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selena gomez justin bieber 2012 unicef concert

Justin Bieber supports Selena Gomez at her UNICEF concert

Selena Gomez was so excited for her acoustic Jan. 20 show which supported UNICEF, and it’s no wonder why — Justin Bieber helped to bring awareness to the great cause!

Selena was joined by Justin at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood and he gave Selena a huge hug after the show. During the concert, he kept an eye on her puppy Baylor backstage — what a great boyfriend!

Also joining in on the fun were a bunch of Selena’s BFFs, including like Ashley Tisdale and Big Time Rush.

Selena fan Tasha Morgan was at the concert and said about the show:

“Selena told the audience, ‘I am really excited to be here and do an acoustic show. You guys can ask me to sing whatever you want. I don’t have a playlist. As far as my hair is concerned, I was originally going to dye it all purple but then I decided not to go to that extreme. After my tour in South America, I will be going to Florida to film the movie Spring Breakers with James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens. It’s a really different role for me because I can’t relate to her at all! She’s a troublemaker and goes to jail!’”

“The best song of the night was when Selena sang a cover of Miranda Lambert‘s ‘The House That Built Me’ and dedicated the song to her mom who recently suffered a miscarriage. It made the whole audience cry. Selena performed a cover of Jason Mraz‘s ‘I Won’t Give Up’ with her surprise guests Big Time Rush and her puppy Baylor! She brought him out on stage. He was so adorable! Justin was at the show and they both looked so sweet. After the show he gave her a big hug. Justin took care of Baylor backstage!”


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  • KB

    is is just me or do we see A WHOLE LOT of Justin “supporting” Selena? and not so much of Selena supporting Justin?? I feel like everytime i read an article about him these days, its how hes supporting her at this or that event… the only thing ive seen her support him at was his movie premiere about a year ago… interesting….

    • beth

      so TRUE

      • name


        Selena supports Justin, a lot more than you can imagine. Do you recall her taking a VERY long plain ride just to see him for a few hours…? And on an Elena interview Selena said that her and Justin always laugh about how all of the kind things he does for her get out to the public but the things she do for him dont.

        you dont know what your talking about:/ #nohate.

        • read

          Thats not supporting just saying, just because “selena” says it doesn’t mean it’s true, “a long plane ride” it’s just a plane ride not really called supporting. Justin supports her more than ever.

      • Shiny

        TBH that’s really true

        • Shiny

          Take that back

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway , i just what to say that , i am not going to support selena gomez , so munch any more just when wowp tv studio end did her tv show , and plus with me i am not going to support selena gomez , just for her uncife charity project,s , love david b conway

    • Jelena Forever

      No, Selena goes with Justin everywhere, even on tour. It’s just that everyone always recognizes Justin and doesn’t give a damn about Selena. I love them both and they are both very supportive of each other.

  • gabb

    selena doesn’t love justin as much as he loves her

    • name

      yes she does.

  • djilan

    I think the pic on top is fake look at Justin it looks like ie was cropped in

    • djilan

      I mean he

      • name

        yeeah it kinda doess…..

  • Anonymous

    Dear selena, I don’t like seeing your bra thru your shirt. Thanks!

    • name

      justin does;) … and chilllllllllllllll, shes 19. girls 10 years younger then her dress like there 20.. and im sure u know what im talking about.

  • raw

    The picture does look edited, i mean just looks like he was cropped in. And why is it justins always supporting selena in her Career, when is selena gonna support him?

    • name

      k;fdighoiufhgpo. read the upper comment. SHE DOES.

  • Lilly

    When is SELENA gonna support Justin? When is SELENA gonna go to see Justin perform for some cause? I know she did in his south american tour and stuff but did you SEE her bored expression? She looked like she wanted to die of boredom. JUSTIN actually goes to her concerts, looks after her DOG and gives her huge hugs after the show. And what does she do? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. ive NEVER seen a pic showing Selena giving Justin a big hug or watching his shows with a SMILE on her face, dancing and singing along to songs.
    This is what makes this relationship faker and faker. Its obvious her LOVES her with all his heart, but shes just using him. I wonder when shes gonna realise that EVERYONE knows that this is fake and give up on him. Not cause i wanna see him hurt, but because i want to PROTECT him.

    • Zaiga

      so true+++
      when they gonna breakup i gonna make big party;D

  • Anonymous

    damn i never seen sooo many selena haters till i got to this site. last time i checked selena supported justin on his South America tour and when he was in Europe doing all those interviews.

    • name

      FINAALLY ahahah thankkyou<33

      • gabb

        did you saw the pics of that concert?? she was soo bored and she just apear in one song, then she leaves, SHE’S USING JUSTIN FOR FAME… everybody knows that

  • random person

    Well, I have seen Selena give Justin a big hug after he performed…at the Grammys, its a very nice pic i give props to the photographer…anyways she did say on Ellen that what she does for him is private, she goes on his tour, watches his concerts (she might looked a bit bored, but hasnt she seen the exact same show millions of times?) And she went on his press conference to Europe to talk about Under The Mistletoe, and she was there when they filmed Mistletoe and that X Factor US Finale in which he sang with Drew…if that aint supporting i dont know what is…PEACE!

    • read

      that’s at the grammy’s, he hugged her she just hugged back. She went to go see justin perform with drew because she was doing an interview near by then leaving

  • read

    when did this start to become a “Jelena” website it’s called thejustinbiebershrine.com not thejelenashrine.com, people come on here to see justin and what’s up with his music, not selena just saying. Ever since they started dating, everyone always has to mention selena. Example, ” Sing-Actress selena gomez, known as dating Pop star 17 justin bieber. Everytime they talk about her they mention justin. But when they talk about justin they don’t mention selena.

    • gabb

      that’s because she dont love him as much as he loves her, we all know she’s using him for fame, i cant beliebe justin is sooo blind to not see it


  • lory

    love <3 :))

  • mark

    i am salina gomez’s boyfriend.