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justinbieber2012 trinity petit happy birthday

Justin Bieber wishes Trinity Petit a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Trinity Petit was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer three weeks ago.  Her tumor, called a DIPG, can not be removed.

She turned 13 last weekend and her friends, family, and supporters campaigned to get Justin to wish her a happy birthday. The message might have gotten to JB a week late but better late then never right? Today (Feb 18, 2012) Justin posted a birthday message to Trinity, with Selena, Jazmyn, and Jeremy in tow.

Love the flowing hair 🙂 Sexy

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  • Lilly

    I actually found it sweet that he included her in the video, BUT (lol theres always a but)
    1. Im pretty sure the campaign was only for Justin (aka his family and him) to make a video, not with her, but i guess shes just an extra plus :/
    2. She couldve done something! like waved or something. she just sat there looking all awkward.
    ok enough trolling on to the good parts:
    1. Justin’s voice made my ovaries explode.
    2. His hair looks so sexy like that. He needs to stop wearing beanies! (even tho he looks GORGE with them on ;))
    3. He’s very Sweet and caring to do that for her! 😀 He makes my heart melt.

    • Anonymous

      B quiet she was there his family c her as one of thee own so whateva and she didn’t wanna wave atleast she smiled did anyone else in the video wave? Noo so y only pick on her obviously u have nuthing better to do so go get lost at sea

  • Retaj

    hahaha i bet Selena told Justin not to turn the camera on her but he did anyway so she laughed and looked awkward

  • me

    Didn’t you hear the video? She didn’t know what he was doing. when she figured it out, she stopped talking.

  • name

    shut up. seriously you guys will do anything to find something wrong with selena. gtf over yourselves. Stop being jealous and accept the fact that their in love..

    dislike this? idgaf.

  • Oh My Bieberr

    i dont get it… like whats wrong wit Selena’s reaction/face? i think she was just nervous maybe Trinity wouldnt like her…. idk but i dont thinnk therse anything wrong wit Selenas face… but aww Justin is sweet lol random

    • Anonymous

      really? she didn’t even know what was going on! i feel like all you guys try to find something to bash on selena! god didn’t you hear her? “what are you doing?” good grief. stop hatin.

      • Oh My Bieberr

        MY BAD i didnt hear her say tht!! Jeez. Oh yeah thanks for the info -,- btw can u also tell me how i was hating ?

  • I

    Selena: what are you doing? Justin thinking :MAKING A VID FOR A LIL GIRLS BDAY!! DUHHHH 🙂

  • LOVE IT 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  • Anonymous

    ahhhhhhh Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! its amazing he did that but he could of made it longer!!!! his hair looks wack but sexy. thatnk you J.B for doing that it means alot to her <3

  • Happy B-day Justin bieber, hope you enjoy your B-day from your # one fan Lola

  • Hannah .

    Trinity passed last Saturday, the 17th. I knew her personally. She was not 13, she was in 3rd grade.

  • justin pareces loco pero loco miooo te ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmo
    hermoso te amo te amo

  • justin sos tan lindo que mmatas te amo

  • see you happy, is one more reason to smile I love you justin

  • fernanda

    lo amo

  • antonella

    justinn tee amoooooooooooooooo baby sos hermosoooo (L)

  • antonella

    me en cantaaa la foto de a riba de todo estas HERMOSOOOOO con todas las letraaaaaaa te amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • antonella

    al final justin dice ser guapo justin bieber me encanto el videoo esta hermosooo justinn y el de las fans tambien

  • abigail lyons

    happy birthbay justin i will love you always