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Justin Bieber surprises a fan with a kiss!

justin bieber kissing a fan

Justin Bieber surprises a lucky fan!


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  • tess

    wow dis is serious

    • Bailey

      It’s not like he’s cheating on Selena. He’s just giving her a kiss on the cheek. If it was a kiss on the lips and it looked like a make out session, then, it would be serious. But it was just a peck on the cheek.

  • yasmin

    thts really cute <3

  • kiki

    how cute is that <3 πŸ™‚

  • Jemma

    how awesome is tha!! i think theres a rumour going around facebook and stuff saying theat Justin Bieber got stabbed in the back in LA by a fan… he didnt!
    it a lie!!

    • RockStar

      damn i wish he did

      • Anonymous

        what is wrong with you!

      • Anonymous

        if you don’t like him then y r u on this site??

    • indianbelieber

      its a fake! it was all over the net. some1 was just trying to either attract justin towards him or he hates him

      • Anonymous

        he HATES him!

    • Trinity Bieber

      yeah thats a lie he might would of talked about it on a show/interview or someone would ask him.

    • sarah

      this is just normal couse like every girl like a fan can get a kiss but ofcoures if it wouled be like a kiss ina alip and make out thats a is cheating selena but if it was just a kiss in a lip thats still noting

  • SO CUTE πŸ™‚

  • Justin bieber Love kiss like Alejandra Magana am call (509)430-6261 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Is this your real phone number? I f so TMI!

  • jasmine


    • jasmine

      i lov you

  • sara

    i love you

  • Sarah

    I love JB he is my GOOD influence!!!

    • Anonymous

      U are awesome

      • Sarah

        THX!!! To JB: HEY…. u are awesum keep it up and i luv the song BOYFRIEND

  • Anonymous


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  • Jennifer-Lynn

    i <3 justin bieber !! but why cut your self ? or leave your phone number on here ?? weird.

    • Anonymous

      I know that’s right!

  • kyia

    i love him you

  • ashleigh

    people suck ass

  • vanessa Morgan

    Justin bieber I. Love you so much I can kiss you by love vanessa Morgan

  • Anonymous

    “That Should Be Me!”

  • renata cristina

    justin Γ© muinto inportante voce ta lendo isso entao beijos I LOVE YOU

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  • Nicole


  • Nicole


  • justin bieber forever

    hey justin wasss up i love you so much i want to see you one day i alwaysfollow my dreams and never give up. i always say to myself NEVER SAY NEVER i love you so much well i gtg love you always byeeeee ohh and the picture is fake byeeee

  • mrs.bieber


  • antuanet

    love you

  • Anonymous

    Du Γ€r Bara SΓΆΓΆttt!!! <3 jag Γ€lskar dig


  • judiiik

    i thing, he is a best boy on the world! :)* ;*

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  • Mrs.Bieber

    its not like he’s cheating on selena he kissed her on the cheek.

    • Justin bueber

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  • selena gomez

    hey back the fuck off my man!!!!!!!


    OH THAT NICE. DOES IT MEAN HE COULD DATE A FAN?????????????????????


    I LOVE YOU JUSTINE BIEBER MARRY ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!