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Justin Bieber is an inspirational and gracious good kid

Russell Simmons on Justin Bieber:

“Justin is a very down-to-earth and gracious kid. He hangs out with Diggy a lot so he comes to my house. He’s very nice, same way he is, he’s great. He’s an example, an inspiration because a lot of kids can look at him because he is still grounded and he doesn’t seem to be affected in any way and it’s really up to you to be affected or not, he’s a gracious good kid.”

Russell Simmons is the founder of Def Jam Records (Island Def Jam is Justin’s record label), president of Phat Farm, and the uncle of Diggy Simmons (Russell and Reverend Run are brothers.)

See: Justin Bieber, Diggy & Russell Simmons planking on Russell’s yacht

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  • Ke$ha:piloveeeeJB

    First comment whoooo! Annd well duh he’s graciouse and kind. They ledt out HOOOOOT;p

  • Patricia

    Its nice to know that Justin is still a humble and grounded person. Its why we love him 🙂

  • shradha kanojia

    i really love justin. i think just by writing i cant express my thoughts .but i am really a big fan of justin. i am reallu inspired by him.lots of best wishes for him