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justin bieber arthur christmas

Justin Bieber “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” music video set


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  • JB

    I love his voice 🙂 it is just so melodic.

  • v

    I`m sad because you JB i love you so much and i can´t wait for see you , my heart hurts all the time . I can´t see you , i can´t love you , i can´t touch you , i can´t tell you how i feel now ,how my heart beats for you all the time , every day , every week , every second . I love you , i need you rithg now .
    I can´t stop think of you . I´m Argentinian

    • Anonymous

      No offence mate but, You’ve got SERIOUS problems. You keep going on depending on a popular superstar, you’re never gonna find happiness with someone who deserves you.

    • Anonymous

      How ever you are JB is my bofrend so get your but awafrume him you gotet loser read this I hope you liket so remenber I told you his mine louser sucer

  • Anonymous

    over dramatic much now arent we

    • anonyyy

      hahahahaaaaa my thoughts exactly, v sounds like some derranged stalker pervert I mean I love the biebs, but get a grip

  • zoe ann teague

    give up love with justin ok all you wannabe lovers you are all shit to justin ok yes i said it i dont care if you do like my comment but if you dont you can go fuck your self

    • Baabiebs

      Calm down … You don’t need to be aggressive .

  • naghme

    you know i love the classic about every thing so i love justin and i guess i will love santas coming to town musicvideo.

  • Hope Bieber

    Lol love it when he puts his hands on his cheeks :3 cutie pie!

  • .......

    i love justin bieber

  • latifa

    wow justin bieber is makin a new song wow i can wait to hear it

  • Davina

    Omgosh Never thought He’s new songs where so good Ilovehim!

  • Anonymous

    He said “like” 10 times 🙂 He’s so CUTE <3

  • Alex Johnson

    When does the Music Video air???

  • ece

    lol i love you justin 😀

  • I love you justin bieber i love your song santa claus is coming to town

  • No Escke Se Paso Amo Ese Video Es Muy Bueno Lo Amo A El Es Mi Modelo A Seguir Con Su Esfuerzo Todo Me Emociona Y Me Pone Orguyosa Saber Cke Soy Una BELIEBER’

  • .my.baby.is.JB.I.LoVe.you

  • Rosemarie

    These pics are eppic they make him look so dam sexy (oh wait he is always looking sexy) i always come here to look at the pics and all the latest news about Justin and i love it loads. xxx

  • melisa

    this comment is for the girls how are in love with JB witch includes most of the people who left a comment here.seriously! a 17 years old boy?nan you is ever to going to be with Justin.ever…never ever ever.pleeeeeeeease be realistic girls.how did any of you ever think that that’s gonna happen.all of you are paranoid.I really feel sorry for all of you