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Justin Bieber is a meat head!!

justin bieber meat head

The Justin Bieber Meat Head

Eww, Ewww, Ewwwww! lol Would you eat that?

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  • Patricia

    WTF?!?! Who would make something like that? They made Justin look fat lol.

    • Anonymous

      That’s because,Justin Bieber is fat.Lol!

      • Anonymous

        just in beber u are hot text me back love,sydney,angel,julia,and kyrsten

      • Anonymous

        ture that

    • Anonymous

      We made it in our kitchen at Roskilde Festival 2011

      Niels Thelke

  • i love Justin Bieber but i will never eat that

  • Anonymous

    Never in my life would I makenorneat that….

  • cristine joy lumagbas

    hey justin ,…. u look so funny ,,,,….. lol

  • Lilly

    Sincerely… I would eat that 😀

    • b

      hey whom are u,are u a meathead chick,wanna give me head,u meat head

  • Vaishnu S.K.

    Hey!!! It’s not fare… I’m vege. , u sld try some thing wd vegetables. LOL :-D:-D

  • who ever put this photo on st8 off uuuuuuuuu

  • Hope Bieber

    i would eat it if it were cooked… but otherwise… EWWW!

  • NEliza


  • Anonymous

    If it’s a Justin Bieber cake,DON’T eat it!

  • Hohoho’ OMG *-*

    I liked it was chic! APOSKOPAKSPOAKS’

  • Anonymous

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