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justin bieber glasses 2011

11 Year-old Texas mayor declares a “Justin Bieber Way”

The 11-year-old “mayor for a day” of a Dallas-area city knows what her first major act in office will be: Renaming part of Main Street for teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Way

A temporary sign for “Justin Bieber Way” went up Tuesday during a ceremony in Forney, Texas.

City Manager Brian Brooks says the request came from 11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez. She won a contest meant to get young people interested in municipal government. She’s active in student council, recycling and community service projects.

Brooks says city officials weren’t able to reach Bieber to invite him to Forney, which is about 15 miles east of Dallas.

The tween politician’s act won’t cost the community much. Officials say the sign was made for about $20 and would only be displayed Tuesday.


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  • JDBforever

    Those glasses…that hair….those eyes….those lips. YUM.

    • bebzgirl

      so true:)

  • Cloud Pauler

    I want to live on tht street!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Rosemary

      me too

      • bebzgirl

        what ….

  • Rosemary

    wen i saw this…i just laughed and smiled

  • dude i love that girl….that is so leggit…i would do that in a heart beat…but then my parents would probally yell at me no offence but they dont like canadians …si i would never take bieber to my house in less i wanted him died but never in a milloin years would i want the biebz dead 🙁

  • Dhea Bieber

    NeVer SaY NeVer 😀

  • Destanee Fillinger

    I want him!!

  • puja

    i love u justin

    • bebzgirl

      i love jb and live for him xxxxx

  • bebzgirl

    i love jb so much that i cry when i wached never say never. my drem is to meet him he is amazing i love himxxx

  • bella

    ilove jb and iam crazy for him i think he ,ake me feel happy from this life
    jb I love U SO MUCH ………………………..!

  • yamila

    never say never – Justin i love you <3

  • yamila

    ven a argentina buenos aires te amo con todo mi corazon <3 NO CAIGAS SIGUE TUS SUEÑOS TODO ES POSIBLE <3