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Justin Bieber Hot Picture Taken March 26, 2012

Justin Bieber Hot Picture Taken March 2012

Justin looking hot at Radio Disney today. Β So hot that I think this pic deserves it’s own post xD

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  • Kels

    That is smexi. ;*

    • Carly


    • Kayla

      honey its my man#justsayyin……i <3 u JUstin!!!!!!!

      • dana

        when he was younger he was ok……but now he is FINE

        • Anonymous

          lol 5000 thumbs 4 that!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    love it your so cute.

  • Ricky Bieber


    • Anonymous

      more cute

      • britney

        even better

      • britney

        i hate selenna gomez

        • dickfos

          your a dick because she is just one sexy chick

  • megan

    he is just getting sexier and sexier!!

    • Anonymous

      I NO RIGHT

    • Anonymous

      Wach one day his going to get sexier!!!!!

      • gisselle

        he just got a car on the video boyfreind and he got sexier!!!!!

  • sonja

    This is a very hot stuff. I bet you can even cook an egg on him. LOL. Keep on pumping out those songs my baby. You are very sexy. love you and your Music.


  • zulema

    your super cute and love your music

  • laura-justinbieber

    He is well cutee that’s why I love him so much arr love youuu justin soo much <3 xxoxoxooxxooxxoxoxoxoxxxo

  • whitney

    why did he have to change i loved him jusT the way he was at the start im not saying i hate him i love everything about him

  • true auzzie beliber

    man why is he so HOT!?!

  • i love you justin bieber

    • angie

      he is sexy and HOT <3

      • britney

        i no rigt!

  • Anonymous

    why does he have to be sooooooooooooooooooo sexy?!?!

  • Carly

    soooo sexyy ;**

    • lola

      no to sexy

      • Hot justin


        • Ashley Chandler

          lol i agree!

        • Ashley Chandler

          he should shush

  • Kayla

    Justin Bieber ur so (CUTE) wish i can mett u please respond im only 11 please!!!!!

    • Justin Bieber

      Hey there!Thanks,I appreciate it!You already met me,though.Through my music!:)This goes to everyone!

  • Kayla

    he is so freakin sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey everybody!I’m bored and I found this place.Wow!Had no idea!I’m so honored to have fans like you!I can’t believe you girls like this picture so much!This is me at my worst!Seriously…morning face!Haha!Still,you guys are there…thank you…:)

    • Cristina Rosas

      lol Justin.You should mention me so ppl could follow [email protected]

    • cali&carly

      omg, we are coming to see you play soon, were your biggest fanss loveyou soo much , add me on twitter , @Cali_kiaries , @CarlyKritzinger <3<3

    • Ashley Chandler


  • Olivia

    i luv you Justin!
    your music is amazing!
    your voice is amazing!
    you are amazing!
    its true, im eleven and i luv u! πŸ˜› please write back!

  • Alex

    JB your so hot i love uuuuuuuuuu<3

  • kaylee

    hi justin bieber ur an amazing person i think everybody looks good inside and out u r your own person your personality is what makes u look good so do what u want to do and think so dont listen what people think and say listen to your ownself thats what makes u a great person love u great music career kaylee

  • ivy faunce

    Ouch HOTT

  • ich mag Justin Bieber sehr Soga und ich mag Bushido

  • Alexandra

    Ohhh……godd he looks even sexier. I LOVE HIM!!!

    • britney

      he is sexy!

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  • Anonymous

    Omg so hot

  • David b Conway is so annoying

    Ummm it’s not that hot

  • Nyla

    Hi Justin i love you so much especially your music πŸ™‚

  • gisselle

    Jb u are hot please right back I luv u!!!!!!!…….. ur a hotie

    • britney

      i no i love him to!

  • britney

    justin is hot/sexy

    • gisselle

      jb I read on a magazine that u found ur dream house it gave us pics. And it was so cool………….and there was a hot pic of u and ur favor it things in there that u wanted <3 <3

  • \\\\


  • asifa rashid

    u are sooooo good and nice boy in the world u are soooooo hottie and sexy

  • Justin Bieber ich finde dich süß ich liebe dich ΓΌber alles Justin Bieber πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Christian jacobsen

    Hi Justin bieber! My name is Christian and i come from norway Mo i Rana
    I love your music i like Be alright , all around the world and more i love you justin bieber from Christian

  • Justin bueber

    Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf happy love like Alejandra Magana. Call 5094306261 sed massge. :):):)

  • Charles Randolph