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Justin Bieber Stratford Tour Map: “Bieber-iffic Map to Stratford”

Stratford, Ontario has always been known in Canada for their Shakespeare theatre festival held each summer but nowadays it’s getting better known as the town Justin Bieber came from.

As JB gets more famous, Beliebers from Canada, USA, and around the world make special trips to Stratford to see and take pictures of where Justin grew up, the Avon Theatre where he now famously used to busk, the schoosl he attended, and all the many places he Ryan and Chaz used to hang out at and where Justin went on his first date (King Buffet)!!

Everyone knows that Justin is from Stratford, Ontario and he is our favorite pop star. Although he is an international musical sensation, he still comes back to visit his good friends. Growing up in Stratford there were lots of places that he hung out at or have special meaning for him – from the steps of the Avon Theatre where he first started singing and earned enough to take his Mom to Disneyworld to the place he went on his first date. We have created a map to help you take a tour of Justin Bieber’s Stratford – the schools he went to; the ice cream parlor he went to after soccer games and the skate park where he learned his moves for his videos.

This has been in the plan for a long time but Tourism officials from the city of Stratford have now released a Justin Bieber Stratford tour map. Check it out. Click on the picture below to make it bigger.

Makes a good computer wallpaper for stalkers! Muahahahaha. And where is Tim Hortons??? Oh snap!


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    I need to go to Canada! ;P

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  • JustinBieber

    This is kinda creepy


  • kate

    this is so creepy but cool haha & there are probably tim’s around everywhere 🙂

    • dbag

      there are not everywere olny near canada because they suck all that place is an over priced subway but subway is better tim hortons suck thats why justin sucks too

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    Hahaha cool map (:

  • Georgie

    I HAVE DONE THIS TOUR 😀 i went to canada last year and my uncle and aunty took me there <3 it was so amazing asdjfasdjfkaldfkjakf

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  • my country is beutiful eh? and yes there is tims everywere!!! ik how to get to stratord form windsor, essex county, ontario… so go to windsor go to the 401
    ( highway BTW ) then u find the exit tht should be on the left from the 401 and follow a road until u get to stratford. oh u should also visit Canadas Wonderland! and Muskoka Woods!!!

    • dbag

      canada sucks ball sack justin needs to be deported back to your shitty ass country

  • Rebekah

    Wheres my map?? LUV YOU JUSTIN

  • Jessica

    There are only 4 Tim Hortons in Stratford actually.
    One on Huron near the high schools (St. Mikes and Northwestern – they are attached and Justin was in 7/8 at Northwestern P.S. which is a separate wing in the high school – top floor actually), two on Ontario (one which is uptown near all the shops and such and the other across from the mall), and one on Erie going out of town which is the truck route…


  • Jessica

    Oh and if anyone is seriously interested in getting their hands on a Justin Bieber’s guide to Stratford map, I may be able to help… I live in Stratford and the tourism place here has a ton of them printed!


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