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mariah yeater justin bieber sex scandal

Mariah Yeater pictures – Justin Bieber’s alleged baby mama

Forget about the blood test. I’m telling you right now Justin would never get with this. We are talking about “JUSTIN BIEBER” here. He could get any girl he wants. ANY GIRL! But this one? To take his virginity? NOT! Sorry not trying to be mean but c’mon. This isn’t even realistic.

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  • brenda

    omg no she is hella ugly

    • She is so frecking ugly man why won’t he date me man dang

      • christy

        i know right he so freaking hot man why would he have sex with that ugly bitch anyway and he didn’t have a concert that day lying bitch fuck that

    • Steph,

      Aw hell nah! What is that?!?!

      • Steph,

        No hate, but honestly I wonder what the baby will say when she gets older… “Hey mom are you the woman who said my dad was Justin Bieber twelve wears ago on the news?”

        • Anonymous

          lol hahah

        • lol!


        • Anonymous

          nah is that love justin bieber

      • hey.

        UGLY ASS BITCH. aint got no life. Mariah yeater? haha(: ftw. mkay bye.
        (shes as ugly as a 90 yr olds ass. why would justin knock her up?)

    • Anonymous

      she is so ugly i mean so UGLY would justin swipe his V card with that

    • Anonymous

      She is so so ugly

  • I think it a bit silly that you have chosen the worst possible photo’s that were obviously taken when she was having fun with her friends, they’re not normal poses are they, she is being silly. I don’t agree with what she is doing, i think its disgraceful but to start going about how ugly she is and how justin would never ever consider her is a little to much too, he hates hate, so we should all stop it now. He isnt the dad, end of.

    • Elle

      agreed 🙂

    • hailey

      you better preach that

    • yes but all those piercings in her face make her look scary! haha

      • Brionna Castellon

        yep there is no way justin bieber would go do that junk with her :):):)

        • exactlyy!!! one would think that security is smart enough not to let a chick that looks like her backstage! haha and she claims that security went up to her after the show and told her justin wanted her backstagee…..how would he even see her from the stage??? ughhh shes just…gross!!! ew!

        • Anonymous

          Justin is better then at she is ugly

      • Hell yeah

    • Some Girl

      best answer! agreed! 😀 u couldnt have said it better! (:

  • naghme

    oh my god i dont know what should i say, i think some rumors like that was happen to micheal jackson. justin dont worry its just fake and she tries to ruin you, but we dont let her be sure keep going its your time man remember undermistletoe. i love you

    • Anonymous

      that brightened my day i pray that this rumor clears up

  • Bieberrr

    That not even a question!!
    She just wants attention geeeez


      • Anonymous

        rigth doe

      • christy

        i know just for the fucking mney

  • Monica Phillips

    i don’t think that it’s his because his bodyguard would always be around him

    • christy

      your stupid what does that have to do with anything and the body guard didn’t know

  • anniizdevine

    i think we should stop all these speculations…. we will see!!! ITS THE EASIEST THING IN THE WORLD, TO FIND OUT WHO IS THE FATHER OF A CHILD! so lets wait.
    but i can tell you…. If shes ugly OR NOT…, if a guy wants sex… its doesnt matter how the girl looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MEN DONT CARE ABOUT THAT, IF ITS ABOUT SEX! TRUST ME. NOT EVEN A JUSTIN BIEBER. i know some of you are still young, and might not know about things like that….. but if a guy wants sex, he’ll choose the next possible girl he can find.


    • gianna-leigh swinton

      couldn’t have said it better myself

  • Karo

    This is all a rumor!!! It’s the whole Michael Jackson thing all over again. She probably just wants money and fame for her baby!!!

    • lilybug

      i dont think she should do this because what if the people at the babys school makes fun of him?? she needs to keep her filthy sluty mouth shut and if she wonts attion so badly why doesnt she kill sombody lol dont wont to give any ideas

  • Christina

    She looks like an attention seeker 😐

  • JelenaLover

    god and he even siad he would not have sex tillhe was married and she goes and trys to say it his Beilebers we should take her DOWN

    • Hope Bieber

      Lol, yeah! Let’s take her down together Beliebers!!!

  • anniizdevine

    hahah you guys got to check out her (almost) nekkid pictures. not cute!!! -.- (go to mediatakeout.com , i guess im not allowed to post them here)


    this bitch if that is his baby it just better be cute if it not i hope it dies

  • Mimi

    i hope this is not true , i think this is some woman trying to get fame and if it’s true she’ll be convicted for raping minor ( cuz justin was 16 ) i don’t think he would do this to us , out of all people in the world her i would feel better if it was Selena Gomez

  • jess

    of all the girls he could have in the world he would not choose her. Hes way to smart to do something so stupid..n top of it his security wouldnt let him sneak away with some reandom chick and not wonder where he was..this girl is a attention seeking whore..hope she goes to jail..

