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Who on Earth is Justin Bieber?

There’s a new arrival in the UK Top Ten this week, but some of you may already know his name. Justin Bieber is the 16-year-old Canadian R&B sensation who’s taken the US by storm, causing teen hysteria and near riots whenever he appears.

Having scored a minor hit in January with his single One Time, Justin looks set to repeat his American success with his current track Baby featuring rapper Ludacris, and his upcoming album My World 2.0.

Still none the wiser? Don’t panic. Here’s a handy set of Bieber facts you can drop in to any conversation and impress your friends:

Justin Bieber was discovered singing on YouTube, in videos he’d originally posted just for his friends and family to watch.

Not just a singer and a nifty mover, Justin can play the drums, guitar, piano and trumpet. (Though not all at the same time.)

Justin was signed to his record label by R&B superstar Usher, reportedly after a bidding war with Justin Timberlake. The Bieber family then upped sticks to live near Usher, in Atlanta.

A promotional appearance in a Long Island shopping mall had to be cancelled when 3000 fans turned up, causing mayhem and destruction. 35 police units were called in and Justin was prevented from entering the building. He later told a radio station: “They basically threatened to put me in cuffs and send me away to jail.”

Bieber’s first tour in the UK was in support Taylor Swift. He has also performed for President Obama and took Lionel Richie’s original line in the Haiti benefitting remake of We Are The World.

Consider yourselves educated in the ways of Bieber.


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  • Ja

    JB Shrine is so irrelevent. These are all old updates of Justin, there are so many better justin websites than this one. It sucks.

    • Guess you havn't kept up-to-date with JB Shrine

      I think The Justin Bieber Shrine is going through some updates, so old news will be popping up randomly.

      • LENA

        so where are those “better justin websites”?

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  • Elena

    Where is Daisy?! The page’s leading! :@

  • Anon

    what’s the difference between Justin bieber and Madeleine McCann? Justin Bieber will die a virgin.

  • I love JB!!

    Look how far he has come by now! 😀
    So proud!! <3

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