so what r u talking about she didn’t have that tough of a childhood Micheal Jackson had a tough childhood Samuel Jackson had a tough childhood but seleana nope never if that’s tough too u u must be livings the good life.


    • stephanie

      what f### you talking about? i love justin bieber also. But its doesn’t matter….If he happy you should be happy. I know he said he will date on of the fan, but that was long time ago i think. i haven’t went on twiiter lightly.Im fan of justin bieber and selena gomez. If they want to get married and have a baby. you shoukd be happy for justin bieber. the person is right he wouldn’t be here right now. Making song performing and making you happy. I just got to say be happy for him. Remember if he’s happy you should tooooo. kk

    • I love Selena way before Justin me and my Bey friend us to fight over her and we not goin to stop playing wizard because she dating Justin I love Selena she’s my role model and so is Justin I so happy for them and yes I am a believer and. A Gomez fan 4 every

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree with u lanyia u seem like a great person i like ur way of thinking ; )

    • bailey

      why? they are so cute together. dont get me rong i am so IN LOVE WITH HIM but no need to call her those terrible things!?

    • unknown

      Wtf y the fuck u hateing

    • Qwerty22198

      umm selena was joking zac is like 25 now

    • Kristine

      Yeah, like he’s actually gonna want to date a psycho fan like yourself. Calm down. Wake up to reality. You’ll never date Justin, nor will you meet him in your lifetime. Odds are, you two won’t ever be within arms length. So chill out, creepy fan.

      • chantelle

        Selena is my.biggest. fan but that doesn’t mean you have to send her death.threats about her. I am one of Justin bieber biggest fan

      • chantelle

        Selena is my.biggest. fan but that doesn’t mean you have to send her death.threats about her. I am one of Justin bieber biggest fan. But selena you are only a teenager you are to young to talk about having kids with justin bieber. I swear I am jelous that justin bieber is your boyfriend. I woyld kill to have a boyfriend like justin bieber. Justin bieber is so cute I bought everything of you. I bought your posters your book and thatt is it. I am going to get the doll and the watch and maybe the cardboard poster like I said I am a huge fan. Oh and one more thing can you please

        • girll or boy stop that can be u no day !!!!!!!!!!!

      • chantelle bieber

        Please come down to florida. I love your songs I love the one that you did with chris brown next 2 you that is is my favorite .I am going to everything that you have my mom knows that I like you so now I can get whant ever I want at the store. I think the thing is at macy the thing is called somday I am going get it .and I might go to books a million and get some more stuff of justin bieber.

    • Yeah i totally agree justin Is so hot and he wouldnt be where he is now if it wasnt for us beliebers selena didnt make him this famouse we did but selena is pretty to but whoever sees this call me (392-7929 and justin is an amazing guy love u justin always=)

    • blazers

      i love selena gomez so much she is sexy justin do deserve she is super hot i would have babies with her but who liked who first i wonder does she got na butt on wizard of wav……. place do them people breath stank and if i kiss selena there would be some bed action after the show

      • blazers

        ill tell u every body that look hot on nick arina grande,victoria justice ,miranda cosgrove jennette mucurddy is ok sha aint ugly,but i love selena gomez to let yall hoes to talk about her espessially kimberly u bitch

        • Listen blazers just bc u r a selena fan dosent mean that u can get mad at her for dating justin okkk…….get over it!!! 🙂

    • Rachel

      Ok Beliebers, let’s get one thing strait, justin Bieber DOESN’T deserve Selena. Not the other way around. To argue with me, you first need to learn good grammar and how to spell. There is a one in two- billion chance that Justin Bieber will even date a fan. You people make me sad. You really believe it. You need a good therapist. Sorry for any hurt feelings, but you need to hear the truth.

    • Indivisual


    • selena lover

      u should be proud of hem that he found some one he loves soo much!! THERE IN LOVE!!

    • Rocky ROCK!

      Look BITCH shut the fuck up they r happy together

    • Berryfiedd

      Look selena , before u dated nick jonas ure ex boyfriend. and now in 2011 u date Justin??? r u kiddin me!! go back to nick

      • No she should not go back to nick bc these two r a very cute couple!!!!!

    • i think that salena & justin r cute togeter .i also think they shold folow there hart
      justin is luckey to have a wonderfull girl :)i <3 salena (edith)

    • i totally agree with you kimberly she’s probaly a hooker or a pervert.

      • Someone

        Holy wow jenna She is not a hooker or pervert she is a lady and is making justin happy ya’ll overly obsessive fans of justin need to STFU
        and for who ever said “she is to young to have kids” you are right and wrong at the same time she is goning to be 19 this and 20 next year if she wants kids she can have them but like justin said he is waiting till he is married they are both prolly going to focuse on their careers first then marriage then childeren so seriously just stop bagging on selena true beliebers would be happy for him

        Hell i am not a belieber and i am happy for him and for selena i want them to get married and have kids together and to live a long and happy life as husband and wife
        if ya’ll don’t believe in their relationship then ya’ll are not selena fans or belibers

        • selena is a wonderful person when she was little she was poor and now she thinks her mom isnt proud of her but i am proud of her because i know she went through alot thats so sad if i had one wish it would be for selena and justin to be happy come on she never did anything to you please give her a chance a least

    • Someone

      Kayla Bieber Payne is right if you are a true belieber you would care
      You should be happy that he is happy not being a bitch to Selena the lady who has made him happy
      Not calling her a “Slut,Pig,Whore,Bitch.. OR ANY FREAKING THING!”

      She is happy He is happy why in the world can’t you “Beliebers” Be happy with him

      I am a Selena fan not a Justin fan (my nice showed me this site) and it honestly made me mad

      Why r u bagging on the person who is making Justin happy

      Ya’ll most likely will never ever have a chance wit Justin he said tht he would date a fan AS LONG AS SHE WAS FOR THE REAL HIM AND NOT THE FAMOUS HIM!!!!!!!! got tht so just leave Selena and Justin (mostly Selena) ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Someone

        I meant Wouldn’t care

    • spenc:p

      YES, KIMBERLY!!<3 i COMPLETELY agreee:DDD<3

    • TrueBelieber

      You selfish little bitch. You call yourself a belieber then you attack the girl Justin loves and call her a pig? All I’m going to say is it takes one to know one. And learn proper English you uneducated little shit.

    • mrs bieber

      i totally agree with you!!

    • Anonymous


    • JelenaRoxs101

      Learn how to spell Said right. Good Gravy. I’m proud of Selena and Justin,they are happy together. Let them be,bitch.

    • Brittany

      Your tha hater! Selena Gomez did nt do anything to you and I think it’s a good thing tht they’re both happy together.

  • Lily Smith

    Wow you two have freaky issues!!!!!!!!!!! So listen up Justin is way out of your league he wouldn’t date sad indviduals losers like you he is happy with Selena Gomez they love each other why can’t you just be happy for him that he has found a girl he likes and how do you that Selena doesn’t deserve him YOU HAVE NEVER MEET HER!!! And trust me justin wouldn’t let you near his d*ck; he has standards unlike you!!!!!!!!!!! So get over your sad little obsession justin bieber cause he would never date whackers like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Indivisual

      I SOOOOO agree !

    • Someone


    • Brittany

      Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • angelis

    selena said ”i love you” to justin when they was shopping at ARMANI EXCHANGE NEW
    I think selena just wants justin’s money

    • Kayla Bieber Payne

      i pretty sure she has alot of her own money dosnt need his 🙂 so befor you think maybe you should find more out 🙂 about whats going on.

      • denis

        kayla bieber you have to think before you write something ok first of all selena gomez wants more fame and wants more money did you read the news that selena became more famous than miley cyrus because of justin bieber

        • bailey

          u r so rong denis ok cus even on this website she said she dosent want him spending money on her!

        • angelis is wrong because salena is rich to so shut up
          i love u salena

        • blazers

          man i know justin bieber that is my cousin he’ll mollywhoopyotell

        • selena lover

          shut up selena is soooo nice. just because u are not going out with justin does not mean u can say those things!!!!!!

        • salena lover is right .
          blazers ur gelus of salena gomez just cause she is pretty
          so stop being such a hipicrit:P

      • im sooo with u kayla.she have money of her own soo why whould she want his money.

