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Justin Bieber Wants A Fast Car or Small Motorcycle for Christmas

Justin Bieber thinks family is the most important part of Christmas.

The hitmaker loves the festive season and is planning to enjoy Christmas relaxing with his family.

He said: “I love Christmas. It’s my favourite holiday for sure.

“It has always been a time for family and friends. To enjoy each other’s company and to be able to be back with my family is the most important part to me.”

While Justin has few expectations for Christmas this year, last year he requested an extravagant present.

The ‘Baby’ singer, who was given a car by his mentor Usher (Usher and Scooter helped but Justin paid for most of that Range Rover) for his 16th birthday last March, – admitted 12 months ago he was hoping to unwrap another vehicle from either Usher or his mom Pattie.

He said:

“I got a car for my birthday, Usher helped buy it. Maybe he will get me another car for Christmas. My mom is trying to figure out something to get me. I want a motorcycle. Not a big one, a little pocket one, a small miniature one which is really cool. I do like fast cars.”


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  • Anonymous

    Haha. I wish I could get a car. And y does Justin have wiskers and cat ears. He looks like a Jb version of hello kitty

    • hm

      • Anonymous

        even throw that justin bever is not awsome he is crazy like when he wanted to kill one of his fan i dont like him an more

    • Exactly!
      Just he’s better…

  • Melrica Bieber

    OMGEE I LOVE JB !!!!!!

  • Patricia

    I agree with than anon that Justin looks like hello Kitty in that picture. So cute <3

  • alyssa

    that picture is sooooo adorable, funny, and cute hes even sexy in cat whiskers lol

  • Anonymous

    he needs a motorcycle lincense before he can drive one. We all know he is going to pull over in that thing. lol

    Poor Pattie, what do you buy a kid that can buy anything he wants or make a phone call, and get whatever he wants. Maybe she will buy him a drawer full of belts!

  • IluvJB andskittles And Ryan Higa/Fred

    Less than three this

  • Oh you have to buy a car because your a cool guy ! 😉


    i wanted a motorcycle but no i cant have one so thats sucks:(

  • That’s cool. I want a fast car too!

  • I want a fast car too!
    With Justin inside!

    • Anonymous

      i would hat that