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Drew Ryniewicz tricked Justin Bieber into hugging her many times!

Drew Ryniewicz had the time of her life performing with Justin Bieber on the Dec. 22 finale of The X Factor. In fact, she told HollywoodLife.com that she screwed up her lines during rehearsal on purpose just to spend more time with the Biebs on stage!

“Hmm, what’s the word … Santa Claus is coming to Earth?” she recalled about shooting the pre-taped segment with Justin. “Nope sorry, messed it up again. Let’s do it again! We need to do the hugging part again!”

We think that was really cute of Drew to do — though it’s also pretty awkward if the rumors are true about Selena being in the building while Justin filmed his big performance.

As you all know, Drew’s a long-time Belieber. Justin even tweeted his support to Drew after she was eliminated from the show!

“Keep your head up,” Justin tweeted. “I lost my first competition too. This is just the beginning for u. Never say never. Best Wishes.”

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  • lilly

    i knew it -.- bitch he has a girl already

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha.. It’s not like they had sex or kissed, they were just hugging, everybody would do what Drew did if they had the chance. You’re probably just jealous…

      • lilly

        uhm why would i be jealous? i already met justin

        • Anonymous

          But did you get a bunch of hugs? Doubt it…who wouldn’t be jelous?it’s Justin freakin Bieber! Just own up to it

      • crazzy hater on jb

        Ha u make me LAUGH ! JB IS A FAKE and he and selena are cute ya but jb will NEVER EVER BE ONE OF MY FAVs. Why u ask because he is selfish rude he is always singing about love or we will always be well wake up he is just another guy with a voice who has a good voice . When i see Justin be nice ON HIS OWN I will role in the mud in heels and a I will write somthing nice . P.s he is just another dum pop wanna be

      • charleen rayner

        i love justin bieber 4 ever and ever he is ma hommie

    • Anonymous

      Thats what I was saying. I never even liked her on the show when she was a contestant. She is soo desperate.

  • ashley

    *Jasmine follows a Selena Gomez hate account*
    “Selenator : Oh, Look who the cunt followed… What. A. Shocker. She’s such a trifling ass bitch. Idgaf if “jasminators” come after me for this.. That bitch is disrespectful, The exact reason she’ll NEVER get anywhere in this business.”

    THIS is exacly why i HATE most of “Selenators” and “Jelenators”.

    First of all, if you hate her so much why do you creep or her tweets and look up at who she’s following? You care that much?

    Second of all, what is she supposed to do? Ignore her fan? Maybe that account asked Jasmine to follow her and Jasmine did that. She wanted to make that person happy. Just because you bitches hate everything Jasmine does, doesn’t mean she will stop doing it. You’re a hater and that means you’re NO better than that Selena’s hater.

    Third, she will get FAR in the business. Jasmine actually has a great voice, she’s a great dancer and an actor. Selena had her fame fucking given to her on a Mickey Mouse plate. Jasmine is actually earning her fans the hard way. All you little fuckers can sit the fuck down and keep obsessing over your “idol”.

    For jelena fans 🙂 or selenators

    • Patricia

      Im not a Selena fan but what was the point of your post? Hello this post is about Drew, not Selena or Jasmine. And yes I think that Drew is better than Selena or Jasmine. I hate them both, and i don’t think that neither is gonna make it in the music business, cause they’re both talentless! So you need to sit your ass down.

  • Anonymous

    i would of done the samething. lol

  • IluvJB andskittles And Ryan Higa/Fred

    #thatshouldbeme :l

  • Any belieber would have done exactly the same thing she did! Whether Selena was there or not! I would even try to snatch a kiss! Please, don’t lie and don’t be fake. No ones judging anybody here. We all love Justin and we would want any moment we get with him to be memorable and last as long as possible

  • What are u doing on xmas eve and xmas day JB maybe spend time with Selena Gomez.

  • Not gonna lie, I’m pretty damn jealous of Drew..

  • Anonymous

    AWW! Justin looked so cute during the performance! <3 :O

  • Hi, Justin Bieber Marry Christmas 2 You And 2 Selena Gomaz . Love Ya Enjoy Your Day 🙂

  • Patricia

    I don’t blame Drew at all for acting like that cause if I had the chance, I would have done the exact same thing, and more 😉 Im not even gonna lie.

    • jayna

      same here! I would try to snatch a kiss. lol!

  • So would I! Maybe even 2. I can’t help it, justin’s the cutest, most adorable guy ever!

  • So would I! Maybe even 2. I can’t help it, justin’s the cutest, most adorable guy ever! But I still dislike drew…selena’s way way way better! Come on ppl…open ur eyes!!!!

  • payton

    Justin is the hottest guy ever no one can say that’s not true but I don’t hate s aliens for dating him me+NB=<3

  • Claudia

    thats exactly what i would be doing if i was in her position. hahahah

  • marlisa

    je trouve que vous allee bien ensanble

    jolie petut couple