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jaden smith flame justin bieber boyfriend

Jaden Smith – Flame (Just Cuz)

Sound familiar? Maybe a little. haha. I really like it though. Great job Jaden.

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  • bieber BABE

    he so copied!!!!

    • Anonymous

      …he did his own version. Most rappers do that especially on mixtapes. It’s not “copying”.

  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    he is so cute and he is going to be big i just kno it lol

    … love you jb

  • M

    justin is older than him and he dosent say stuff like jaden “back it up till you feel me touchin you” WTH!!! :0

    • Selly

      actually in one of justins song he says “im gonna make ur cheeks red, when i kiss your neck”

  • Dasia

    OOO i like it!

  • I Love U!!!!!!!

  • lalala

    WTF that’s jb’s music!

    • accually he let him make another part so back off

  • cotton candy head *le duh*

    i actualy liked his song thoe i just dnt get the end part when he is saying ouch and stuff lol but other than that it waz good

  • Anonymous

    i love justin bieber