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Justin Bieber swears “Fuck You!” and flips middle finger @ Disneyland.

Justin Bieber flips his middle finger at Disneyland on Valentine's Day

Justin Bieber flips his middle finger at Disneyland on Valentine's Day

Well I guess JB’s Valentine’s Day with his family and Selena wasn’t as perfect as we thought. Guess they must be bugging him big time. Justin was caught not only flipping the middle finger at a girl but he also told her “Fuck You!” lol <3 You can see him flip his finger as he’s going into the ride with Jeremy while Selena is sitting in the front seat.

These girls are not fans and have been harassing them all day.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of them from the front. You can see Selena Gomez sitting in front with Jazmyn. And Justin and Jeremy are in the back seat and Jaxon is sitting on JB’s’ lap. They look so cute. This could have been a great day :/

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  • Michael

    At Disneyland?! Omg Justin, what happened?

    • sexy justin bieber

      the picture doesnt e ven look like him at all yours all hf stupid

    • justin bieber

      dont know somebody that justin bieber cuss so bad

    • Sammie

      I KNOW RIGHT ! , Justin Is Sooo MEAN !

  • lesley

    Justin Beiber you are so cute i really like you xx

    • Anonymous


      • bieber

        it is hes wearing that adorable red hat

        • marry line

          IT IS NOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • KidrauhlUniverse

          Yes.. It is. LOL

    • marry line

      I love you so much and my bro loves you 2!!!!!!


    • Sammie

      Eww , Heee IS MEAN !

  • Anonymous

    cant watch it

  • Hannah

    I can not see the video

    • Kirstie

      Me neither! I CAN’T SEE IT, FIX IT! lol

  • Jennifer

    I can’t watch the video

  • izzy

    cant see it

    • Kirstie

      I aLso jusT thought of something else. It could be that they were saying shit about Selena. To a guy it don’t matter who you are, you don’t talk shit about a guys girl. If that is the case then Justin went easy on them, he could have said a lot worse..

      • kathy

        I was thinking the same thing.. Cause normally Justin ignores the haters,, but if these girls were saying mean stuff to Selena, i can see Justin saying that to these girls to defend Selena.. If thats true, he is the best boyfriend in the world, to risk his reputation being ruined for his girlfriend!!

        • Hailey

          They didn’t say anything about Selena they were recording him and he asked them nicely if they could stop and Selena was hiding her face and they didn’t stop… He won’t they too stop cause he didn’t want he little brother and sister too be recorded.. So that’s why did gave the finger and said f you.

      • Roxanne

        I saw the first video. The girls didn’t say anything shitty about Selena.

        • Anonymous

          The didn’t explain the whole story. Apparently two girls who were haters followed him and his fam and Selena were making rude and mean comments and heckling them. basically they were hating on the biebs and his fam all day. And he was sick Of it!

        • Kirstie

          I’ve seen it on like 4 different sites and it’s the same video… Oh well I guess we’ll never know the truth or whatever.. Not that it matters I still love him no matter what. After all we are human and we do make mistakes

        • Anonymous

          If you go on YouTube there’s a video of the starting on the ride and he says please stop filming then once they get to the tunnel flips them off and say fuck you. The girls also say I guess we have bieber fever at all not hahaha.
          They seem like a bunch of bitches and it shOws on them. They really shouldn’t be hating on everyone all of them are extermly fat and ugly..

        • Anonymous

          okay you need to stop talkin about selena dont get jealous cuz she prettier than you honey.

      • marry line

        I agree, so many people at my school hate her because she was going out with him


    • Anonymous

      Get galsses then haha

  • christina

    i watched it, it wasn’t to a fan either, they’re were 2 annoying girls and kept talking to justin, so he said “fuck you”, i understand they were annoying but you should NEVER EVER EVER talk to a girl like that especially teen girls, it’s called disrespect

    • EMMA


    • Kirstie

      You should take to anyone like that. Being a girl or woman doesn’t make any difference. Point is you just don’t talk to people like that. If that was me he said that too I would have waited for him to get off the ride then knee him.
      But for some reason I kind of think this video us fake, like they edited it and add him saying that. Because you can see that he is pretty far away from the girls but when he tell them f u it sounds like he is standing right beside them… Something isn’t right here…

      • Kirstie

        Omg Stupid auto correct! Shouldn’t * talk *

        • Lilly

          Actually, they werent talking to him, They just told him that they follow him on twitter, and he yelled ‘Fuck You!’ Then they started laughing. They werent real fans. they even called him an asshole.