      • tiara

        wat da fck

    • miassara


    • Anonymous

      I think so to

    • Anonymous

      wow u people r soooo mean selena and justin r a cute together. just because ur not with him does not mean u can say that stuff about her

      • im on anonymous side
        u cant b say things about peopel u dont know

    • Someone

      two things

      ~ She has her own money
      ~ only losers and overly obsessive fans would date him for his money

    • That is not true they are really cute together so get over it!!! 🙂


  • i think that justin bieber and selena gomez are soooooo cute together and should get married!!!!!!! (and will soon anyways!) but belieber bitches stop belibing this comments for u kimberly!!!!!!!! you cant stop a romace bitch=~/

    • stephanie

      I agree with you. if they get married it romance. I hope they will never cheat each other.

      • Anonymous

        They will live happy ever after

      • shut up

    • aya

      u r right they should get married <3

      • they should get married they would make a good couple.

      • yes they shoud

    • selena lover

      i agree

    • I totally agree with you!!! 🙂

  • Kayla Bieber Payne

    You guys are so cute together even i think you guys would be a cute couple to get married i think you should just give it some time lol 🙂 love you

  • stephanie

    im happy for you selena and justin. I am so pround of you selena, because you don’t want to have child now. You taking controll of your life. I love justin bieber and you too selena gomez. i known selena longer than justin. iknow she is so cool.

  • Anonymous

    keep your hormones in check all of you little tweens you’re still in puberty stages stop whinning and let the little couple have their romance because it won’t last trust this they never do look at zach efron & what’s her name so don’t worry you’ll get your chance yeah right

    • blazers

      man go suck dick

  • usr r all insain dey both look soo happy 2gether nd cute well i luv jb 2 but if his happy we should be 2 nd honisty who doesnt want 2 see da baby junior of jb seriously

  • aubri

    She wants to have his babies so she can sell them for billions haha (so unreal but hey anythings possible) xDDD

    • i don’t thank she would do that.but anything would happen.

  • Gabby

    Honestly, if you guys really and truly love JB, you should be HAPPY for him. Alrighty? Selena doesnt want money, she has her own. She doesn’t want “more fame”, I’m not sure if you noticed but she’s pretty darn famous right now! JB and Selena love each other and they are having a nice time. Instead of being so arrogant and ignorant, MAYBE you guys should be happy for them.
    Smileys and Giggles,

    • how could you say that ? she’s probaly she’s gonna have a baby or babies with justin and probaly leave him forever ever.

      • Someone

        jenna Selena is not like that

        i know you in a cruel way (to selena) tht u r “protecting” justin but stop tht is wat his mom is for tht is one thing moms do is protect their young if she felt tht selena was using justin then she would step in but apparently she does feel the need to so again just leave them alone and let selena and justin be happy together

        and instead of saying negative things about selena and justin’s relationship say positive things

    • I totally agree with you Gabby!!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Rosemarie

    Wow u guyz really need to get real bcuz even if jb wasnt with selena u guyz wouldnt even hav a chance with him so if u guyz r truly fanz than let them b happy n enjoy their livez ok i lov jb too but hey i kno i dnt even hav chance with him so i let him be happy with selena n they look great together!!!! =)

    • hey u better whatch what ur saying. u never know that we fans might have a chance with him. SO SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!

      • i totally agree with sammi !

      • Someone

        sammi and jenna

        Beliebers like you are the fans he is tring to avoid not date so yea you two and any other obsessive beliebers would never in a million years have a chance with him and Rosemarie I agree with you except the being a fan of jb cause i am not i am a selena fan

  • Wow u guyz really need to get real bcuz even if jb wasnt with selena u guyz wouldnt even hav a chance so let him b with her n enjoy his life ok lik i lov jb but i kno tat i dnt even hav a chance with him cuz hez a star n he c thousandz of girlz everyday n all of them want one thin to b with him n really he cnt b with all so he picked one so let him b with tat one she makez him happy so tatz gud so if u r really true fanz lik im than ull let him b happy with the one he pick which was selena n besidez they look great 2gether !!!!! =)

  • tashi choenzom



    • blazers

      fuck u ur donkey lookin ass

  • Brii

    shes a stupid fucking whore,slut..who just wants more fame and money because her cute boyfriend is justin bieber!

    • Indivisual

      #1 she’s not a whore or slut
      #2 She is really nice
      #3 No offence but you just seem mad that he wants her and not you
      #4 Just get a life
      #5 U are not her

      • i agree with you on that just let them be happy together so every one out there just shut the hell up and keep your fucking ass shut

      • Someone

        I agree with you Indivisual and brii STFU HE IS HAPPY AND SELENA IS NOT A SLUT OR WHORE


    • i totally agree with you brii she’s probaly a hooker.

      • Someone


        GET A LIFE

    • You no you keep calling her mean names and that isnt fear bc u havent even met her in person so u dont know her so shutt uupp!!!And btw i am a jb fan and sg fan but am a bigger fan with selena then justin……sorry justin!!!!!:) :0

  • Emily

    U haters should f#ck off and leave us beleibers alone u guys have know idea wat ur talking about so shut the f#ck up u guys r sh#t heads

  • Emily

    U haters should f#ck off and leave us beleibers alone sh#t heads

  • Savannah

    Hey Emily try taking ur sour mouth and move it to where people want to listen. I’m sure all of us love Justin but hes happy with Selena. if he’s happy we should be to. If he wants to hav a baby with Selena than he should be able to.

    • i hate you savannah you piece of crap.

  • Anonymous

    Let them be happy they make a beatiful couple and u guys are just jealous even if his married u could still be his # 1 fan!!! And Kimberly FIND A BOYFRIEND ur ruing ur life justin bieber would never get to meet u even if ur one of his biggest fan he would ever know u even exist and im forgetting something dont insult selena ’cause i bet the whore and pig here is u kimberly lol

    • Someone

      if there was a like button this would be liked but “like”

  • Emily

    Honestly Idk what to think anymore… 🙁 They say its fake or real or he will date a fan… But idk its hard to believe people these days…

  • Emily O.

    Honestly Idk what to believe anymore… They say its fake or real or that he would date a fan… But idk its so hard to believe people these days..

  • Brianna;♥

    what ?! Now their having sex ?!?!?! what the fuck is going on ?

  • Anonymous

    Its true that most attractive couples have the most ugliest kids (so pretty that their kids turn out ugly) but no offence i was expecting justin’s mom to be alot prettier being a young parent and justin as her child but she looks quite plain..

    so the point is if your having a baby find a partner less attractive than you and there you have a beautiful child.

  • Anonymous

    Eww having sex with selena what would you hold on to?

    • Anonymous

      Her big fat head lol. Jk she’s beautiful. But a big head

    • Someone

      STFU she is beautiful and wat do you think he would hold on to the air duh he would hold her body and they r virgins they r waiting till they get married

  • dallas

    another thing comments r comments u cant stop them u dont own JB OR SG so u can stop the BS

    • Anonymous

      You bore me!

  • angelis

    pray for valeria ..
    I love her, yeah, she’s belieber
    11 years old belieber
    But she died, she wants to meet justin
    So..i hope , justin know it, i will pray for valeria
    i hope justin will pray for valeria

  • ok ok i am not so happy that justin and selena r together. BUT i think that if justin is happy i am happy plus,I think that justin and selena will not get married i mean just look at zac efron and vanessa hudgens<>
    they only lasted a couple of years but idk in the end justin is goin to get married and have kids or a kid

    • Amari

      you seem like a very nice person!

  • bella

    is that trow about slena gomez pragnat by justin bieber and i love you justin bieber i got every thing about you and my friend love you to mostley allof them so love you you justin bieber

  • selena gomez waiy do you want babies whit justin biber????

    • Someone

      I was thinking the same thing but being a TRUE selena fan i am happy for them and if they do have a kid or kids i will still be happy 🙂 Love you selena

      IDC if this is a site for justin

  • And wune more ting tell selena gomez that i love her songs and i alredy see your movie and its so boring and thats all i got bye….

