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Why is Justin Bieber touching my ass?

justin bieber touching ass

Why is Justin Bieber touching my ass?

LMAO! omg I kill myself.

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  • Lilly

    THAT KOALA IS A LUCKY ASS MUTHA FUDGER!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOO man even a koala met Justin Bieber & im sitting here in my room, Kissing my comp screen everytime he pops up….. FML! -.-“

    • hey ur right i go on google evrey night and put in justin bieber on images and i snog the computer screen that sexy justin bieber mwa love ya me and u are the no.1 fans enit bruv ya get me babe are bieber babe xx

  • amber

    awww!!! how cute!<3

  • damn!!! you lucky koalaa!! haha take it all in, that is the best moment of ur lifee!! lol

    • nonono

      You almost killed me, still can’t stop laughting on that one.
      Koala is probably thinking : Never Say Never.

  • sylvie

    yeeee <3

  • sylvie

    touch my ass JB:d

  • Soamina

    Damn! Come touch MY ass!! It wants it way more than that koala!! And what’s funny is that, that koala will never know how lucky he got in one lifetime! And why the fuck is Justin gonna go touch a koalas ass when there are so much BELIEBERS out there that would go crazy if he even looked at them!!

    • Patricia

      Omfg I love your comment. This

      • Anonymous

        ohhhhhhh i have big pibice

    • Iluvjustin

      I know a person on instagram that went to Justin’s concert and he looked at her and she looked at him and she started crying and Justin smiled

  • nonono

    What is Selena doing on that tree ? lol

    • TrueBieberBabe


    • lol funnyyyy

    • Anonymous

      She is.and that’s too damn funny!!

  • JelousHoar

    Well. Im Going To Ask a Gene For My Three Wishes. 1st one is.. Let Justin Bieber Touch My ass. 2nd… let justin bieber marry me. and 3rd…. kill selena gomez. :DDD

  • JustinsOnlyGirl

    K this koala bear is freaking lucky as hell. Like no justin come touch my ass . like uch this koala is just sitting in a tree , and justin touches it. and im here sitting in my bedroom (which by the way you cant see the pink i covered it up with jb posters), crying cuz ill never ever ever get to kiss him or even have a conversation with him. BUT I DONT GET JUSTIN BIEBER TO TOUCH MY ASS. wow this world is a messed up, unfair place. and does anyone notice it looks like selena… wait no i would be insulting the koala bear. lol no im sorry i love selena im just so jealouse.

  • Georgia

    Where was this taken I mean I know it was in austrlaia but where queensland, sydney or Melbourne ?????

    • Patricia

      I think that its a recent picture from Brazil.

      • Hello :)

        Koala’s are australian ! So that means in AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • koala is lucky jb touch koala omg my wish selena is koale and i am justin girlfriend how sweet

  • erin and natalie bieber


  • erin and natalie bieber

    I bet selena is soooooooo jelous muahahahaah

  • Amanda,qaqamba ndzo

    Wow wat a cute pic justin

  • Amanda,qaqamba ndzo

    I hate u selina gomez u little top slunt

    • jennifer

      wtf stop saying that to selena only cuzz yu cant gqet any from no one yur such a female doqg i swear :p

      • jennifer

        nd not just yu any body that says somethingq like to selena justin loves her nd she loves him let them be happy yu dumbasses that makes me efen MADD >:O

      • Heyyyyy

        Seriously female dog??? Can’t you just say bitch!!

    • pengyuin

      OMG people its a picture of Justin and a koala……. STOP talking bout selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    awwww this is so cute. But Justin needs to come over here and touch my ass and more πŸ˜‰ Great so now Im jealous of a Koala bear lol.

  • HI

  • Amanda,qaqamba ndzo

    Ow justin cnt touch ur ass h cm only touch m ass

  • erin bieber


  • Ooount’ que meiigos *-*

  • jennifer

    He probbably didnt even try to touch it nd yu gquys rr efen stupid motherefers :p

  • haha,that koala is lucky.btw,that’s cute! <3

  • herpderp

    well, for one thing… the koala is hotter than selena can ever dream of being. thats for sure

    • Hello :)

      cyber bullying selena isn’t going to get you Justin! and it doesn’t make you a better person for saying horrible things about someone online!

    • Heyyyyy

      Justin won’t like you more if u r mean to Selena!! So why don’t you just stop being mean!!

  • boybielieber

    All of the KOALA stuff had me laughing my ass …the Selena Gomez comments were overboard..I like her so let’s leave her alone..luv JB…luvving his #NEWALBUM

    • herpderp

      cool that ur a boy belieber, but darn you for liking gomez.

  • Vaishnu S.K.

    LOL , that Koala does’nt knows how lucky it’s bums are!!

  • don’t we all wish?(; hahahaha

  • Stephy

    Figgin luckiest Koala EVER!!! Γ–

  • pengyuin

    HAHAHAHAHA thats funniest pic !!!!!!!!!! but hey guys stop hating on selena shes not that bad……

  • Ellie

    How much I wish I was that koala!

  • JB Fan

    wow i wish i could have been that koala! LOL i love that pic!
    But why was justin bieber felling the ass of a koala?
    LOL i love justin he is so fucking funny

  • Robin

    Heyy Justin bieber

  • yo

    justin and the koala are adorable πŸ˜€ fianlly non-jelena posts yay

  • Tyra Woods

    Ok so let me put this down,
    We all hate Selena because she is dating JUSTIN BIEBER,
    but we love her songs?
    We all hate cyberbullying,
    then why would you do it to her?
    We all Dont wanna get bullied,
    then stop being the bully.
    Selena Gomez did nothing but be a normal teenage girl she liked a guy and she went for him there is nothing wrong with that.
    She is stunning and has a GREAT voice.
    She is a funny person and a great friend with an honest mind.
    So please be mature about what you say about her because words cut real deep.
    Just go back and re-read your comments and think to yourself if you were famous would you want someone saying that (for everyine to see) about you.
    It would make you depressed so pls cut out the stupid drama .
    being jealous is aloud but don’t flaunt it in her face.
    If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.
    Treat others how you want to be treated πŸ™‚
    Thx and God Bless <3
    Tyra Woods

  • Funny:)


    like fer real this is soooooo freaken hilarious i cant stop laugh
    cuz this FUNNNNNNNAY πŸ™‚



  • Crystal


  • Robin

    Ya and why people don’t like selena and I like her and ik that they dating and I just like the same person if they are dating someone

    • Crystal


  • Robin

    Cuz it is true

  • MishelleBieber

    lmao! im killing myself reading these comments XD damn lucky koalala O.O

  • beliebtioner

    OMYGOD I CANT πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • I love hem

  • Robin


  • Robin

    Hey justin bieber happy 18th birthday

  • Anna patrici


  • sajad

    i lonve you justin

  • jb fan

    jb has a funny ass