  • oh my god justin is getting sued for nothing she should go to jail for raping him and the baby doein’t even look like jb she is a psycho bitch


    Who is this kid?
    Shes a knocked up fricken teen who tried to get in shit.

  • Anonymous

    You’re all so rude. So maybe these aren’t the most flattering pictures of her but she’s still beautiful. Please stop being arrogant and shut up.

    • U suck, shes a bitch, shes not cool or innocent. She deserves all of the hate shes getting. I LUV U JUSTIN!

      • Anonymous

        She’s a bitch? I think YOU are the bitch. Talking shit on someone you don’t know? Mature. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Some people take that vow of chastity and then they break it. And he is a human, which means he has every chance to cheat on his girlfriend and might even take one or two. People make mistakes and maybe he made one. Maybe she made one, but who fucking cares? You are just pissed that your prepubescent little body will never be noticed by him and your ignorant mind cant even spell “you” or “love.”

        • Mrs.Bieber

          Uhm ? luv u , is short ? wow she was putting her opinion ? does it matter ? you just put your opinion ? and right now i feel about the same way as her , that girl is fakee as crapp , & stupidd. SOO ? this whole thing is about opinions ? if you don’t wanna hear others opinions you shouldnt even be on this website . K thanksss. (:

        • ^ theres no need to get rude hunny.

        • mariah vicharra

          your right

      • Anonymous

        Excuse me. I am the person who posted this and please will you get the fuck out of here. Justin will never notice you cause odds are you’re some whiny little bitch behind a computer screen who masturbates to shirtless pictures of him because you could never have an actual chance with him. She doesn’t deserve this hate even if she lied. Nobody deserves it. Grow the fuck up.

    • gianna-leigh swinton

      i agree, no one deserves that kind of treatment

    • mariah vicharra

      you shut up she is ugly

      • mariah vicharra

        sorry i ment some one eles

  • lindsey

    Bro Come On That Girl Is Fucking Ugly ! Its Justin Bieber He Can Have Any Girl He Wants He Would NOT Pick Her !! Damn! I Honestly KNow For A Facy He IS NOt The Fucking Dad Of Her Kid!

  • Izzy

    Im sorry. But As much as i wanna believe this isnt true well there just isnt any proof to say he isnt. He hasnt even said anything about the rumors other then he is going to ” ignore them ” i mean. Cant he just say that he isnt it and move on? Or atleast take the paternity test. Then ALLL of this drama would be over. Who knows.. He could be the baby daddy . No matter how hidious this women is. .. One thing is forsure, if Justin is the baby daddy. Idk if ud still be a true belieber..

    • gianna-leigh swinton

      i think your right, i would still love him to death even if he is the baby’s dad.

      • tina has bieber fever

        same here i would love him to death anyway but i just dont believe in it !!!

  • gianna-leigh swinton

    no way, justin wouldn’t. i do think what she has done is horrible but…who are we to judge on other peoples appearences? justin wouldn’t do something like this EVER, and i stand by those words, lol i didn’t say Never lol but over all, i think she is just scared, although she shouldn’t have said ‘that’ exactly. but i know he didn’t end of story.

  • claire

    i hope the romers aren’t true because first of all then i think selena would break up with him and second i don’t no how i would think of him but i do no that i woudn’t be that hot justin bieber who cares about his fanes, would never have sex, and has the buetiful selena gomez. i would be kinda werd to like someone who rapped someone i mean he would just be like miley cyrus i hope the romers are not true

    P.S. Justin please say that the rumers are not true please say she just made it up and you don’t even no that girl i mean alot of fans hope it not true


    She just wants attention. Hopefully it doesn’t get Justin mad and start this huge deal.

  • Sandra Bieber

    Justin should sue her instead !

  • Sandra Bieber

    #BieberFact: Justin hates it when girls have pircings on their face !!!
    ITS NOT REAL! hahaha Mariah is just a #FAMEWORE!

  • tina has bieber fever

    i know that justin would never go around and have sex with a crazy bitch like her lol this is so fucking not true !!! SHE IS SOOOOO FAKE !!!!