  • selena gomez she my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justin biber he is gey and i dont like him

  • Haley

    So, I just think that Selena is a lucky girl who got with the guy that everyone wants. It don’t make her a slut just because other females want Justin Bieber. I, myself don’t want Justin ; I just think he is cute and I like him music. Haters are going to be haters and it’s pathetic. Just sayin. 😀
    Do you Justin!

    • Someone

      oh not everyone wants justin lol i had to say tht 😀

  • yeah im tellin this strait, i think selena is a dirty, uglyass, bitchy skank who is only using justin for publisity…………. without him she wouldnt be SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if she thinks hez gonna want in her pants she thought wrong bc no one would want to fuck her ass….. justin could do BETTER!!!!!!!!!! love ya justin.

    • Anonymous

      Justin looks like a lil teenybop boy and sings like he hasn’t hit puberty yet. I don’t think he culd fuck Selena if he wanted to. But that’s beyond the point… Point is YOU don’t have a chance, er any other fan for that matter for one reason… People like you are crazy!!! & hateful & can’t stand seeing anyone but yourself happy. Are you as pretty or prettier than Selena??? I doubt it. So quit hating. Another thing, if her having sex with Justin makes her a dirty slut than you are too cuz obviously u would if u had a chance. If there was 10 JB’s ud dew them all at the same time. Slut

      • Someone

        Anonymous i agree 🙂

      • lib

        lol at you saying shes a hater, but you have the nerve to bash justin when YOU dont have a chance in hell with selena.

    • Someone

      3 things


      love ya Selena

      • lib

        she uses guys for fame. she did it with nick jonas, taylor launter and that guy from glee. she also started hanging out with taylor swift during the kanye insident. shes a talentless twat

  • So aqree they so perfect for each other well yuh Neva know if she might stay wif him but hope she does and marry they look such a good couple Selena is pretty qood in actinq and sinqinq and Justin bieber is cutee and sweet and a reeeaaalllyyyy qood sinqer thts all I have to say they are good no need to add bad luck in their Romance 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hey losers

  • I want the single selena gomez back

    • sopie

      justin bieber i used to like him but if he is having sex with selena gomez then he is not who i thought he was

  • Amari

    Look . All of you peps hatin on selena need to get your life together . He wanted her . You all are gonna turn up as a lot of cat ladies waiting for Justin to propose. So suck it up!!!

    • Someone

      I love this and don’t you meant “preps” ?

  • Anonymous

    Just shut the fuck up already selena n justin arent even dating at all selena dating someone from hawaii,maui god damint these are just fake

  • I’m not sure if they are having sex or not! I wanted him to be my first…

  • u are right people are just geting there mind twisted

  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are disgusting together. At times, they will be like, “We never went further,” but maybe off-cameras, they would get it on. I can’t believe “beliebers” are saying shizz like “I’m married to Justin,” blah blah blah, but he doesn’t know that you EXIST. He will never love you and marry you. Kids now a day, they don’t know music. Go listen to Lady Gaga or Kanye West.

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i am not going to supporting them both just by justin bieber and to selena gomez just about marriage and to have a baby or a child just at this age , and it feels like it,s part of the fake relationship as well , & part of the selena gomez & jelena projects , , love david b conway

  • im not going to supporting them both just by justin and selena gomez just in every thing in there fake relationship , love david b conway

  • TrueBelieber

    Everyone hating on Selena need to go fuck themselves because Justin definitley won’t. You all bang on about how you’re Beliebers and how you love Justin and how you’ll always be there for him but as soon as he gets a girlfriend you turn on her?! If you were REAL Beliebers you would be happy for Justin and be glad that he found someone who loves him back the way he loves them. You don’t have to be happy that it’s not you he’s dating but grow the fuck up, nobody deserves death threats (unless they’re Hitler. That’s one evil bitch right thar). So shut your mouths and for God’s sakes learn some proper English you uneducated little shits, it’s so annoying seeing all this text speak.

  • i hate selena gomez. Fuck herself

  • selena gomez

    I DONT WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES K THATS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • selena gomez


      • this is a fake selena so stop lieing to yourself

  • Seranne X

    I gotta say that is kinda ew. I’m a big fan of Justin’s, but i’m supporting Jelena through everything that’s happening in their love life. I don’t find it very attractive that they want to have kids at a young age.. i find it wrong. But I love Justin and i Love selena and i am happy for them but i dont think they should get married quite yet or have babies…. LOVE YOU!!:) XXXXX

  • Anonymous

    Ihate It When People ( ^^ ) Put Comments On This Mess and Nobody ( Important ) Cares What They ActualLy Have To Say, Its Annoying, alL They Do is Wine about What They Think and What They Want, Buuuuut . . .NOBODY CARES ! !

  • kate

    woah why are people hatin on selena?im a belieber and if you guys were true beliebers you would stfu and be happy to see justin happy,not sit there lookin like jealous so and so’s , honestly if you cant see there happy together and that justin is happy then you’d have to be blind.anyway what happend to liking him for his music and talent?but instead people sit there criticizing his personal life?..muchLove:’)

  • hdizzle

    im just happy that justin is happy!!i love him!! <3

  • Anon

    fuck you guys are such losers. If you really were “beliebers” and you loved him that much, you little whores would be happy for him and not hate on Selena. You bitches are just jealous because you aren’t her and you cant face the fact that they are both in love with eachother and that aint gonna change! So GROWTHEF*UCKUP. I know for a FACT that Selena is the most amazing person you will ever meet. I know her a whole lot better than any of you know, so I know what she has been through. So, move on bitches.

    • Brittney Bieber Gomez

      look after i read half of this i felt sorta sad even tho im a jelena supporter. ): it jst doesnt feel right justin will loose his carrer n he will loose ALOT of beliebers itz not right Justin n Selena r in love but Christian Beadles even said shes a no good whore i dont agree itz not fair datz all im sayin ok! justin haz changed he barley talks 2 his fans on twitter anymore he pays more attention 2 selly he didnt even bring a one less lonely girl up yesterrday it was selena n every1 waz cryin n justin kept on singing hez completly blinded about every girl in the world acept the 19 yr old Selena Gomez ok

      • Anonymous

        i think they make a good couple just because he hadly twitters any more doesnt mean u have to take it on selena she is a good person so try being nicer ok OK

      • Anonymous

        i kinda agree. selena’s a nice person, but shes kinda ruiing his career

        • JUSTIN + SELENA

          no she is awsome and they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 <3

    • maria

      Fuck u jb and selena

      • domo lova

        who gives a krap abput just9n and selena dating uhggg i hate people

        • Anonymous



        same with you jerk

    • SISS

      OMG thank you someone who agrees with me!


      • Anonymous

        fuck justin >3 and always


        who are you talking to

    • Anonymous

      justin u r to yung and selena looks so ugley how do u look at her

      • Pixel girl 2001

        I love justin bieber but…(I am going to put it in a nice way) I don’t
        really like Selena Gomez. I said what I want to say

      • your such a bitch anonymous fuck u

        • Anonymous

          i love him shutup

      • Anonymous

        She is not ugly , any other prettier girl would be too good for justin . And everyone who is making negative comments , stop commenting if you’re going to say some stupid fucking shit , you dont even know about half the shit that happens in there life . People are here are beliebers and that want to comment saying postitive stuff , its irritating having to hear selenas ugly on every goddamn site , go find other shit to do .

    • destiny

      what the frick y r ppl getting mad at selena i mean there broken up right or is thhat a romer

    • thank u one person cam leave me the fuck alone mother fukers

    • Anonymous

      i love jusatin bieber

    • Anonymous

      i am very 🙂 4 u 2 luv birds and that brittney chik needs 2 grow up and face the fact that u 2 are in luv

    • Anonymous

      your mean

  • Brittney Bieber Gomez

    every1 on here datz hating go f*** urself justin n selena make a perfect couple shes not a slut or a whore so wat justin changed stp loving his beliebers he haz a gf not a wife okk jst plz BACK OFF im pissed 2 ok ): ( :'( )

    • Anonymous

      no justin beiber f him shesd mine selena nad i make it better

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      you guys are so not suppose to be together because you ‘re not right for each other

      • look

        too bad he is fucking her all night long

        • fan number 1#

          @ anonymous: how is it up to you who he dates you jealous shallow little girl!!! and they look good together and happy together so who made you the judge of right and not right go back to your fucking barbie dolls!!!

