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Justin Bieber stopped Selena Gomez from playing games!

Selena Gomez has realised that “playing games” in relationships is silly now that she is with Justin Bieber.

The 19-year-old star, who has been dating the ‘Baby’ hitmaker since December 2010, admitted to toying with people’s emotions in the past.

“I’ve played games in the past, but now I’ve finally met someone who makes me not play games. If you’re playing games, you need to ask yourself if that person is really for you. Games are silly,”

The ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’ actress now thinks the best relationships are based on “compassion and honesty”, and believes being yourself is the key to success.

“I’ve conformed to a lot of guys that I liked before; it’s very easy to want to be what they want you to be. But in the end, it just wasn’t enjoyable – I was miserable half the time. The best person you can be with is someone you can be yourself with,”


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  • Anon

    Where’s the part when we are suppose to care? This is a blog do Justin not Selena. Act like it.

    • Anonymous

      Its a blog about just yea but unless ur blind it has selena Gomez name up there and I’m sure even a dumbass like u could see that it would have some info on her listen I’m tired of all u haters tryna bring selena down ive just had it if u don’t care then don’t read it and move the fuck on no one forced u to read it now she has her own wonderful life to live n since u obviously don’t go get lost at sea or something fool.

  • Bunny

    She don’t tell him what to do she don’t run him Justin can make his own dicisions if he wants to stop or not just stupid bullshit

    • Kirstie

      Where in that article did it say she tell’s Justin what do you? Can you not fucking read you judgmental troll? She was talking about her past boyfriends have made her act like a different person then she really is and she use to play games like not being herself…. No where does that say she boss’es Justin around…
      So shut the hell up. Justin is sick of all you stupid little girls hating on people he cares about! If your a true fan your’ll suck it and fuvking mature all ready!

      • Sara

        Only troll is u and ur horrible spelling. And little girls hun most of us girls are older than Justin’s ass. We don’t Have to kiss Selena’s ass just cause Justin dates her. U need help and help ASAP. I didn’t like Selena before and idgaf what anyone says I’m not gonna like her now either and I dont never will. Justin isn’t god. Selena is not the god of Justin’s life. She don’t own him. Get over it. A fan supports him for him. I was here before Selena and I’ll be here after so everything u said was ignorant dumb and invalid. U can go back to sucking Selenas no existent ass now :)

        • Bunny

          Thank you Sara at least some one understands instead of these stupid ass Selena lovers

        • Lol

          Ur welcome love. All they do is kiss ass because “Justin dates Selena now” so somehow they think the world has to like her. Ducking dumbasses. Only us beliebers with brains see what’s going on here. Ur right love. I just don’t get why their blogging about this shit when CLEARLY this a Bieber blog. Tired of hearing news about her.

        • Bunny

          Exactly as besides Justin and Selena’s relationship is fake no one knows it is cause they’re so damn STUPID.The reason Justin gave her a promise ring is because Selena is scared that she will loose her stupid ass fans and no one won’t love her

          she has lot of fans, she had fans and she won awards before no one knew justin……. she won’t lose her fans, and i know, becouse I AM A SELENATOR and will never leave her. AND DON’T BE LIKE ‘oh they’re so fake and i know why justin gave that ring to her’ BECOUSE YOU DON’T KNOW _ANYTHING_ ABOUT THEM OR THEIR RELATIONSHIP. and you dumb girls there, who r sayin ‘this is bieber blog, why do you post selena- news?!?!?’ IF YOU’RE NOT INTRESTED, DON’T READ IT!! here’s so stupid people

        • paige

          Lmao Hun only stupid person is u and ur bad grammar noone cares if u will leave her or not. And everything u said was invalid. Selena ain’t won shit that’s actually relevant other than kiddy teen choice awards. And the awards she has gotten in the last year Wudnt be possible without her recent publicity for dating Justin. Living in Hollywood and with famiy Friends being friends with her agent I would know. They’re right ur wrong. And u being a selenator proves it all. U little 12 yr olds don’t know shit. Ur moment was so dumb even my mother couldn’t help but laugh lmao

        • Sara

          Amennnn! Exactly

        • Hey:) my daughter loves Selena and I have beamce a fan myself. I would love to surprise her with tickets to a concert but I don’t see any in Michigan. Just thought I’d throw out a good place to stop for next time! Preferably Saginaw but we would travel. Lol.

        • Patricia

          This! Sara I agree with your comment 100% Im the oldest belieber on here and I don’t like Selena either. I never have. She always seemed fake and too goody goody for me. It always seems like she’s acting and hiding her real personality. Miley and Demi on the other hand, are more real and show their true personalities. This article is a bunch of BS anyway, cause all the smart beliebers know that Jelena is all an act for publicity and money. I can’t wait till they ” break up “.