      • dear web site hi my name is david conway again i just hope you can read my comment and to try to reply some time here , and my comment is that , i do feel like that walt disney production company should know about what happened , and i do what to say just to justin bieber my self if i was on that ride with justin and selena , i love to say off the bat is that i can say what every i what to say to selena gomez , they do,nt scare me at all , im 20 year,s older than them by justin bieber and selena gomez , i do,nt take no shit by them , im going to be 50 year,s of age this coming summer , love david b conway

      • Anonymous

        it’s funny, when M.I.A flips the bird at the superbowl, the whole world goes crazy and talks all this shit about her.

        then, when Justin flips the bird for the millionth time, it’s suddenly okay to everyone & people even defend him for it.

        kudos to your judgement Beliebers.

        i’m extremely disappointed in Justin, he needs to learn how ignore what other’s say. everything that he said about dealing with haters suddenly seem so fake. i hate what Justin is becoming..

      • Anonymous

        if someone verbally assaults you, your response is to PHYSICALLY assault them?

        Jesus. Kids these days. It’s not illegal for him to say “fuck you”, it’s just not a particularly clever response.

    • different christina

      main point is he told people to fuck off. on camera. he knew that it’d wind up on something. respect, no matter what. he’s always stood by that. his belief system is destructed now, based upon what i see in the video. I’m pissed..and a little disappointed in him. i dont know the back story but this is what is appears to be to me.

      • different christina

        different perspective: they didn’t seem too interested in justin. they were being rude and disturbing in a sense. it seems it is a form of blackmail. they caught him saying fuck you and flipping his finger. they would put it on the internet if they’re not real fans and supposedly cut the first part of the video. therefore it would seem like justin was the bad one, like i originally thought.

        • different christina

          different perspective again..
          okay so. i do still believe it is blackmail. but he could not have been disturbed by them for long. it was an act of spontaneity due to the fact that he was on a ride. it is not as if the girls were annoying him for more than a period of a minute..the ride does move away… however. it did appear as if they girls were being rude and making fun of him. it may have appeared that way because they did not really care for seeing him. just more like, oh hey, its justin, i follow you on twitter! see what I’m saying? it is possible that just did get intimated by these girls due to their reflected attitude.

        • Anonymous

          regardless of what happened, he still cursed at them and he still flipped them off. this totally goes against everything that he believed in, which was respect.

          i really wish some of the Beliebers would just stop defending Justin and accept him for his mistake. he is not perfect, stop treating him and defending him as if he is.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the girls followed them aroun all day and hated on them and made rude comments. THEY were the dosrespectful ones. They were trying to piss him off.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah apparently they were calling his family horrible names and stalking him all day just being annoying, they wanted a reaction from him… B*tches

        • ella

          it was really rude that he cursed infront of so many kids

    • If I was him, I honestly wouldn’t give a fuck because those bitches were extremely irritating. He’s been respecting everyone while they weren’t returning the favor. He’s probably had enough

  • kallie

    I cant watch it 🙁 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Can’t watch it ;(

  • Alexis Bieber

    I caant see the video 🙁

  • gabb

    cant watch it

  • Mabe

    I can’t watch the video 🙁

  • Anonymous

    can’t watch it! ;(

  • Kristina

    Can’t see the video

  • Anonymous

    hate to say it but you have to use internet explorer

  • kathy

    Those girls sound soo friggin annoying! And we dont see the beginning of the video,, Maybe they were saying hateful mean things to him, and then said they followed him on twitter.. Which they were lying, cause at the end of the video you hear the girl say, “as if id follow you on twitter, asshole”

  • kallie

    I watched it now. haha. those girls were annoyin him. i would of said that. haha lol. He so awsome.

  • kathy

    And the reason i said what i said on my last comment is, why are these girls giggling like hyenas when they told him that they follow him on twitter? Whats so funny about that?? It was almost like there was more said to Justin before the camera was turned on.. The only ones that know thr real truth is Justin, Selena and his dad, since they were on the ride with him,, and do you honestly think he would of just said “Fuck You” for no reason, with his dad right there with him? Theres something missing with this whole story!

    • KidrauhlUniverse

      Yeah, the girls were following him & his family around all day saying rude things to them.

  • Anonymous

    they were not fanss………….
    two annoying girls-got what they deserved.

