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Did Justin Bieber give his dad Jeremy his Batmobile?

Justin Bieber's customized Batmobile Cadillac gets pulled over in Kitchener, Canada. Witnesses say his father Jeremy was driving.

If any car should hold the record of “Most Pulled Over Car in the World” it should be Justin’s Batmobile.

JB has only had the car for 2 months but it’s been pulled over many times. And it’s happened again! But this time in…..Canada?

It’s been reported that Justin’s Pull-me-over-mobile has been pulled over today but this time it’s in Kitchener, Ontario. And Justin wasn’t even the driver. So who got pulled over in Justin’s car and why is his car in Canada when it’ always been in Los Angeles?

Jeremy Bieber was driving his son’s customized CTS-V Cadillac coupe, which is matte black and comes complete with “Batman” emblazoned across its trunk and the superhero’s symbol on its grill, when he drew some unexpected attention Friday afternoon.

Witnesses watched a Waterloo Regional Police officer pull over Bieber senior, but police could not confirm whether a member of the Stratford family was stopped on Manitou Drive in the famously tricked-out vehicle.

Los Angeles is so far away from Kitchener. I doubt the car went all that way for nothing. If I had to guess I would say Justin has just given Jeremy his Batmobile. Would be a swag Christmas present. It only makes sense. If it’s true then Jeremy should get used to getting pulled over.

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  • IluvJB andskittles And Ryan Higa/Fred

    Hahahaha nice

  • OMG!

  • Lindshei

    Cool =)

  • Yes he did give the car to his dad this was
    This was confirmed by Jeremy bieber himself
    He is always driving arround Kitchener in it
    It still has Cali plates on it. Beautifull car up close !!

  • Bob

    Yup, saw the car in my neighborhood in Kitchener last night.

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  • Anon

    He went to go visit the house i’m staying in right now which is in Waterloo – according to the real estate agent