        • Kirstie

          That award moment when again no one understood my comment. I wasn’t defending their realsonship for starters it’s none of our business. All I did was say to bunny that the article never said she boss’es Justin around… Surprised Patricia didn’t see that, as your one of like 5 people on here that are actually intelligent

        • Anonymous

          Shut the fuck up bitch ur probly down on love Cu’s everyone juvenal been in broke u (if u have ever been in one) reached basterd shut up I pray they never break up and from now on sttop with the mean shit u say about them u never liked selena be wuss she too goody? Rhached ass bitch tell me do u know her? Do u ? U c her from picks and just define her? That’s low even from and hater like u if u have nuthing interesting other than hate to say then go get lost at a fucking sea

        • Kirstie

          Sorry this has been bugging me, it’s spelled YOU, YOU’RE. And it’s non not no, and it’s I dout I ever will not dont never will. Oh and don’t not dont. Last but not least, she doesn’t own him, not she dont own him…
          So who you were calling stupid?

        • [email protected]@ss

          It’s spelled DOUBT, with a B. If you’re going to go around calling people stupid because they can’t spell, you should probably use spell check before you press the fucking reply button.

          [ ] owned
          [x] fucking owned
          [x] told like a bitch

        • Jesse

          I agree with u sara i hate selena and im 10 plus she knows when she dates justin more the more fans he lol gets stop likeing her cause she is dating the sexy bieber

      • Anonymous

        um dude. she doesnt tell him wht to do. she just has a history of playing around with boys hearts. nothing to do with control Hun.

  • Bunny

    Bitch shut the fuck up talking to me cause I didn’t say anything about your little punk ass you can cuss me out all you want to it ain’t gone hurt my motherfucking feelings just keep that in mind if you want to start some shit

    • Kirstie

      Bunny ( nice name btw) I wasn’t talking to you… I was talking to Sara… Man I’m so scared…Not you wanna start something come at me on twitter!

      • Funny Trick

        WOW trying to act bad on twitter isn’t going to get you anywhere I dont do any of that childesh shit you do I’m old enough to not fight over some Bitch fan that’s part of selena

  • Anonymous

    Sooooo, she kinda just openly admitted her things with nick & taylor weren’t real!! Lol knew it!

    • Sara

      Yup and Just like those this one Kant real either

  • H.A.

    Bitches who hate on Selena are pathetic. I am sure just like their pathetic mothers’. LMAOOO!!! I am glad to know Justin changed Selena’s point of view in relationships. They are cute together!

    • Patricia

      Wrong! All you little Selenators are the pathetic ones. Justin didn’t change her point of view cause Jelena is a fake relationship. Open your eyes little girl and learn about how hollywood works. Half of all relationships in hollywood are fake. Don’t be so naive. All you selenators make me laugh at how dumb you all are. And don’t tell me Im jealous of Selena, cause there is nothing to be jealous off. At least I have a banging body, and Selena is flat as a board.

      • Sara


        • natalie


  • someone

    I hate her!! not that she is dating justin i mean i hated her before that she isnt who you think she is she is actually a horrible person and she said it herself she has hurt boys in the past playing with there emotions what a bitch!!

    • Nicki

      I actually agree with you she not who you think she is a proper bitch!! she doesnt deserve justin!!

  • I love JB!!

    No comments! :)

  • [email protected]@ss

    I just recently stumbled upon this site, not a bieber fan at all. But honestly every single one of you people (can’t tell if you’re girls or boys; who knows with the Internet nowadays) could spell anything correctly and every single one of you has bad grammar, I’m guessing you’re all still in grade school. Now stop being fucking trolls, get your own life and stop worrying about everyone else. Because seriously nobody gives a fuck wether or not you live or die, stop wasting your lives and go learn some math, something that’s actually useful to the world you little annoying life sucking hopeless tarts. This shit is so fucking ridiculous, it blows my mind. Please grow the fuck up, take some amazing advice, however harsh, and make your own life, don’t follow someone for your whole life. And stop calling eachother bitches, and stupid. Someones gonna wind up killing themselves. Don’t do it. Jesus.

    Thanks a lot for making me waste my life on this.

    • natalie

      Thank you

  • You guys are so cute!! I wish you luck! Selena, you are such a great role model for girls of all ages. Justin, you are super kind to your fans! You both are awesome singers. I am personally sorry for all the hater comments and hope you overcome every one of them. <3<3

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss together walk marry eyecontact deaf talk sweetheart hug kiss meet all happy deaf talk like Alejandra Magana :)

  • mrsbieber

    ohhhh now she admits it, like 20 guys later. shes a lier and will play justin like she always does. so she needs to grow up and learn about relationships before she gets into one.

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