    • kathy

      Thats what i was saying!! Just the way the girls were laughing,, i could tell right away they werent his fans!! They probably edited the whole video to make it seem like they were his fans, but the laughing the way they were, tipped me off!! But true beliebers know fakers when they see or hear them!!

  • First off, those girls were annoying. They obviously weren’t fans.
    Second, if you turn it up and play it loudly all you can hear is the “You” part. He could have said “Thank You.”
    Third, This video is crappy evidence. You can’t clearly see it’s him. Even if it is someone saying “F You”, it could have been anyone.
    Finally, I think this video is fake. There is no way to prove that it’s Justin. And these girls were annoying.

    • Anonymous

      i clearly heard “Fuck You”

    • Roxanne

      Whoever posted this article didn’t p ost the first video the girls took, in which Justin CLEARLY says “FUCK YOU.” So, yeah, no, it’s not edited, and it IS real.

      • kathy

        oh, we are not saying he didnt say “fuck you” but we are saying that there is more to this than they are showing on the video!! Cause why are they so giggly and laughing about everything.. If they were such good fans of Justin Bieber, then why arent they upset when he said “fuck you”?? And at the beginning, they are telling Justin that they follow him on twitter, then at the end of the video, you hear her say “as if i would follow you on twitter, asshole” and u can tell the laughing is antagonizing as if their goal was to piss Justin off!!

    • unknown

      UMMM….I know one of the girls PERSONALLY. she’s got a few videos and pictures. and theyre all real. she wouldnt fake or edit anything because she doesnt really give a shit about him. the only reason they posted it was because they thought it was funny.
      It’s funny to me how all his fans make up shit when he does something that makes him look any less than perfect. he’s an asshole, just like everyone else. get over it.

      • Patricia

        To unknown, Justin dm a fan on twitter and told her that the girls were making fun of his lil brother and sister, and thats what made him go off. If thats true than that makes your friend a complete bitch for making fun of his family.

  • kathy

    and honestly, if these were actual fans of Justin Bieber, and Justin Bieber said “Fuck You” to them,, dont you think they would have been upset, and almost crying on the video, instead of laughing? Come on people, use your brains!!

  • Anonymous

    friggin bitches! that was not nice of them! they were NOT fans, they were making fun of him! what an ugly laugh!

  • gabb

    the bieber i love, that have a hairflip and that is always joking would never do this, people say he growup but no, he also changed

  • Anonymous

    well obvii hes upset he just wanted a nice day with the family is that so much to ask, i think not and hes 18 he can say what he wants, even if it is to girls they were being bitches to him i would have punched them if that was me tbqh <3

    • unknown

      and she wouldve beat ur ass! that’s my cousin ur talking about, so watch what the fuck your saying.

      • cyberbuster

        Oooopssss! I didn’t know your cousin is such a bad ass. Watch out for a strike back! I would be scared. Lol!
        i guess she’s so proud of her achievements.

  • if anyone was wondering

    if you stop the video at 0:08 you can se her face.
    justin is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    i can see it it kinda sounded lie he said “love you” but u never know lol

  • Really

    Those bitches deserve to be cussed at. They kept bothering Justin, Selena, and his family. You can tell they were really enjoying how much they bothered him. Those pigs are pathetic. First, they mess with JB and now they want sympathy. They just want to make Justin look bad with their lies. They will be satisfied at least if they can make people believe their lies. And turn fans against him. Justin, Selena, or his parents know the truth. And they would not just start flipping off fans or cussing at them. That being said I know these hoes are not fan of his. They saw them at Disneyland and saw their opportunity to fuck up his day. Those pigs are forever alone.

  • kathy

    And towards the end, the one girl is joking around about when she told Justin that she follows him on twitter, like they know this is all a big joke!! I even made my mom watch this, and right away she said, these are not his fans.. These are haters that probably said alot more to Justin before he said “Fuck You”. Just the way they girls were laughing and joking about the whole thing, my mom said, if those were fans, they would have been upset about it, and not giggling and saying” Like id follow you asshole, when at the beginning they were telling Justin that they follow him on twitter? She said these girls are liars, and the truth will come out, it always does!


      • KidrauhlUniverse

        you make no sense Mr. David B Conway.

