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Justin Bieber meeting fans outside Radio Disney

me (Jade), Shelby, and Lauren met Justin Bieber at the Radio Disney studios. This was the first time Shelby met Justin and the 4th time I met Justin, this was the most amazing bieber experience EVER, we’ll write a MBE and then post it on the tumblr. follow us on twitter for more about the experience @LAbeliebs & @shelbaybayluvjb

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  • IL

    Omwww,,,you guys are super lucky!!! (: I wanna meet him soo bad!!!! :3

  • nicolebelieber

    they were so lucky! i’ve never even seen him or met him once,and she got to four times?! :O love you justin!

  • nnnnniiiccceee

  • arzu

    He is very. cute!!!!