          @look: you that dumb seriously? haven’t you heard Justin beiber isn’t having sex until hes married? they even have a promise ring! you fuck yourself all night long, wanker!!!

  • hi justin i love you and i am 7 yeres old

    • SISS

      haha ur cute! lol

    • Anonymous

      these comments on waay inappropriate for a 7 year old . LOL too many ppl droppin the F word .

  • @BelieberzQuotez

    I used to be a great fan. I used to smile and stalk his twitter, hang his posters in my room, cry over him, draw pictures of him, read his book and only listen to his music. He was perfect. Nothing could change that. I supported him too and even more so because he was, yes WAS, Christian.

    Now, if he mentions God I think I’m gonna barf. He’s obviously lost his purity, cussed, flipped people off, and is way WAY to mature for his younger fans which he apparantley doesn’t care about. He’s not my role model any more. I’m disappointed with him. He could have made his life so much better, but ruined it.

    No, I don’t hate Jelena. I just don’t care anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you just said is stupid. Just because he has cussed, showed the birdie to someone and may have even had SEX doesn’t make him not a Christian. People screw up all the time, Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean that makes him perfect and How is he way to mature for his younger fans? That right there just sounds stupid. For the simple fact everyday he is getting more and more mature and older and you can help or change that fact. Just because he does certain things doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his fans.

      Justin is 17 years old and hasn’t really even lived his life, therefore he will be making lots of mistakes and learning what is best for him. If Justin decides to do things that maybe younger children shouldn’t see then it is the PARENTS responsibility to keep them from hearing or seeing whatever it may be. It is not Justin’s responsibility to make sure younger children don’t hear or see things Justin may decide to do or say. So for anyone to go and he isn’t this or that anymore you can’t really say that because we as fans are only seeing what Justin allows us to see.

      Now for the overly Obsessive girls who don’t even know Justin, Please get over the fact that he and selena gomez are dating. You girls so call yourselves “beliebiers” yet you hate on who he is dating. You people aren’t his fans one bit because if you were his fans and you loved him like you claim you do. Then you be totally happy for him because he is happy. I actual true fan wouldn’t care about who he is dating and what they decide to do. I true fan would be like “I may not like it but if Justin is happy then I’m happy”. I’m a actual fan of Justin and so is my sister. I am very happy for Justin and Selena since day 1 of them dating and as for my sister. She knows that her chances of actually meeting Justin is slim and she also knows that as a 100000% Beliebier that she is happy for Justin because he is happy. So get over yourselves and actually be a true fan.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t help or change that*

    • boggy

      Ok because he had sex you don’t like him you are dumb ..grow up that was his choice I’m sure if it was you and him fucking you wouldn’t think twice about it haha so just stop being a hater …you say your a Christian so before you say that again learn how to mind your own business and love before hating ……

    • no i do want them to have a baby selena gomez is 18 she dump selena gomez

      • selena is 18 and justin is 17 small than you i will want to kiss you jb i,am 17

  • Anonymous

    why do u guys love him



  • er i can live with it i love sam

    100% fine

    • megan patterson

      if they get married i will be mad and my freind will kill her shelf

  • im fine with that i love samxxxxxxxxxxx

    hi i like jb and sg there great i think we should be happy with there choice

  • meow

    girls, let’s face reality here. you don’t know him, odds are, you never will know him, therefore he will never ‘date’ you or be your boyfriend.. point being, don’t obsess over a person you don’t even know. & if you love him so much why are you hating on selena and justin being happy together? pathetic really.

    – i know this is rude but youse all need to have a reality check!! xx

    • rachel

      actually its so true hes famous all these girls they can ‘love’ him and all but they probably will never meet him so you make a really great point :]

    • elri deysel

      i am so happy for selena gomez and justin bieber , you are so good togheter my name is elri deysel from cape town i will leaf a comment for you two , selena love your musiek justin i have a friend antoine breitenbac
      h she is so ubsesed with you she does not stop talking about you , i told
      her if i see you in cape town i will call her and bring her to you . in english i wrote a news paper report about you and selena getting married
      and i was the wedding planner i wish i would be your wedding planner
      love Elri to SELNA and JUSTIN BIEBER love you lots like jelly tots
      selena what is your favourout color ??????????????????????????? elri

  • Anonymous

    100% NOT FINE LOL

  • rachel

    awww thats so cute i think they would make cute kids their both totally hot and their awesome

  • Stop hatin

    Ok all of you that are hatin on Selena and calling her names, STOP!!!!!!! No, I don’t love her, but I don’t hate her either. I don’t really like Justin, though. I mean like I said before, I dont hate him, but I don’t love him. I like both of their music, but I don’t like them, like their personalities.
    I think that Selena is stuck up, snobby and self sentered. I don’t think she really cares about her fans. I think Justin is full of himself. He thinks all girls love him. I don’t think he cares about his fans, either. All they care about is each other.
    All I’m saying is that even though most of you ” beliebiers ” are mad about Jelena, don’t hate Selena because most likely you’re never gonna meet Justin, but Selena has. If u were really a ” beliebier ” u would be happy for them. Just be happy that there’s ” one less lonely girl “

    • im happy for them 🙂

  • Stop hatin/ Layla

    Lol ” anonymous “. Yea Adam that was TOTALLY uncalled for!!!!

  • selena

    heya babe love ya sooooo much

    • mimi

      im ok with tat

  • I don’t agree what anybody says bout them cuz I knew Justin all my life and he tought us to never say never what when to that Justin I want that Justin back and want to meet him one day and say u need to worry bout ur fans to not just ur gf cuz that’s all u think bout is ur gf and I’m sorry I’m saying this but I think they should not have kids and just be friends like before!!!!?

  • Ok this is so werid and I don’t really like Selena with Justin around but when she is not around Justin I’m happy that’s werid I do that sometimes I like her music I do but not her personally really I don’t cuz she shows her back slot o my Gosh I can’t even look at her any more that’s why I’m not a big fan of Selena Gomez!?!!

  • Yeah maybe Selena is cuz she’s out of her mind really Selena trying to still my bf my only one I was gonna met wow Selena u r a fool of urself cuz if u weren’t that crazy to met Justin and get to do all u want with him and just change him….wow how would want a gf that dies that to u!!!

    • boggy

      Shut the fuck up uur stupid ..justin clearly doesn’t give a fuck aboit u haha

  • Davina

    Totally don’t cuz he taught us to never say never and we will marry him so never say never she is ment to be with him but a baby ur gonna give up ur career for a baby seriously that not a smart choice take the right choice remember a baby is alot of work and I don’t think any of ur fans would be happy so please not until this is a true relationship

  • Francie12345678910

    Hey Justin(: you guys are super cute together.,but having a baby,would be taking it a little to farr…it will ruin alot of things! Expecially your fans! I am a HUGE fan of you but I think ur a lil to young! But….ya know Respect the Biebs<3 love you!

  • ashly

    u are stuped and cute well you mary me i saw you in your underwears selena is going to dump u so mary me or i well put it on facebook ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i mean the picher in your underpants oh you now you were in the news with your underwears i’m 15

  • ashly

    is selena your firends

  • ashly

    do you have justin biver #

  • ashly

    see you tomorrow

  • heavenly

    hey i am a jb fan and i think that justin wouldnt give up on his belivers so dont get mad at him cause he found some one he truly loves and likes spending time with her when he can so dont be mad at justin and selena

  • Sometimes, you girls are funny. WAIT, I’m a girl too. Ok, I LOVE Jelena, you hate her. I say she’s pretty. You say she’s ugly. I say she’s clean, you say she’s a slut. Alright, if you’re a TRUE Belieber, you have to be happy for Justin, and Respect his opinion. Ok , she’s ugly. Whatever u say -.-‘ , HE LOVES HER, IF HE WANNA MARRY HER, DO YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP THEM????

  • mimi

    im ok with that

  • Ther’s really no problm if she wants to have kids for him nd dat shld b no body bizwax at all,bt d news of him being 51 is it really smetin true or its jst a rumor being heard.