  • Taylor

    that really just sounds like he said “love you!” …

  • Patricia

    This video is pissing me off cause its causing so much drama on twitter. First of all Im proud of Justin for defending himself against haterz. Those girls had to obviously start some shit with him, to get him so riled up that he said fuck you to them. Justin wouldn’t randomly say that to a fan. Maybe they even said something bad to Selena, and thats why he got pissed. I don’t blame him at all. In fact I kinda find it sexy when he curses, cause it makes him seem like a bad ass 😉 I wish these bitches would show what really happened before Justin went off.

  • OMBitstheBiebs

    I almost stood up and started clapping when I heard him say fuck you. If any of you think he’s changing, or that you don’t like that he said that or whatever you seriously need to grow up. If someone was doing that to me I would have hopped off that ride and slapped that bitch, honestly what he said was polite compared to what they were doing. They’re obviously not fans, they’re haters trying to ruin his day. Every time he swears or uses the finger it’s well deserved. Way to go Bieber!

    • Roxanne

      Actually, I think people who shout things like “fuck you” at people who are clearly immature and are just trying to fuck with you have the growing up to do. Someone who is mature and classy just ignores, or smiles and waves.

      Justin knows that.

      • OMBitstheBiebs

        Let me know the day that you get harassed and followed around by a bunch of rude annoying people and you just smile and wave at them. When that day comes I will hand deliver a bouquet of flowers to you

  • Kate

    im glad he said that. its not a big deal, if you guys are saying he cant talk to girls like this its called respect well if these girls had respect they wouldent bother him and his fmaily and gf on a ride and say stupid stuff and ruin theyre fun ride. if i was justin i would probably have said worse. how rude and disrespectful is it to follow justin and his family and gf around on valentines day and keep talking id get pretty irritated. i dont blame him.

  • Andria

    they were probably being rude to him, or selena. POINT BLANK, idgaf if her told them to fuck off, if that were me best believe i would tear the bitches apart. so…. js.

  • cookieface

    justin needs to put that finger away theres kids around there

    • allison

      yeah exactly what i was saying…. the little kids who admire JUstin could ahve have heard that.

      • MoreBiebs

        But haven’t you ever heard an older sibling, cousin or parent swear? He’s just human and a teenager, he shouldn’t be expected to teach kids all over the world what is right and what is wrong. That’s the parents job. I bet you’ve sworn and flashed the finger too. He’s not a robot. He’s a human boy, who has all the right in the world to get mad.

  • Belieber

    what i think is that the girls who where taking the video were saying bad stuff about him.. maybe he wasnt in the mood to hear shit and said dat.. i totaly understand him plus his still a teenager and he can respond like that sometimes but it isnt such a bad thing becuz hes had enough with the haters soo i really dnt think it was bad after all we the teenagers do that preety mmuch everyday soo i wouldnt really be talking

  • allison

    OMG! that just kinda made me upset right now.. it doesnt matter if the girls were being annoying or not no guy should ever tell any girls to F**ck YOU! thats wrong. i can understand that he loves Selena but even if they were saying stuff about Selena he still shouldnt have said that. im sure he could have thought of something else to say if nothing. yeah he has a right to defend Selena as much as he wants but not like that!!! i love Justin, but he should consider what he said and maybe apologize. there also could of been little yongsters around who admire Bieber. THATS ALL I GOTTA SAY!

    • kathy

      so, if these girls were saying mean stuff to Justin or even Selena, Justin should have just ignored them? I would love to see how you would have handled the situation,, when these hackling hens would have been saying mean stuff or making fun of you! Im sorry, i think Justin did the right thing.. If it was me, i would have jumped off the ride and told them off face to face.. I dont care if its a girl or a guy.. Thats why i actually think they were making fun of Selena, and Justin felt the need to tell them off.. He is known to be very protective over the ones he loves..

      • Roxanne

        I have actually dealt with people like these girls before. I politely ignored them. Giving them a reaction is what they want.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t tell if he is saying love you, or fuck you. Either way, I don’t care, still a belieber to the end!!!!

  • larissa

    good on him, if people hate on you, your not gonna be nice to them? i’d do the same thing, Love you Justin xx
    @lariissabieberr :))

  • Roxanne

    Justin and Selena KNOW they will never have a normal day out. Those girls weren’t saying horrible shit to them, or being degrading, or anything like what the paps do. Yet Justin flips them off, and says “fuck you.” I am disappointed in Justin after seeing this, honestly. He should just ignore them. And not talk like that around his brother and sister who are at a fragile age. I still love him, but he was in the wrong here too. I get that he was frustrated and annoyed, but that isn’t an excuse for being a shit-head. Whether or not these girls are fans is irrelevant. Justin knows better than to act like that. And this doesn’t make me a “fake Belieber,” simply because I acknowledge that Justin is human, and I call him out on his shit.

