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Justin Bieber’s Twitter account gets hacked!?

I cannot confirm this is true but apparently Justin’s Twitter was hacked a few hours ago. Apparently they tweeted the following message on the day he reached 19 million followers…

Justin reaches 19 million followers today!

Can anyone confirm this is true?

And congrats on reaching 19 million followers JB!!

UPDATE: Looks like it’s true! Apparently people were being unfollowed and blocked by the hacker. They are working on following people back. You should check to see if you’ve been unfollowed by Justin.

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  • Kristina BiebEr

    Yeah it is…. Scooter tweeted that “the kid got hacked” but then deleted it

  • elena Bieber and the only!

    yea it is fake

  • Lilly

    Nice obsession hacker. #Biebermyballs -.-” Very nice obsession.

  • sonja

    It look like some people don’t have better things to do than pick on someone who is doing good in his life they are jealouse of Justin Bieber. All I can say to them is get a life and leave Justin and all the other artist alone. Love you Justin

  • jealous……..they are so jealous of him.

    just coz he has 89.9% of the girls in the world at his feet.

    ^_^ ily j.b 4 eva



  • lol

  • rhiannon

    ts fake anyway 😀