  • I love Selena but hate justin cause he sucks

    • true jelena fan

      Shut up they are both amazing if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all love you both xxx

  • I AGREE 100% their babies will look cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this could ruin their carreers if they arent careful. But selena said justin is not the one and she doesnt want to marry him. Strange.

  • Shocking. but she said she doesnt want to marry him. WTH?

  • Anonymous

    Stop it guys you’ll make me cry

  • alexis

    i know this not business bu they r u young the be thinkin bout have kids she is older thyan him and if i wass his mom i would tell him to think bout it first because ………………………………….say no more but i really justin bieber i got a bf but i still think he is too young and they should get married first before starting a family and jus and jus mad rite now so ……………………………………………..

    • alexis

      loook so mad that i spell almost every word wrong

  • domo lova

    wh do everybody swear who gives a krap about justin and selena dating

  • miley cyrus is back with liam . also selena gomez on the red carpet said I do not know if I am in love and she was naked on google

  • laucria and knae

    thats so cute but i love jb more than selena and shes to ugly for him

  • fuck ur grilfriend jb go out with anyone forget the bitchhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Anonymous

      Why r u saying that ?!

    • okay… you don’t like me … but,i don’t care (;

  • selena rox


  • mari

    Please Visit us here in Georgia are still searching And I ask again that if Georgia were included in the gldanshi gamoivli I ‘m here a lot of your fans is a big fan… I love you till the last moment before the madness until the last breath , and in Georgia more than you have to have a fan page… Georgia is a very small town but I got this great big heart , and you can fit a lot here, so please arrive in Georgia.

  • Please Visit us here in Georgia are still searching And I ask again that if Georgia were included in the gldanshi gamoivli I ‘m here a lot of your fans is a big fan… I love you till the last moment before the madness until the last breath , and in Georgia more than you have to have a fan page… Georgia is a very small town but I got this great big heart , and you can fit a lot here, so please arrive in Georgia.

  • Please Visit us here in Georgia are still searching And I ask again that if Georgia were included in the gldanshi gamoivli I ‘m here a lot of your fans is a big fan… I love you till the last moment before the madness until the last breath , and in Georgia more than you have to have a fan page… Georgia is a very small town but I got this great big heart , and you can fit a lot here, so please arrive in Georgia.

  • SodaGirl

    They both made a good couple. I’m a beliebers. And I adore them both.
    Go Jelena! 😉

  • ashly


  • ashly

    listen losers ur just jelouse of gomez because shes beautiful,famous,and talented so just shut ur pie holes and give the girl a brake. p.s ur all losers that dont have lives ok.

  • have babies

  • clo

    i love selena gomez and justin bieber there are so good toghter

    • (: thanks … We love you too ! <3

      • pearl

        well miss gomez i love you alot

  • okay …. You don’t like Me … But I don’t care !! (; By:selenagomez …

  • chloe

    i love u if u and selena break up dont get any more girl friends because im your one less lonely girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love u oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • pearl

    now this couple is on a rolercoster of love,,,,,i know it does not make sense but what a great combination, but i think thAT they gonna be together for a very very long time

  • Anonymous

    even though I have a huge crush on her. selena is going to date whoever she wants and the same goes to Justin so everyone just be happy that they are happy. no reason to flip out.

    • Anonymous

      thats right dont flip outi cuz you have a huge crush on her i loveeeeeeeeee justin bieber u sholdd totally see my room lol well yeah i love justin bieber absolulty hes so freaking sexyy dudeee

      • ella

        I think justin bieber is so hot because has so freeking cute nipils and he is so sexxy i wish i could marrie him and my room got done by extrem mackeover and i got to meet him and take pictures with him:) so i got him painted on my walls and on my celling above my bed:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):::):::):)::)

        • Anonymous

          i have sa shirt of you and you are hot

        • i love so munch i want to marry you alot

        • he is so hot

        • Ino he soooooooooo sexyreply back

        • javia


    • Anonymous

      u r wird

      • Anonymous

        go to the hospital in the future.

    • :) laura

      Im still gonna flip out I love bieber (143) I love you

      • rhianna

        ilove you jb

    • I think your right we should be happy for them

    • i love selena gomez cause she is hot

    • just shut up


    • no

      • jennifer !!!!!!!

        they should break up and justin bieber should date victoria justice

        • jasmine

          GIRL GET A LIFE

        • Anonymous

          f*** you

        • Anonymous u r crazy who do u tink u r sayingf**ck u

      • yes

    • shut up

  • rosalinda

    justin is hot but a dork I think selena should get married with u cause u r so cute and hot but stiel a dork

    • Just stop they should not or get married have kids at that age soo everybody needs to stop and be shut up i think that he should date victorius

  • cutey lizy

    justin even though i think u r sooooooooo cute and sexy im not mad but u guys r the most cutest couple i have ever seen b4 in my life!!!!!!<3 FYI if u do have babies!!! make sure ur babies dont get bieber fever!!!!<3

    • Anonymous

      good answer but everyone won’t listen.i love selena gomez but u don’t seee me yaping about bieber so lets all face it there probably gonna get married and have babys and whenn were all older were going to be in different directions and we won’t like either of them anymore so all u biebberrrrrrrrrrrrr fans face it u can’t break them apart its there discionnnnnnnnnnnnnn not ours i do not mean to be mean at all but when were older were gonna have kids and then there gonna probably like one of them and were gonna say there not important so its better to let them make there own choice and don’t talk bad about them they don’t mean to hurt usss.

  • Pandii

    Ok, for all of you “fans” out there that you “hate” their realationship, you really need to freaking stop!. they don’t care what you have to say about their reealtionship! its “their” relationship not yours, you have no control over them!. you may love them, but your hurting them aswell. your hurting them by sendgin death threats to them. you have guys/ girls wanting to kill sSelena for Dating Justin. or you wanna kill Justin for Dting Selena! don;t you know how much your hurting them. i have 937 posters of justin and selena when they are together and before they were to gehter. you see them smileing but behind those smiles is pain. they are hurt, scared, and skittish. they have multiple bodygaurds around them! they are scared that if they go out togher they might not make it back to home!. so don’t you see that you have them soo scared that they are barley talking right now. they are barley making moves right now. bearley txting you now, barley doing anything right now! all be cause of you selfish, assinying, lowdown, dirty fans, trying to be big and bold about what you gonna like ” imma kill him for dating selena”, or ” if you break justin’s heart imma break you” or ” justinis gonna dye just for eeven dating selena that ugly whore”.. i mean come on!!!!! let them live! Justin has done nothing run! and Selena has Done Nothing wrong. so just leave them alone you ungreateful bastards! and for the “true fans”: THANKYOU SOO MUCH FOR BEING BRIGHT, AND SMART AND SUPPORTING, THEM, THANK YOU FOR BEING A BELIBER AND SELLOVER! THANK YOU SOO MYCH, JUST KEEP DOING THAT AND DONT TURN OUT LIKE THIS BASTARDS. SO STAY GREAT

    • You are so right, pandii. In my opinion those types of people who are going all out of their way to make threats about Selena and justin should stick to their own love lives lives.Selena and JB make a great couple.

      • Anonymous

        im mad

        • jasmine


    • Anonymous

      if they have babbies i won’t be jb’s fan 🙁

      • mb01

        why not?

        • megan

          i think you are cool and i like your music

      • Anonymous

        me 2 i hate justin man i use to like him but hes old now justin get a life i like selena better then u man

    • Anonymous

      I like that so much

    • Anonymous

      u r right about that i toooooooooootaly agreee.jb and sg are the best couple so everyone leave them alone cause ur all gonnna cause problems so stay out of it there so cuteeeeeeeee together even though i like selena gomez get over it people this isn’t the end of the world gosh my friends love justin bieber but i never herd htem talk bad about selena gomez.no buddy listens.thanks for reading.

  • selena gomez

    everybody on justin they need to be on selena cuz shes the one who want to have a child

    • Anonymous

      i usto love jb intill u take him out of my hart

    • Diana

      SG hi ar so lucky your wry JB:}:}:}:}:]:]:]:]LOL :):):):):):):}:} OMG :):):}:}

  • i just dont see why justin could not just get a dirrent girl there are planty of fish in the sea but nooooooo he had to pick the girl iI love

    • You really don’t know Selena Gomez enough to love her so get a life and find a real girl

      • Anonymous

        LOL thats true though go get your real girl!