    And this video isn’t edited, and he clearly did say fuck you. This did happen.

    • anonymous

      Just wanted to point out that his sister and brother were not on the ride with him,, Just his father and Selena.. Not that im saying what he did was right,, but until you were put in a situation where these girls were making fun of him or selena, dont tell me you would know what you would do!! Im disappointed in him myself, but everyone loses their tempers now and then,, so why should it be any different for him.. The only difference is his goes public, so he needs to start controlling his temper better, but i would have totally lost my temper with these girls.. Just the way they were laughing, even got under my skin! it was like they knew exactly what they were doing and were proud of themselves that they got it on video to show everyone how they got under Justins skin, and try to ruin his reputation! Maybe im the only one that feel like this, but whatever!

      • Roxanne

        There’s another video of the situation, in which you can clearly see his brother or sister, can’t remember which. So yeah, they were there.

        And actually I do know what I would do, because I’ve been in a situation like this. In fact, a worse situation. I was dealing with news reporters and angry family members/friends/supporters of the man who raped me, and they were doing and saying MUCH worse than what these girls were. Did I want to say “fuck you” and a bunch of other shit? Hells to the yes. But I kept my head held high, looked forward, and kept walking, ignoring them. Hard to do, but it is possible.

      • Roxanne

        Regarding whether or not his bro and sis were on the ride, my eyes might be playing tricks on me. But either way, not good.

        • kathy

          Im not saying what he did was good,, but in this other video, does it show that he just says “fuck you” to these girls for no reason at all?? or could it be that these girls cut out or didnt video tape what actually happened before he said what he said?

        • Anonymous

          The other video is longer and looks as if he did it for no reason except that the girls were taking pictures and the longer video is not cut or edited. It’s pretty obviously continuous. I would post the link but it doesn’t let comments with links through.

        • Roxanne

          That “Anonymous” was me but I commented from my phone so it put me as anonymous. Oops!

  • Lily

    Is it just me who has no idea when he supposedly says ‘fuck you’ ?!? I’ve listened like 3 times, and keep missing it! Can someone tell me the time in the video that he says it please?!
    But if he does say it… that’s low Justin. We’ll always love you & all that but… don’t turn into one of those foul mouth young Hollywood stars like Chris Brown etc. Stay the sweet, down to earth young guy we all know! And especially, especially, don’t disrespect the fans, the people who got you where you are, like that! And not just the fans anyone! REMEMBER YOUR ‘ I <3 HATERS' HAT! – stick to that JB!
    So anyway… time in the video that he says it? (a) xxx

    • kathy

      these girls are soo not fans of Justin.. Just the way they were laughing about this whole situation, u can tell they dont give a crap about Justin at all!! They are just putting it out there that they are fans of his to make him look bad!! But real beliebers know how Justin is, and this just seems way out of character for him!! I mean, he did say “fuck you” and gave them the middle finger, i wont deny that,, but i think these girls did something off camera to stir him up to get mad enough to do what he did!!

  • johail

    huh? they dont look like fans…they look like haters?stalkers? you guys deserved it. those are not beliebers.

  • Makisabelieber

    They were obviously Just messing with them because there laughing and shit good for them i’m glad he flipped them off

  • Angel Bieber

    Gol I dont need twitter to follow justin I just use my legs

  • kathy

    I guess the truth is slowly coming out.. There are people that were there and said that these girls were causing trouble for justin, selena, and even the Bieber family.. They were saying the ride went once around the track, and the girls were clling Justin, Selena and Bieber family names,, then Justin politely asked them to stop,, and they wouldnt listen,, so thats probably when they turned the video camera or their camera phone on, cause they knew they were pissing them off, and when they came around again, the girls called justin an asshole, then their little act started about her following Justin on twitter, and thats when Justin gave the girls the middle finger and said “fuck you” I do wish justin would have held his anger in, cause he just gave the girls exactly what they wanted!! But i do understand that he got fed up, and it can happen sometimes.. I knew their was more to this story!! Us actual fans and beliebers are by your side!! We knew you wouldnt have just did that without any reason..

