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justin bieber underwear showing

Justin Bieber’s underwear drives girl crazy

Justin Bieber caused hysteria after accidentally flashing his underwear in a restaurant on Wednesday.

The teen heartthrob decided to relax after shooting his special Christmas concert performance for The Today Show. He chose to dine out with his security team at Serendipity 3 in New York City. Justin was hoping to keep a low-profile and arrived in a hooded sweatshirt.

When he sat down at the back of the restaurant he “gave other diners a sneek peek at his underwear with his jeans sliding down at the back”, reports New York Post.

One eagle eyed fan saw him and couldn’t hold in her emotions.

“One girl screeched so loud, everyone in the restaurant looked at her,” a source told New York Post. “She shook and fell into her chair.”

Justin did his best to ignore the commotion surrounding his arrival.

The 17-year-old star continued to enjoy eating a chicken pot pie followed by a Forbidden Broadway sundae before paying the bill.


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  • amy

    haha go on justin and also i would just freak out in my head but respect him and enjoy the rest of my meal staring at him! 🙂 haha no~hate and love u justin

    • Anonymous


  • Sascha

    hey why is this pic edited, i know he had nice cute pink boxer shorts, so sexy

    • Anonymous

      His underwear is hot and cute

  • ashley

    he was with selena in this pic or at her house because thats baylor and selenas other dog willy she took a picture of them sleeping on her instagram

  • Bieberlover

    Srry but I had to laugh at this.

  • brandy

    Lol dogs love his underwear too the dog in the picture is staring at him lmfao:-D:-D:-D:-D

  • joshdel

    a lot of him kills him through this swag pic of him..
    but we love justin bieber.. plss.. stop using the net for nonsense pics

  • Anonymous

    Why wear a belt if you are not going to use it? That is just a waste of money.

  • u look really hot and sexy that i might want to have sex with u, then selena can join us if she wants to.

  • Grace Cook

    I love Justin!!!!!!!! I would stare at him the whole time I was eating my dinner! Love u JB!!!!

  • Roxanne

    He needs to pull his pants up. Seriously. It’s not a good look. I see pictures of Justin and think damn he’s so hot, and then it gets to his hips and his pants aren’t on them, and that’s a total turn off.

  • i dont like it he need to pull his pants up yuck justin

    • Michal

      Why are you on this website if you’re just gonna hate?

  • jb fan