  • you is mes up man you got a baby you need to stop

    • jasmine

      girl shet the fukk up with det lame ass shyt u cant prove there no damn evidence to prove that he is the father im like wft get a damn like u so lost in th e world i pray for people like u ..cause u a damn mes

    • Anonymous

      justin bieber and selena gomez did not have a baby if they did i would know all those magazeneas are lieing and theresoo cute together i could imagine a baby bieberdon’t break them apart your only making it worse even though i dont really like either of them and now i think there the bbest couple they don’t fight

  • well … 🙂 .. While all this so great and if you feel super good … because then that’s how we like to see them …. I support people who support and do not say I said the thought .. <3 ….kisses…..!!!

  • what the fuck i like justin bieber and i hate selena gomez that i want to kill her and if she dies im, happy , justin finds a girl its going to be me because i live in a 6 mansion and i want to fuck u in my room.SO bad that we make babies.

    • Anonymous

      you now what people who right this stuff on the internet is wrong i thank
      selena rocks i thank she is pretty so u people who ever is wrighting this stuff is wrong i now how it feels cause i get picked on selena u rock
      BYE …. alyssa

    • Your sick and u need a life too. JB WOULD NEVER GO OUT WITH YOU.he and Selena are in love so deal with it. Just to let u know people like you make me so sick I want to puke.like I said before GET A LIFE.

      • kimberly

        your wrong the can date each other ok and it’s not your chose it theirs be sides their not dating its just people making them date

    • mane wat the Fuuuck u one here tawkn bout go suck ass hoe

    • kimberly

      your wrong cuz Justin loves Selena and its not your chose its theirs. So don’t go all nut and say you want them to stop being bf and Gf also there not even dating its fake they just doing it for the people

    • kimberly

      Selena you can’t write that because your a jerk

    • kimberly

      Your a wrong it’s thier love life and you can’t have sex with him, Selena your a jerk.

    • cr

      u have a problem selena gomez is pob wayyyyyyyy hota dan u are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neeeeeeeeeeeee! Ő az én szerelmem és ezt én sírva írom. 🙁 Nagyon szomorú lettem amikor ezt elolvastam. Ugyanis én már évek óta szerelmes vagyok Justin Bieberbe. De most mégszerelmesebb vagyok belé és már depressziós vagyok amiért nem lehet velem. Ezt mondtam:”Nem akarok élni! Justin nélkül nem sikerül semmi!” Utána ordítottam mert nem bírtam ki tovább. Csak ő kell nekem. És ha nincs senki akkor csak ő kell örökre! És azért voltam ideges mert ez a halálnak a jele. Az idegesség. De én NEM AKAROK meghalni! Justinom olvasd el drága kincsem!

    • rebeka

      tudooom éééniis .. meg tudnám ölni


    JUSTINBIEBER AND SELENAGOMEZ ARE SO CUTE AS A COUPLE AND EVEN THEIR KIDS THEY SHOULD NEVER BREAK UP OR UN GET MARRIED I”M SELENAGOMEZ AND JUSTINBIEBER BIGEST FAN BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Selena Gomez, I am a big fan ove you. I am 9 and my name is Jessica

  • Gis

    I gotta admit im very jelous



  • If It’s A Boy It Will Be A Mini Justin But If Not It Will Be A Girl So It Will Be A Mini Selena Gomez

  • julianna

    you can’t have baby bc they be ulry

  • i love the both of them….but i dont want them together as in married…..

    • jazy


    • missy

      I really do they make a really cute cuple

  • I am Justins Number One Fan !!!! I am totally in love with him, I am only 11 years old and it sounds weird that i’m in love with a 17 year old. And I still like Selena Gomez and all, I don’t like it when people hate on her because Justin is going out with Selena Gomez. There a happy couple and there not going to break up because 75 people out of 5 billion people don’t like Selena Gomez. I am happy for Justin and I really wanna meet Selena and Justin 😀 I love you guys !

  • Its Taylor again,.. if you have any questions about Justin Bieber.. I can answer them im pretty sure.. I would be happy to if i dont answer them then i am dearly sorry 😀 I love Justin 😀 !! I know lots about Bieber so if I dont know a question I am sorry.. Don’t ask stupid questions like whats Justin Biebers phone number I wont tell you I know it.. No im kidding I wish I did !! 😀 So please no stupid comments or rude please !!

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway , and yes i do have a question for taylor bieber , and it,s not my presonal opioion that,s much im question is that it just about there parents how do they feel just by there own parents , may i ask , and second question just for selena gomez , her mother mandy tiff i just do,nt think mandy is not going to rase another child , love david b conway

  • They would have the cutest kid ever!!!

  • brittana

    i hate selena but justin is the sexiest 17 year old boy and he is too pretty for that ugly thing there this is my story so the end i love you justin

    • brittana

      im sorry for the response i was drunk

      • brittana


  • Anonymous



  • tiny mertenez

    i think selena gomez is so cool but not justin bieber like this 00000000000000000000000000 that why but i gust like his msice but
    i litten it like this 4 days but i litten to like this 100 days a week

  • somebody


  • mich


  • i think that a 18 yearold girl should be with a 17 yearold boy.its nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and not right.just sayinggggg.

  • missy

    Well I I’m nt a huge fan of Justin bieber but I love selena she is hot but all the haters hating my girl selena u need to stop ok if selena makes Justin happy and Justin makes selena happy then let them be ok they love eather and nothing ull say will break them up there love is strager then anything ok they make a cute cuple I hope this relationship last cuz selena DT derve to have her heart broking and nether does him so eungh with the bull shite ok ull just mad cuz he choose her and nt ull ok so let them be and I hope one day that can married eather and have keds cuz they both desrve a loving caring relationship in there life so I’m happy and proud of them so yay::))

  • missy

    Selena is nt pragent ok she wonts to have baby with jb but nt now she say later on in her in her life ok get ur facts stright and yes there thing about geting married jb says that selena is the love of his life that he is turly in love that even roumera will bt make him break up with love of his life and selena says that she is mad in love with him that they both have eathers heart and that is so sweet imlike i said im pourd of them they make a turly cut cuply and the bes part they arint lating no on bring them down yay for the both of them so all u haters FUCK OF!!!! ull just mad cuz u wish u can have a ture love like they do i swear if ull say ull a big jb fane and ull in love with him then ull should be happy cuz he fanly foud true love he finly found the one he can spant his life with even make a family to gather even walk down the ale with so if ull r true jb fans then ull she be happy for him and stop fucking thratning selena cuz then by doing that ur just hurting jb lil by lil cuz u know that by saying that to selena ur saying that to him to cuz that bis futher wafe to be that miss selena bieber to ull ok and all thouse doing that to selena jb will stop disliking u and u DT won’t that or do its ur chose ok selena my fav singer and jb cool so if ull won’t to be jb fan then all u have to do is back of selena ok jb and selena I’m happy for u both and I hope u two get merried and have kids cuz ull desvre that and more love u both::))

    • Anonymous

      you think

      • missy


  • i love them both !!!!! well i did until i started to read this post that a gurl rote on another website this is wht it said ” me and my friend where on tour for a photo shot and they were walking around and seen justin and selena and the one girl was so scared to go up to them and get a pic she had her friend do it so the one girl went up there and said ” can we get a picture ” and selena said ” no we are very BUSY !!!! ” and justin turned to her and looked at her like she was crazy and said ” we always have time for a fan selena ” and the two gurl’s did not want to piss her off so they walked away slow and just looked and selena says ” i hate your fans ” and little did she no that the gurl that went up to her had four selena gomez bracelets and then justin turned back and looked at them and muttered in a low voice ” SORRY I LOVE YOU ” and hurried up and turned around so selena gomez did not see him do it …….. and the 1 gurl was so mad she felt like throwing the damn bracelet at selena’s head 🙁 ~ you should pick me justin 🙂 <3 but i still aint gunna dis her they are in love i guess but it seems like she is using him sooooooo 😛 w/e i love you justin

  • JUstin bieber

    i love selena gomez now leave her alone

  • ashely

    I dont care selena if you and justin bieber are going to have a baby im happy for you and jb.