  • Anonymous

    I’m disgusted that everyone is trying to defend Justin. Even if those girls were bothering him and his family, he had no right to say that to him. He should learn to defend himself better than flipping the bird everytime he’s not satisfied with something. He needs to learn he has younger fans and people who even look up to him.

    • MoreBiebs

      For the love of god, he is 17, practically 18!! It is NOT his responsibility to teach children around the world what is right and what is wrong!!! That’s what parents are for! They’re supposed to teach their own kids. He is human and has every right to get mad. I say good for him. He stood up for himself.

  • Anonymous


    This comes to show how ignorant and brainwashed some of the Beliebers are. It doesn’t matter what happened, you don’t go around flipping the bird when you know there will be cameras around.

    Justin cannot defend himself at all. I think it’s VERY low of him to result to flipping the bird all the time instead of verbally defending himself.

    He’s ruining his own image & does NOT deserve to be defended.

    ’nuff said.

    • anonymous

      Oh please!! Giving the finger at the super bowl is a bit different, than telling girls who were harassing him, selena and his family at Disney land are two different things.. and if you dont actually see the difference, then you are the one with the problem!! How convenient that these girls just had the camera on him when he said those word and gave the middle finger, but no video of them harrassing him for the whole time he was there.. hmmm,,

      • Anonymous

        Regardless of the situation, he still had no right to flip them off like that. He’s always talking about respect and he showed no respect at all to those girls.

        Also, it’s BECAUSE he was with his family that makes it even more fucked up that he had the nerve to have such an outburst.

        You, are obviously one of those people who fail at defending Justin. You have obnoxious reasons that make it seem like it was OK for him to do that.

  • kathy

    Seen a bit of a longer version of this video, what you dont see is when the ride comes up around to these girls the second time around, you can clearly hear Justin say “stop it”,, then you hear one of the girls saying “who cares”. so that tells you that these girls were just pissed off, because they were told earlier that Justin doesnt want to take pictures with anybody, because this is his “familt time”..

  • Roxanne

    Okay, look. I understand that you want to defend him, or come up with the reasons behind why he did this. I get it. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter why he did it – he still did it. I am glad we have more background on what happened now. But what matters is that he acted out and was immature about this. He knows better.

  • MoreBiebs

    Atta boy Justin! I’m glad he did that! He’s pretty much 18 now, he has to stand up for himself. Most 13 year old guys are running around swearing their heads off at everyone, so no one should be getting mad at Justin for simply defending himself. He’s growing up. Face it. I’m proud of him for that!!

  • Katrina

    The fact is EVERYONE has a breaking point, no matter who you are, famous or not. I think speculating on the situation is rather difficult given the fact that no one REALLY knows the whole entire story and the circumstances leading up to this. Oh and M.I.A flipping the bird during a NATIONALLY TELEVISED EVENT is completely different and cannot be compared to a situation like this. I AM extremely disappointed that he chose to conduct himself in that manner in front of Jazzy and Jaxon and even more disappointed that Jeremy seemingly found it funny. Again, we all have a breaking point and no one really knows what happened to bring him to this sort of action but we’ve all acted out in anger in situations and behaved in ways we’ve later regretted. Just because you’re in the public eye doesn’t make you immune to those moments of weakness. As far as people questioning his faith and his stance as a Christian, no one is 100% Christ-like 24/7 and by passing judgement you are hardly conduction yourself in a Christian manner either. “Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

  • Anonymous

    i sounded like justin sed love you not fuck you

    • Anonymous

      i ment it sounded like not i sounded like#mb


    I love him! bahahaha

  • Justin was right even he was at Disneyland. These bitches laughed of him and took pictures but JB asked them to stop it twice. I’d be angry too if I was him. They were disrespectful.
    There are other videos on Youtube and you can see that they were not fans but haterz.
    I also FUCK YOU stupid girls !!! :@

  • Steven

    Im pretty sure he said “Love you” :/

    • MoreBiebs

      Yes, while simultaneously flipping the middle finger, just to show that he loved them A LOT. *sarcasm*

  • If he said that to me,I`ll reply : sure =) where and when??? 😉 or I`d say,okay,lets do it =) …lol
    I understand that he`s angry and yes he has the right to scold them for disturbing him and his family members including selena……

  • Anonymous

    yeeah, they were stalking him and being rude to not only him and his girlfriend, but his family too. It explains it all on Ocean up and there is a muuch more clear video:)

    • anonymous

      Yeah, i seen the video on “Ocean Up” it definetly explains alot more!! You can clearly hear Justin say to these girls “Can u stop please” He even said it twice,, then you can hear the girl say “who cares” then thats when he said “fuck you” cause they wouldnt respect his wishes! The onlt thing about this whole thing that im disappointed in Justin is about is that he swore at these girls with his Little brother and sister were with him!! If they werent there, i wouldnt be disappointed in Justin at all! I would have been cheering him on!! What these people who are against Justin dont understand, is that these girls were following them around all day, and were told politely to leave them alone, that they dont want any pictures cause it was their family day! But these girls showed disrespect, and chose not to listen, and be little brats instead!

