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New Details about Justin Bieber’s New Movie with Mark Wahlberg

Justin Bieber & Mark Wahlberg

Mark Walhberg was just in Australian for the premiere of his new movie Contraband and The Hot Hits managed to get some dirt on where they’re at with Justin’s new basketball drama movie that they are making together.

“We’re developing a script right now. That’s another thing. I’m calling writer after writer after writer telling them to hurry up with the scripts.

“We’re hoping to do a movie together, a drama, where I kind of play a reluctant mentor to him in an inner city environment.”

“But you know what, people are gonna be really surprised at how good he’s gonna be in this movie,” Mark said.

Looks like it’s going to be a feel good, tear jerk drama. Can’t wait to see him in a movie!!

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  • Anonymous

    i was 1st ha ha ha.

  • ok i am tottaly confused here. I thought they were getting ready to film it soon. As i’m pretty sure justin said last summer that the movie was suppose to come out in threaters this summer? I also thought the movie was the rason for hi dying his hair, or thats what the creator of this website said…..

  • rebekah

    I cant wait for the movie to come out gotta support my boo

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to go see Justin Bieber in a movie anyway. He is garbage at music,so why have more hate making a movie. Plus why the heck is Mark Walberg making a movie with this emo lesbo with sagging jeans trying to be black, please. Do all canadians act this way includin Drake. ha ha. He aint nothing but a fake. And all u girls who say why are u on here if u don;t like him. well? it gets ur attention to say that right? Proud to be a bieber hater. Ur all welcome. p.s. I WILL BE BACK BITCHES HA HA HA.

    • Anonymous

      Why are you on his website then :/ ???….you must like him to actually be looking for him…:/ ???

      • Anonymous

        i just told u dumb fuck. cain’t u read?

    • Kirstie

      $1000 says this person is a old fat guy who’s never had a girlfriend and is still a virgin..
      Grow a pair and put your name….. Nothing you say is going to upset Justin or me because you obviously have some issues with yourself and in order to feel good you need to hate on people… I actually feel really sorry for & hope one day you will get the help you need..

      On another note anyone who has twitter please follow me @kirstiedrumm

  • Hater

    So…all this guy can do is get girls? It’s too bad he doesn’t have any real talent.

    • Kirstie

      No your right he has no talent, which is why he wins a shot loud of awards…

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      He only pulls ugly bitches like SELENA GOMEZ. AND ALSO UR NAME FITS U HATER.

  • Justin Drew

    Sabrina, thank you for believing in me through thick and thin. When others told you “He’s out of your league” you stuck by me. Thank You. -Justin

    • hi i am your one less lonely guy because i am always believing in u the whole time. I was wondering if u and selena will me at the oscars.

  • Patricia

    I thought that Justin was supposed to start filming the movie this summer. And they’re still working on a script? I hope they hurry up cause I can’t wait to see this movie. It sounds good! And Mark is also a hottie 😉

  • Amanda. Granata

    Hey Justin bieber can you make A summer movie of 2012 and love your songs I love you so mush !!!!!!! 🙂 you make me happy stay strong for Avalanna don’t worry so mush I well allways love you Justin in my Herat be happy for Avalanna
    I want to see you u smile

    Take care Justin love you I well give lots of hugs and kisses just take my hand !!!!!!
    Xoxox love Amanda Granata