  • Babybear

    So basically, here is what I don’t understand:

    Why do JB’s fans get all nutty when stuff like this happens? Being psychotic isn’t cute or flattering. His fans can be HORRIBLE, just look back to a few months ago with Kim Kardashian. They made death threats because the two were hanging out? So this whole scandal is bound to get ugly, let me tell you. And as for those of you who say that JB isn’t going to have sex until he’s married: LET’S GET REAL. I mean, with a broad like Selena on his arm, you really think that he’s going to NOT going to plow her? Wrong! That being said, I think JB probably has enough decency to not ruin things with Selena & they seem to be relatively happy together.
    I think that the publicity Mariah is getting is just what she wants, and although there are better ways to get it, what’s done is done. Now, for Bieber’s fans who are losing their shit over Yeater’s claims, WTF is wrong with you? To threaten her baby’s life as well as hers is just wrong. It’s disgusting! JB wouldn’t want his fans to threaten Yeater’s life nor her baby’s life, so have some decency and stop being CRAZY.
    What if this is true? I think Justin should just get a paternity test and at least put the rumors to rest and help ease the bad publicity – after all, he’s denying it, right? A paternity test should be absolutely no problem then.

  • Hope Bieber

    The blood test said it was Biebers baby?! No!!!! It’s impossible!!!

  • miriam

    I think she is lying and wants his money I don’t see no pictures of the baby !

    • mariah vicharra

      she is lieing she just wants money

  • Mrs.Bieber

    Wow that is one ugly girl , & i’m like a #1 jb fan , & it doesn’t sound like something he would do, especially to a girl like that ? wow . But if he is the father which I highly doubt I’m going to lose alot of respect for him. because her story said that they where drinking ? He isn’t old enough to drink # plain & simple as that . But hopefully jb is honestt about this one. Imma back him up right now 100% (:

    • mariah vicharra

      me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Deja

    I would scream if I
    Met that ugly Ass chick

  • dayanara

    when i saw her photo i feel scared seriously why she looks like an drug addict :/

  • asdfjkl;gh

    okay. no offense to her or anything but, wait just kidding. offense intended. he has SELENA GOMEZ. and like at least 30 million other girls around the world. he obviously isn’t that desperate.
    and its not like after a concert his crew isnt going to say anything if they catch him taking a “fan” into the bathroom or whatever… it just doenst make sense. she already tried to say that her ex boyfriend was the father. and that didnt work out too well for her. so of course she is going to go after someone else now. and she chose justin because he is the biggest name out there and she wants attention, which she’s getting. and she’s going to be in big trouble if its true or not… so i hope she doesnt believe that things will be okay for her after this…..
    i seriously hope its not true. its obviously getting to him…. i really really really just want to have the tests over with and to find out the truth.
    and if it is true… im going to be kinda pissed. not because it happened, but because he lied to us about it.

  • Hannah

    i could never see Justin with this psycho chick.

  • dayum slut just wants money!

  • Anonymous

    put it like she samked come on now look at her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE WHERE DEY DO DAT AT LIKE OVER HERE IT IS ALL PRETTY GURLS ‘

  • This girl looks soo ugly like c’mon justin you can do soo much better then that bitchy whore….

    • mariah vicharra

      she is a bitch

  • Gwen

    What ugly girl just cam eup on my screen??? Like JB wold do it with her!!

    • mariah vicharra

      I now right

  • she’s probably saaying Juustin Berber is “thee faather” for attenntionn. as uu can seriouusly see,, this female looks like a knock annd mostlikey haas a mental issuue/disability . I’m not saayinn she’s lieing and i’m sho in thee hell ainn’t saayinn she tellinn thee truuth . inn my own opinionn ii donn’t think Justin would downgrade to Mariah from Selena Gomez .. come onn noww really -_______- .

  • Anonymous

    I have 3 theories to this. 1) She is telling the truth, and her accusations are to be backed by this upcoming test. Nobody makes accusations of this scale lightly, unless… 2) She has mental issues, and does not understand the consequences of her actions (would any sane person?) 3) This is a hoax fabricated by the media or a group on the internet.
    The answer could be anything, but these are my guesses.

  • mariah vicharra

    she just wants money

    • mariah vicharra

      she is so so so so rude justin would never never ever do it to her she is ulgy as hell am I right txt me if i am

  • es ovio que esa fea no tiene un hijo con justin ..justin es un amor y ella una perra mal criada

  • ashleerae

    I think its quite amusing how you picked the worst pictures of her to put on here. And we are suppost to vote on this? Justin bieber isnt some innocent little boy. He has the same mindset as the other teenage guys around. I believe this girl and all of you bieber fans have no clue what youre talking about.

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