  • alex

    the reason why Justin bieber is so short and will never hit puberty is because he has AIDS from doing too much with scooter braun in order to keep scooter supporting him and getting his money. I swear to god it’s true.

    • Patricia

      gtfo with this bullshit! If you’re a harer, why are you on here?

      • Patricia

        I meant hater

        • Alex

          you’re the reason I come here- when you’re bored there’s nothing funnier than seeing all the sexually confused bieber fans who take any kind of trolling against bieber to heart, believe me

  • alex

    Last night Justine Beaver confirmed on her twitter account that she will have her first baby. She also said that she can’t go to any concerts for a while due to her pregnancy. She also claims that Usher is the father. They have a wedding planned sometime in 2012. I swear to god it’s true

  • alex

    omg why would she flip off disneyland when she wants to replace miley cyrus as the next big disney girl, and her lesbian lover selena gomez is from disney?!

    • MoreBiebs

      You don’t have a life, do you?

      • Alex

        I’ll say to you what I say to all bieber fans: fair enough, but before YOU tell me that, learn the meaning of the word ‘hypocritical’. But thank you for responding, its great you’re helping me kill time

        • MoreBiebs

          no no, you’re a little mistaken here. I’m spending my time on something that I enjoy and support. You’re here for the sole purpose of trolling. That means you have no life and should really take up a hobby. Don’t embarrass yourself by throwing around false accusations, it’s only showing how stupid and lame you are. What a sad little person you are…

  • Well I support Justin Bieber in this..not only coz Im crazy about him and love him a lot but coz those bitch ass girls were making fun of Justin…
    he just said the ‘f’ word whereas he could have said a lot more..so
    he just had pity on them bitches thats all…
    east or west, Justin Bieber is the Best..!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kl

    Basically what I got from that video is that they were obviously mocking him and being stupid bitches bc if they were REALLY fans they would have been crying their eyes out when he flipped them off and said Fuck you… Bc if you’re a REAL fan you deff don’t want you’re IDOL flipping you the bird and telling you off. All I’m saying is that this video doesnt show the whole thing and from what I saw/heard, those girls were harassing and mocking him and being really rude. I would have told them to Fuck off too. I mean he’s there spending time with his family which he rarely gets to do, and these types of ppl have to bother him and piss him off and ruin that special family time that he is trying to take in. That’s just wrong and id be pissed off too!!

  • Anonymous

    hate those girls
    back off

  • Anonymous

    Now that i saw this vid i am sure that Selena is a very bad influence on him..
    I don’t like JB anymore because he became a bad person and he says FUCK U to his fans that supported him so much..
    WE made U who you are now..don’t screw it… don’t act like an asshole because at the end of the day you will get nothing and Selena will break up with you because you won’t be famous anymore…! LOL

    • Marissa Pierre

      they werent fans they were haters, and they were making fun of jasmyn and jaxon, his little sibs, so he was defending them, selena had nothing to do with it, leave the poor girl alone

  • Patricia

    Justin DM a girl on twitter who asked him why he said fuck you to fans. He replied that they were haterz, not fans. They were making fun of his lil brother and sister and thats why he went off on them. She has a screenshot of the DM on her twitter and Justin does follow her ( I checked it out myself ) So now we know what happened. Case closed. Lets move on.

    • Marissa Pierre

      Well said finally someone shut all those ppl asking about this up! Thank u!

  • me

    Those girls said mean things about Jazmin and Jaxon. I would have defend my siblings too. They just put what was convenient for them they didnt post the whole thing.


    dat was funny srry but it was

  • Stan Alfredsen

    I, for one, have lost all respect for him, that sailor mouth has no place anywhere.

    • MoreBiebs

      Oh please, and have you never swore in your life? I highly doubt that Stan. Lying has no place anywhere.

