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Justin Bieber – BABY [Remix]

Wow!! This one of the best remix I’ve ever heard.

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  • maddie

    WOW!!! Where is the DOWNLOAD button!!!

  • THE.biggest.Belieber

    omg!! i actually used flvto.com to make this into a song to put on my ipod!!!!

  • belb

    wow this is amazing! it really does the song good. go justin!!!!

  • p4tryk

    So awesome. It could be version 🙂

  • Milane

    I love it ! 😀 So good this version.

  • Woow this is the best song ever i heard in my life…<3 love you jb

  • Patricia

    Wow this would be great for dancing to at a club or party. Love it <3

  • Rebekah


  • Anonymous

    Nice baby

  • molly33

    kidin me

  • molly33

    I love your new song BABY REMIX Justin Bieber

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber baby love me love
    nadine jb love

    • justin bieber nadine

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  • justin bieber nadine

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  • ilse

    justin bieber

    i love you so mutch
    I will never get the chance to see you on but I do anything to make sure that I can see you once

    x ilse