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Justin Bieber is touring in Australia this April

Exciting news for all you lucky Aussies. It has just been confirmed that  Justin will be heading to Australia to start a tour down under. It starts April 25th. 
More details to come.

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  • toni

    woooooooooooooooooooooooo!Philippines too!

  • jessica

    holy crap this better be true carnt wait

  • Jess

    mother of god. If this is legit skjsjsn. I cant even.

  • Thia is just a rumor if you don’t hear it from Bieber than it is 99% not true.

  • The owner of this site said that it will be posted old news and I just check and this is old news

  • Demi

    if this is legit, im going to cry! OMG SO EXCITED DJHEYIGFKLIYVG

    • jbfan

      omg me to my gramma just told me i cant stop screeming i wonder if he’ll play milldura? if not book me a flight to were he is playing and i will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abbey

    WHAT?! if this is for real ima die!!! ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSDGHJK this isnt old news is it? cause im like crying

    • Yes do you really want him to tour and not get is album out. His tour manger said that they have no tour production yet because they have not even started think about it yet. If you don’t hear it from Bieber then it is 99% not true sorry

  • From site owner: Anyways the site will be reposting some really old posts because for some reason these 600+ posts are not yet included on the new site. So until further notice the site will be reposting some really random old posts. Sorry for any confusion. I don’t know how this works cuz I’ve never done it before. Hope things will be back to normal soon

    Example: Justin Bieber releases My World 2.0
    by ADMIN on MARCH 2, 2012

  • Sarah

    Is this one of those old posts????? OR IS IT TRUE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :DDDD for April 2012?????????

    • Old post

      • jbfan

        if this ias a lie than :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

  • Chloebieber

    is this old news or newest news??

  • Zeldax64

    when do the tickets come out?

  • JB'S NO.1 FAN


  • Hannah

    I hope he comes to PA 🙂

  • leah

    sitting in class crying! so excited!!!!! 😀