    • Patricia

      Justin had a good reason for cussing those girls out. They were making fun of his lil brother and sister. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing if someone was doing that to your family.

  • Dilara_azeribelieber

    İ hate you selena gomez.
    Justin Bieber come to Azerbaijan.

    • Marissa Pierre

      Umm, if u like JB, then u shud be happy for him he found a girl he loves and can spoil, so let him be happy and be happy for him and dont hate! he gets upset when ppl hate on his girl!

  • Anonymous

    kill him

    • Marissa Pierre

      why doesnt someone kill u, he has had enough, u know its too much pressure for a kid


    why cant he just spend some time with his family without fans coming up to him maybe thats y he said tht im not sure cuz i wasnt there but he deals with the camera in his face its to much pressure

  • anonyme

    justin! what happen? i really don’t understand why you just said fuck you to a fan. You tell us that you don’t want to lost us , but you say fuck you to your fan. Good job Justin! Really -.- . For be honnest with you , i think that your not really sweet with your fans. BRAVO.

    • Marissa Pierre

      they were following him around like idiots, making him insane, only so much the guy can take, and the picture of him is blurred out for a reason, he needs some alone time, he needs privacy, he wants to be a regular kid, not be chased around by a bunch of annoying girls

  • Tanya jb fan febuary,2012 at 7:46pm

    Love u jb Hope u had fun wiht selena gomez and ur litte sister omg she is so adorable and u to ur so Hot I like ur look and ur pretty face .I love ur family there so nice tow u:) And say hey to ur friend for me my friend say that ur so hotttttt and cute> .< And I said I know he is 10000 times hotttt love u justin bieber Love ur 2012 shrine hope u can go to cicero illinoise I think about u every day and i cant sleep my adrees is 1313 s cenral ave love u 100 times^ .^

  • Morgan

    Ya know, I would have done the same thing. He’s going to end up going crazy because he never has privacy. It’s ridiculous.

  • Gaby

    He says he looks up to Michael Jackson and MJ would never in a billion years be so rude. EVER. MJ was soft spoken and sweet. I really don’t like seeing this side of Justin… makes me very sad.

    • Marissa Pierre

      yeah but the pic dont look like him neither does the vid show up, and every celeb needs a break, there is only so much he can really take, and paparazzi is so annoying he needs to be a regular teenage kid sometimes, see what im saying? who knows if he did tht or not

  • hterz of justin dont even look at thiz website that aint cool iz it because he iz better looking or iz it because ur a wana be

  • so… any one wana chat im bored…..

  • no one wana chat bout justin

  • if u wana call me than my cell iz i469-579-6688 please call it does not matter if itz day or nite jst txt or call plzz

  • plzz call i trust ya

  • hey you guys thank you for making this website for me i love my fans and im happy you guys love my perfume someday

    • Marissa Pierre

      You’re not bieber, man. Bieber wudn’t come on an article of him saying the f word, and talk about his perfume, just saying, he wud defend himself so plz, stop that nonsense

  • Anonymous

    really he is a human just like us and humans make mistakes and those girls did not have to do that I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

  • Retired Chief

    The truth is the 2 girls had been following him all day and when he wouldn’t pay attention to them they started being rude and saying nasty things to him, his grielfriend and his little brother and sister. They deserved the finger and the “F – U”. Even celebs need a break every once in a while.

  • Alexis

    Don’t Belive This Stuff Justin Wouldent Really Stick His Middle Finger Up Or Swear At A Fan Not True

  • seeba selina

    heyyyyyy justing i like to fuck you baby …..



  • a

    justin beever is a bitsh when icam to canada and here hi miscasting vise i hated hem

  • Marissa Pierre

    Okay, what can I say? I don’t really think JB would do that because I know he is a grownup now and stuff, but he’s still a sweetheart, and the picture of the middle finger doesn’t look like him! You can’t even see his face, it could be a look-a-like, or even anybody! As for the video, it won’t show up on my laptop, and a lot of ppl have also said it doesn’t show for them. This was all a scam! Gosh, don’t believe it…I can believe he flips finger sometimes, but he actually said it? need proof, need quotes, need something!


    hey justin ….dn’t be afraid we”ll be wth u n i hate all those people who hate u or teasing u …love u

  • armando

    armando says that justin bieber is stupite l wish that justin bieber was dead

  • alisha

    wow his mom was there and she didn`t even kare

  • emily

    f*ck you

  • Ok

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