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Jennifer Aniston wants Justin Bieber to play her in a movie

Jennifer Aniston was doing an interview for her new movie Wonderlust and they asked her who she wanted to play her in a movie about herself and she chose Justin Bieber. Ok if the alternative was Robert Pattinson then I understand :/ (I actually can’t even watch the interview because MTV blocks the video from playing in Canada. Why MTV!?)

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  • Lars

    I mean, it’s a game of would you rather, so I don’t #belive he should be offended. She obviously likes him better than Pattinon, and honestly – who could blame her..?



  • Patricia

    I LOVE Jennifer Aniston! Friends is my all time favorite show. I watch reruns every day. I hope Im as pretty as she is when I get to be her age. Well I have to say that she made the right choice. Now I love her even more. I don’t like Robert Pattinson either.

  • Patricia

    I forgot to add that Paul Rudd is a hottie too. I like him.

  • Parker

    you’re not the only one, MTV blocks whole world except united states

  • I love JB!!

    I didn’t really get the way she told ‘BIEBER’!!
    Was it a joke?? compared with the Megan Fox answer??

  • I love JB!!

    I love Jennifer! but wtf!! I really didn’t get the way she told ‘BIEBER’!!
    +She was answering all the questions with humor!!(Megan Fox)! lol

  • Rohit Tripathi

    Oh yes Man, u shd play d role in her movie, and i am like thanks and exited….!! Wowo, now all will see u also in movies and music videos too…. U r too good to play role in movies…!!