  • ashely

    You are stupid because your going to have baby and because your baby is going to be ulgly

  • fuck selena

  • kamiev

    f**k them

  • i am just happy for em

  • sasha monteenez

    lets fuck each other so hard jb 🙂 hehehehheheheehehehehe 😛

  • i Hope that they dont cuz i really hate selena .. and F they did am pretty sure that they will be UGLY kids just like selena .. ( JB ) plz dont marry here .,

  • YvonneyDaSwagger

    Hey i’m jealous of em being together but i am happy from them that their getting married and stuff!!

    Jelena For eves

    Selena <3 Justin

    • Aless Bieber

      Haahaa yeaaa
      JELENA 4 EVA!!

  • Peace@Irene

    I confess i love Justin bieber and i LOVE Selena Gomez but the don’t go together i think they should break up it would all be publicity!!! 😛


  • i think selena gomez and justin bieber should be together they look so cute together don’t you agre

  • they should not be happy together . justin actully is cheating on selena with miley cyrus dont like him selena hes cheating on you

  • Diana

    Justin is soo cute 2 be going out athletes Selena Gomes

  • Diana

    Justin has cutee hair i like how he whips his hair. Selena is the luckiest girl the hole wide world.:):):}:}:}:D


  • if you have a baby i willnever listen to your music any more thanks kayla.

  • Anonymous

    omg that is so right

  • Aaliyah

    Justin how could you like seleana Gomez she is the ugliest girl I have ever seen you should date Demi Lavat just saying DUMP SELEANA GOMEZ!

  • Anonymous

    ola soy andrea nose

  • i lov selena gomez

  • i hate justin bieber

    • Anonymous

      my to

      • shannon

        is selen pregunt

      • Anonymous

        hes a bitch

    • Anonymous

      you hate him but i like his ok


      • Justins number one fan

        True i think they go great together and they are so cute wish i had some one like him.

        love ya justin xxx

      • i love you justin

        that persons right there just geliouse because they dont have selina

        • madison

          I NOW RIGHT

      • madison


    • Anonymous

      I agree

    • madison

      you suck you hore



    • Michelle

      I really wouldn’t say hate but I dislike him. Selena is amazing and Justin is a loser. Ha dosen’t deserve a girl like her.

  • Anonymous

    fuck they storie maan

    • i love you justin

      shut up ugly

      • junebug

        Fucker u better not be talking to me

    • Anonymous

      ASS HOLE

  • danyelle

    I love u Justin bieber you are the best fan ever. I am 15 years old

  • You couldn’t be more right on.

  • marwan saad

    how can a girl marry a girl

  • Luci

    Justin and selena make a cute couple but id make a better one.xxx



  • marah


    • Justins number one fan

      we this is what its all about

  • marah

    i ma 11


  • dj

    fuck justin



  • Lv them both



  • Someone Somewhere

    They are the cutest couple in the woooooooooorld!

  • Unknown

    I really don’t care about Hollywood stars and their personal lives it’s their own business and some might say I’m a hater or more but I really want to know what a girl like Selena Gomez see in a guy like Beiber ……
    I mean she’s cute and charming she definitely deserves more than Beiber (no offense) that is just my humble opinion ….
    Note: By saying that I don’t mean that I fancy her; no sane man can deny the fact that she’s cute and charming ….

  • Anonymous

    i think justine bieber and should get married. i am 7 years old.

  • Michelle

    I think they should just break up I don’t like Justin I really hate hI’m.

  • dusty cox

    hey justin my name is dusty and i am your #1 fan i think tht i may not like tht selenas datiing you and not me but you and selena make a good couple and yalls kids will be so cute if u have any kids

  • i love you dont listen to the others you two are the best couple ever i love selenas acting and singing and justines singing you guys rock

  • I love jb I have pictures of him posters jewlry perfume. I see all the thing she does and trips like the one when him and selena went to Hawii .All I wish is to go to one of his concerts and have a picture with him.

  • WHAT?? Justin Bieber is to yunge to have a babiesand get merried with selena is 18 years old and justin bieber is 17 years old hes to yunge to get merried to selena gomez i think Justin Bieber should wait till he get’s older and selena gomez should also wait till she get’s older they should take this marrage and babie thing a timeout. When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get older then they can get merried and have babies when they get merried and have babies they will make a great cuple and Justin Bieber will make a great husband and Selena gomez will make a reat wife they will make a great family 4ever those 2 lovebird’s will make a cute,happy family with there kids boy/girl. I am not a justin Bieber fan at all i am just posting this on here so you guy’s know that Justin Biber is way to yunge to get marryed to Selena Gomez. Maybe it will be a boy/girl or a boy/boy or a girl/girl or twins i hope its girl/girl because baby girls are just so cute with here tiny feet and there tiny hands,tinymouth,tinynose to

  • Mariah

    I’m reading everyone’s comments laughing everyone is so dramatic!!! i love u Justin i love u Selena. so if this is all true just go for it do what u want dont let your fans boss u around. love u guys<3

  • katlynn


  • han

    hate u

  • han

    love youu fukin idot

  • Arko

    So wht !
    keep goin, if u guys lyk each other.. 🙂

  • abigel

    ommmmmg!!nonono!fuck u bitch!!u are a cheap bitch selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stfu,mather fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!hate hate hate hate hate hate,i hate u selena (bitchlena) i hate u !!justin i <3 u ,but men ,omg i realy don't want to they have sex or babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'cause i hate she!!hate hate hate!!stfu stfu !!!mather fakaaaaaaaaaaa!! i hated this bitch 4 years ago but now meeeeeeeeeeeen,bitch bitch!!!mather fucker!!they will not have babies!!because i'm coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1coming to you coming to u!!!stfu

  • Sue

    Stop the hate. Let them live how they want to. Cyber bullies.

  • MishelleBieber

    cant blame her ;D

  • isabella

    shut up ok

  • Josh Anderson


  • i like you and you are pretty

  • you are pretty

  • thank you

  • justin i dont think u should be with Selena cos i am Ur number one fan and also she is 1 year older than u. i am not jealous i cant fukin stand her bein wiv u shes a slag who only dates u 4 the money i am not lyin even check through any magazines u find justin , selens does not deserve u ur way better i should know im a 19 year old i buy nearly the whole shop i love u justin beiber go away selena slag i think ive got the beiber fever love y’all expect slagy selena

  • samantha

    i love them they are such a cute couple they are so cute together they will make the cutest babies ever i hope they have kids and get married <3 i love them and i love her clothing line at kmart and i love evverything about him i love them <3

  • elyse

    OMG did i just here that words baby and she is the one for me i am shocked but i am SO happy for Justin because i love Justin SO much and if he is heart i am too even tho i am like SO jealous
    of Selena right now and i would want to be with Justin SO badly i am still happy it is Selena so good luck Justin and i will just have to deal with the pain of not having u as my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i LOVE u Justin<3<3

  • Justin bieber is so stupid!!!Although Ima girl,I want to have sex with Selena

  • Amy

    Would you guys have sex with me???

  • Amy

    Whats with all the cussing :??

  • Amy

    I need some advide,if Ilike this boy,but me and my bff made out,should I stick with her or go for the boy??

    • Go with the girl.Boobies before the guys

  • she is shtyopid i want to have sex with juston bever

  • hi Justin i just want to say you are very ugly and stupid selena must be faking if she loves you your hideous.

  • You are not hot to have a girl like Selena.You are a HUGE JERK.JB sucks.JB sucks.

  • jb is a fat bich fucking ass suker ugly pisser possy sucker hor bich mothersucker

  • Sasha - Lee

    Hey guys, this is getting really ridiculous, fans of Justin are threatening Selena Gomez and some of her fans are threatening Justin Bieber, it’s none of ur business if they’re dating or having sex, u don’t need to know, boys u are just jealous of Justin and girls ur just jealous of Selena, if they make a mistake and have sex and if Selena falls pregnant, that’s none of ur business, but I don’t believe in such nonsense, I am a huge fan of Selena and Justin, and I also have a crush on Justin, but I’m still a huge fan of Selena and I will not turn my back on 1 of my favourite celebrities cuz she’s dating Justin Bieber, and I don’t think she will get pregnant cuz she wears a purity ring, so guys just back off and let Selena and Justin have their moments, they are such a cute couple

  • hthfghy

    i like selena

  • Thanks-a-mundo for the article. Amazing.

