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More Details On "My World 2.0"

On Thursday, Justin Bieber used Twitter to unveil the track listing for his new album, ‘My World 2.0,’ which not only includes his first single, ‘Baby,’ and his second single ‘Never Let You Go,’ but it also has a song that the Canadian singer wrote specifically for his fans.

“Anyone want to know the names of all the songs on MY WORLD 2.0?” he asked. Minutes later, he tweeted that ‘Smile,’ the fourth song on the album, is “the song I wrote for my fans and dedicate to them.”

But there’s plenty more in store for Justin’s sophomore record. He collaborates with Sean Kingston on ‘Eenie Mini’ and another special guest on ‘Overboard,’ who the Justin has yet to reveal. The 15-year-old pop star says the song ‘Up’ is amazing and possibly his favorite, and the final track, ‘That Should Be Me,’ is a song about how he should “be your man.”

The second song on the album, ‘Somebody to Love,’ shares same title as the 1976 hit by Queen and smash cover sung by the cast of Glee, but we confirmed with JB’s label that Justin’s track is, in fact, an original song.

In more album news, uber fans will have the chance to score two additional tracks — ‘Where Are You Now’ and ‘Kiss and Tell’ — through exclusive retail versions of ‘My World 2.0’ next month. There are less than four weeks until Justin’s big release date on March 23. Are you ready?

– jsyk.com