  • saba

    hi i am from iran i just can say i hate selena and justin

  • justin u sing like a girl i hate u

  • fuck u guys

  • Marie

    If Justin is happy, me too. It’s so sweet that Justin loves Selena so much!! The sweeetest couple ever. #JELENA love 🙂 Everyone, don’t be mad.. <3

  • yolanda

    serian muy lindos unos hijos de ellos!! seria sensacional!! ay que apoyarlos

  • awesome me

    They are the cutest couple ever. Go Jelena!

  • sasha

    i luv u jb soooo muchhh,… i wanted to marry u:) but anyway i understant u nd selena make a perfect pair… 🙂


    Thats good anyways every1 shud stop bein jealous cause you NEVER GUNNA MEET HIM EVER IN UR LIFE TIME SO STOP DREAMING

  • Anonymous

    i am gonna kill that bitch : )

    • you’re a bitch. Let them be happy and find yourself another man. It’s not like Justin is the only man in the world. She got to him before you did =p
      And if you just hate selena just to hate then get a fucking life. She lives way better than you and shes more talented than you.

    • Biebs.Gurl

      GO GURL!! :)) WE KILL HERR!! xD

  • i hope they do make babies i hope they come out pretty

  • I think all you people should let all celeberties live their own personal lives. If Justin and Selena are having sex or not that is their own business and no one else. Every one who hates on these actors/singers get a life and get some some fame because it seems like you envy them. All they are doing is their passion and trying to give the public entertainment. Now when it comes down to their personality then WHO CARES that’s personal. Fucking haters all you guys do is talk shit without knowing shit. Let people do whatever they want and stop judging. Let ’em be!

  • A big thank you for your article.Much thanks again. Will read on…

  • That Slut!

    Ok…..well she wont LET her self get preg…….doesnt mean they wont have YOU KNOW WAT with protection.
    Shes half mexican and hes canadian white. I dont see themselves togetehr even tho a part of me (tiny) is hispanic. Now……i rilly hope they split cuz shes 2 yrs older than him. Shes turning 20 this year and he turned 18 last month. Hes finally taller than her….but STILL.
    They arent good together. Hes always after half spanish girls with black hair. He left Caitlyn Beadles just cus she wasnt famous and “didnt” get his fame.
    Now im trying to keep this as mature as possible despite my name.
    Lets just hope Justin truly finds the one.
    MY OPINION: Justin tried to get with Miley Cyrus b4 he got Selena. We all saw the pic of him on a friendly date with her. The reason he didnt?
    Bye now.

  • T-Bone

    Justin don’t propose to her you don’t know what will happen to you ILL SAVE U JUSTIN! !!!!!!!! from ugly nasty selena Gomez JELENA MUST END AND BECOME JAYLOR OR TUSTIN

    • mrsbieber


  • T-Bone

    If they have a wedding I’m gonna crash it seriously look out selena I’m coming for my bieber grrr …..

  • deisy

    Heres a conceited male prostitute and a rich kid of mieda you you do not deserve to the selena for anything kid.

  • I luv jb I’m a lil bit jel of Selene g but she is well pretty

  • Biebs.Gurl

    No.No.No. This can’t be happening! O.o OH MY FREAKIN FUCCKIIIIIIIIN GOSH!! That can’t be true!! OH EM GEE!! I Admit I do hate Selena Gomez but.. if Justin is Happy.. then.. I’ll Fuckin Die Happy For Him! ! :3

  • Biebs.Gurl


  • savannahbieber

    i want that to be me sad face

  • savannahbieber

    i’m that one less lonely girl

  • Anonymous


  • That would be coo having kids with JB

  • Kill her

    OMFG can I kill her now seriously. She is using him and I can’t believe he can’t see that. “He is her first love” Yeah ok no one can fall in love with the first guy she meets or goes out with

  • selena Gomez

    OhhhMyyyJesusss Yayy Its On Stop Talkinqq Shit

  • gess what im justin beibers couisn and i could get some one free tickets

  • im justin biebers friend and i could get anyone free tickets if what

  • Anonymous

    He is a stupid little dumb ass celebrity go to hell!

  • morgAN


  • Anonymous

    Suck your dick bitch!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about this but stop being assholes and get a life BITCH!

  • mrsbieber

    wow i dont think he knows all the trouble he is going to get himself into now, all i can say is PLEASSEEEE use protection justin,

  • Anonymous

    go to the heald lah every body…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I’m going kill jb & sg because i hate them…………………………………………………2

  • Anonymous


  • Hi

    There babies R gonna be but ugly


      I MEAN THE COMBO IS SO UGLY EVAN IF THEY ARE IN “love ” . They might not Evan handle it or Justin might leave Selena to take care of the babie by herself

  • megan

    yall need to stop cussing at her and him let them live there love life with out yall in the middle of it please!!!!! i think that they are a good match and they dezrve too have kids~!!!! 🙂

    • jaliyah

      your right

  • SmileForBiebs

    im jealous of a flat girl, no boobs or ass ? oh really? u need to shut the fuck up, selena is using our idol for fame and all we do is sitting and watch this bitch using our love ? no , hell no ! BACK OFF BITCH

  • justin and selena fan

    i love justin bieber and selena gomez they r cute together i love their songs

    • justin and selena fan

      i love jb and sg i just love them so much

      • i love justin bieber

        i love justin bieber and selena gomez to

  • justin and selena fan

    justin bieber and selena gomez im there # 1 fan and you guys cant stop them 4 dateing let them be

  • justin and selena fan

    u guys need to back off let justin and selena be

  • justin and selena fan

    i do my own songs so far i did 47 songs

  • justin and selena fan

    i love selena gomez and justin bieber forever

  • deny

    Todavía creo que es sólo una mentira Esta datación es una estafa

  • gerbana

    ohh hell to the no she aint saybthat. that bitch

  • jaliyah

    I love yu justin <3

  • kiki

    I love yu justin!!!!! <3

  • jaliyah

    I think justin and selena is perfect for each other

  • Kelsey

    Is Selena Gomez pregant with Justin bieber

    Love Justin biebers number 1 fan and I am a true believer

  • heather michelle long

    i totes think this is an aranged realationship i mean there just not right for each other i mean they break up every 5 minetes if u agree reply yes if u dont reply no

  • Jessica

    Ok instead of saying how much you hate Selena how about being happy for them. Even if Justin bieber and Selena Gomez weren’t dating what are the odds Justin will date you? Also then if he did date you how would you like everyone saying how much they hate you? You don’t have to like Selena but it would be very appreciated if you did make fun of her on the Internet were she can’t defend herself!!!

  • Anonymous

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!! ‘!!!!!!!!

  • Lily

    Eh how sad. This is shit.

  • shiny

    I love u jb and selena gomez as a fan I think u should u 2 just wait for babies bc jb u r 17and selena gomez u r 18 years old u r to. YoungTo have babies I’m sorry its true I’m sorry I got a question for both of you r u married I’m just asking if u r congratz u to I love u both as a fan so yep

  • 620900 414270quite good post, i surely really like this fabulous internet site, persist with it 853053

  • i have a huge crush on JB ♥ him so much

    JB and SG a.k.a (Jelena) blong 2 gether I support Jelena no matter wat

  • jhontel mckinley

    hi Justin and Selene i hope that you both enjoy the life you both have and the time of your life

  • JennyHalyzTaylor

    Oh My Gosh
    Selena Your Just A LilGirl Selena Okay Justin Is Not Ready For That
    And You Know That. So Why Early
    Your So Going To Emessbing Yourself In Front Of EveryOne.
    So Why Not When Your 24yrs old And Justin 31yrs old.
    I’m Happy For You Too. But Not Anymore.

    JustinBieber Belongs To JasmineVillages <3

  • JennyHalyzTaylor

    Oh My Gosh

    Selena Are You Crazy.
    Your To Young For That.
    And I’m Not I’m 14yrs Old

    I Love You JustinBieber<3

  • jernie

    thay whant to be to gether so thaht them